Well, Well, Well

After having spent half a century researching and exploring the parallel world with its many dimensions that surround our own, I thought I had finally reached a level of confidence assuring me that I had done a damn good job and had not left a stone unturned. How wrong could be for the events of the past few days have now proven without a doubt that there is still a lot ‘out there’ just waiting for the right  time to fall into place and play hell with the human psyche! I consider what took place in these last few days a ‘last ditch’ effort on the part of the ethereal forces to let me know that in spite of all my efforts, THEY are still in control of the Unseen World and have merely let me visit it from time to time!

Over the past thirty years I have lived in an old historic home dating back to 1735. Needless to say, from the very first night I spent here, I have been made aware I am not alone and  share it with a multitude of spirit entities, rarely seen but more often heard as though to keep me aware that they have settled in for the ’long haul’!

Living in a house this old, there is rarely a day that I do not learn something about these former inhabitants that keep life interesting! Now however, their latest attempt to get the best of me may be working!

Their latest episode involves an old well that dates back to the earliest days of the house, circa 1730’s. In those early days, water was the most necessary thing needed to make a success of a venture into the unexplored headlands. As there was no terra cotta or cement well casings available in those days, the settlers had to  construct the interiors of the wells with bricks if they were available. As most bricks for the foundations and chimneys had to be handmade on the property none were deemed necessary for a well until the chimneys were completed. Later, when time allowed, newer wells could be dug and these would be lined with bricks. The method they used to line them with bricks was unique in itself. They first made a thick wooden ring of the same size they wanted the well to be. Then bricks were arranged on the ring to a depth of several feet. A small person would then get into the middle of the ring and scoop out the dirt underneath the ring thereby allowing it to drop and carry the bricks down with it as it settled. More bricks would be added at ground level until the well was complete. This was the only safe way to dig a well in soft sandy soil. Unfortunately, the first well dug here at this home was lined with an oak board casing as it was being dug so that water could be made available as quickly as possible for construction purposes as well as the inhabitants. In later years, a new brick-lined well would be dug and the old well abandoned. Unfortunately, once the new brick-lined well was made,  someone was in too big of a hurry to worry about filling in the old well as it would take an enormous amount of dirt so they temporarily  laid some thick oak boards down a few inches in the ground and covered them with dirt. Over the years, grass grew over the boards and was forgotten.  In March,  2009 the oak board covering decided to give up and drop deep into the well. How far it went down we will never know but when we dropped a  brick it took seven  seconds to splash. The only thing left behind was a covering of wire-grass that covered the area and gave no clue to the danger that lay underneath. Then, a few days ago a farm vehicle ran across the area and hit it just right and the area sunk to a depth of several inches. When a closer examination was made it was indeed shocking. With the heavy rains and snow of the last few days, any of us could have very easily fallen through the wire-grass into the unknown depths of the abyss below and  possibly to a depth of a hundred feet which five other abandon wells been proven to be.

I knew something had to be done  before dogs, cats or farm-yard critters took a ‘dive’! I got out the tractor and scoop and began hauling good firm dirt and filled the hole. I carried over an estimated twenty tons thereby filling the hole and then tamped it by running over the area with the tractor until I thought the area was once again safe. 

The next morning when I walked across the yard, what should greet me but a large gaping hole with no dirt in it! I could not believe what I was seeing. I got a flashlight and looked into the hole. There was still some dirt in the hole but it was down a distance of several feet. As we had just had more heavy snow and rain, I knew it would be several days before I could bring in more dirt so I once again covered the hole with boards temporarily!

Needless to say my mind was boggled! Where had the dirt gone? I decided to get out my digital camera and take some pictures for I knew when I told anyone about what had happened, NO ONE would believe me unless I had proof and then there would still be doubters.

Now for the good part. After taking a series of pictures, I went immediately to my computer and downloaded them!  After studying the pictures for only a few minutes, I became overtaken by shock like no other shock I had ever been subjected to when photographing ghostly entities. There in the collapsed top of the hole were all sorts of demon faces looking up at me and if that was not enough, I saw a creature of sorts come out of the debris in the middle of the hole and look directly up at me from a distance of a mere two feet. I had no problem recognizing what it was. It was a large Python, the coloration leads me to believe it to be a Burmese or Indian Rock Python, a species of snake which I had become familiar with during my tenure as a herpetologist during the earlier years of my life. I am sure anyone who knows anything about snakes will agree to the species, BUT, where did it come from? It appeared to be coming up from the debris in the middle of the well! The first question everyone who has seen the pictures  asks is,   "Do you suppose that damn hole goes all the way through the earth to Burma or India?" I would not dare refute that, as ridiculous as it sounds, for it very well could be as it keeps sinking and going back to its original depth somewhere on the other side of the earth.

Now it is your turn. Blow up the picture of the Gremlins, Demons and the Snake! Look very closely to the top left of the Snakes head at that awesome demonic face! What do you think! My brain is tired!

©Copyright 2009 Ben Keys

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Old well

Old well

Face in the old well

Gremlin and monster face in old well

Old well

Python snake head

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