Creature from a Warp in Time

Ben N. Keys, Jr.

It has only been a matter of a few years since an episode of gigantic proportions took place in the western United States that soon baffled scientists world wide. It happened at a place in Nevada known as the Skinwalker Ranch! The incredibly bizarre events that happened there drew scientists from all over the world and before long the entire area had to be sealed off and guarded due to the influx of sensation seekers who heard about some of the happenings through the media and over-ran the place! Shortly after that, all information was withdrawn and little if any information was ever made public again to make its way into the news. From my own work in the paranormal field, I can understand the necessity for this secrecy element and sympathize with the way the event had to be downplayed. To anyone truly interested and wanting to know more about that event, simply go to and search The Gorman Ranch or The Skinwalker Ranch and be prepared to be shocked!  It was here that many creatures from the past reappeared.

For the last few years I have borne witness to many similar bizarre things happening here along the Central East Coast of the United States! Most have been of a more subtle nature but still they did not fit in with the everyday ‘normal scheme of things' I grew up with.

After researching the paranormal for more than sixty years, I was just beginning to feel confident that I had far exceeded the areas available to a non-scientist but this latest exploit has proven that the dust has not settled yet! For the first time in my life, I am finally at a crossroads and do not know what to say! I had to drop some truly bizarre things I had been researching and take off in a completely different direction! All due in part to my accidental encounter with a wandering ‘entity’ from a time long past, the Cenozoic Era, roughly 65 million years ago! I have no alternative but to put my latest discovery into this special time frame due to its million year old plus make-up!

In the last thirty years I have amassed one of the largest fossil collections to be found anywhere especially from the Miocene or Tertiary Period! Yet, I am a novice along these lines and lack the necessary knowledge to even attempt to associate this creature with any particular Phylum or Genus. However, I do get the feeling that it could be far older than any of my fossils.

Many of the strange and incredible entities I have been researching have now fallen to the wayside due to this new endeavor and I can’t continue until I learn his genealogy! I am completely perplexed and my scientific friends warn me to back off and let well enough be! But that is a hard thing to do when something as special as this latest ‘critter’ pops up from possibly millions of years in the past and I can’t accept or explain its being! All I can be sure of is that he came into our life through an incredible chain of events of our own doing  quite suddenly and now, it appears he has settled down and is ready to stay!

I have learned only too well not to attempt to contact any scientific organization or scientists for advice or to share my information with, for in the past they could not be reached from my novice level and I made a fool of myself too many times attempting to break their barrier. So I keep plugging along and learn what I can for myself with hopes that someday someone will stumble onto my website and see where I have come from and we can compare notes…I might not have a Phd., etc. but what I have going for me is far better and far more valuable. Let them rest on their laurels and Phd.’s while I go on alone learning as best I can! I will be the better for it!

All my buddies are fascinated with this cute loveable little critter and hope he does not grow up to be a man, cat or dog eater!

I am sharing this picture of my latest adopted family member with you here with this story.  From where the little fellow came I do not know but from just the make-up of the little guy, he appears to have ‘wobbled-in’ through a warp in time or a crack in the fabric that separates our dimensions while I was busy experimenting with some ancient Crystals and Mantras. The way I see it he can’t be much older or younger than a few million years, maybe fifty or sixty million years-just yesterday from the ladder of time!. He might even be from the Miocene or Pleistocene era. I do not relish trying to tell his age by his teeth although it really doesn’t matter for he is adapting so nicely he may stay here with me!

Look carefully at this little guy as he rests comfortably on the hand of  a close paranormal friend who was not really aware of what she was holding at the time or more simply put, that woman has nerves of steel! Women can be like that! Look at the dorsal fins along the little creatures back, the reptilian slit pupils of its eyes and it ‘quaint’ mouth and other facial features! In another picture, it seems to have caterpillar legs that 'pop out' along its side and change its color to a slime green on demand as it rests so comfortably on her arm and hand!  I will offer no other information and just let you study it and make your own determination as to this little guy’s ancestry and homeland! What if I did bring him here through all those millions of years into a future far from where he originated. After all he did arrive through the use of  Pizzeo-electric Rock Crystals and Mantras from the Emerald Tablets of Atlantis and they are definitely capable of some incredible things.

In closing, I hope you enjoy looking at our little visitor from a time long past and eventually you too will have to admit, he is a cute little rascal with hypnotic eyes that can get to you! Maybe someone out there will be forthcoming and share their thoughts on what ever or who ever he is and from where ever or how ever he came into our life! WOW!

Why do I feel we may be foster parents for a long time? After following Einstein’s hypothesis and theories on time and time travel, I have often thought he might have made too many decisions without taking a more intense look at the whole picture! But who am I to know, as I am a novice of the ‘First Order’ and have had similar problems with his Super String theories. But at any rate I am staying right where I am. I'm not going to experiment with trying to take him back home as he might have a bigger and more vicious mama and papa back home who is wondering where their baby is and be seeking revenge for his kidnapping! A horrible thought!

©Copyright Ben Keys 2008 

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