Crossing Another Threshold

Into the Past

Ben N. Keys, Jr.

I was a mere fifteen years old when I began what was to become my nemesis for a lifetime. Due to my intense love of Nature and the outdoors, an Indian friend and Shaman named Ossipican, sat me down one day and told me how much he respected me for my love of Nature and how much he would like to begin training me so that some day when he passed on, I could take his place as full-fledged Shaman and carry on the tradition!  I had always enjoyed working with him when he needed someone to help him fish. I had now been with him a long time and helped him fish his haul seines on the Appomattox and James Rivers. I had always known that he was a Shaman and one of the most trusted and wisest of his people but never in my wildest dreams could I have known what he had planned for me! He informed me that he had thought long and hard and had finally made the decision that my sincere love of Nature convinced him that he train me to take his place when he passed on even though I was not one of his own kind. He had a tear in his eye when he told me that the younger Indians had lost interest in their heritage and were taking on the modern ways of the white man!

His foremost lesson began by telling me what the duties of a Shaman were. He was regarded as an Indian Holy Man  to make sure that harmony was always prime between mortals and Nature! I am an old man now and it has taken me a lifetime to realize all that the particular title encompassed and how hard it has been for me to follow in his footsteps!

One day as we were sitting in his boat on the shore waiting for the tide to change, he would talk incessantly. I listened intently as he told me all about the wonders of the real world around us and how so very few mortals ever became exposed to it in all its pristine beauty and realized it for its true worth. He told me that the only world most people saw was that tiny portion that was visible to the naked eye. Few had ever been afforded the opportunity to be made aware of these unseen wonders that were right there in front of them yet out of sight.  He went into detail about how these complex  parallel dimensions were so important  in the overall operation of our world as see it on a daily basis.

One day I happened across a passage in the Bible that made that very same statement about the invisible world around us being very important in making the world complete.  As life as we experienced it  was already complicated enough, some Greater Power had determined that there was really no need for any further complications  unless there was a specific reason to know! It also stated that all anyone had to do if they really wanted to know about it was to ask and they would be given the answer. "Ask and ye shall receive, seek and ye shall find."

From then on that one statement became the driving force in my life and it has remained first and foremost in my mind ever since! I had always suspected that there was much more to this world than I was able to understand, so I wanted to learn all I could about it no matter what I had to do! When I dared to discuss this with my mentor, to my surprise he backed me fully yet warned me to use caution and never allow myself to become overwhelmed and lose sight of reality! On that premise, I knowingly and willingly crossed over to an unseen threshold and into the world of the Paranormal  with all of its many mysteries.

What is Paranormal? The best description that I can give  is that it is anything that is not always visible to the naked eye and doesn’t seem to fit into the everyday scheme of things yet manages to present itself when it is least expected! But once you sense that there is indeed a lot more out there in the ether of another dimension, you cannot help but become dedicated. Most people think that a parallel dimension is nothing more than a realm where unseen entities such as ghost and demons, reside. This is not an accurate statement. However, I do concede that ghostly entities appear to move freely back and forth between these dimensions, doing so in effort to find peace and quiet.

Before long, I decided to see if I could go one step further and maybe get  answers to some of the more perplexing questions leftover from my youth! To start with, I loved history and had many times read about the Legendary Continent of Atlantis. It seemed so real that it intrigued me to no end. Then one day, I read about the Ancient Emerald Tablets of Atlantis and how they described in detail how life had been on that incredible continent. I was intrigued at the information concerning the last days of the continent before it sank beneath the waves  and how the priests had compiled the entire history and record of their Civilization into one of the most durable storage materials on earth, pizzeo-electric rock crystal. As most everyone probably knows rock crystal is one of the most extraordinary minerals on earth and without it much of the electronics we depend on  a daily basis would not be possible!

The summary of all the historic data of Atlantis also  had supposedly been recorded in The Emerald Tablets of King Thoth and so it should be available somewhere. One day, I  found a translation on Googlebut after reading it, I was convinced that it was too ‘sketchy’ to be nothing more than an outline and not what I was expecting the record of such a Continent to be. Later, I stumbled on date that referenced the Akeshic Records, a place where records of everything and everyone on earth was kept! Thus an added challenge. What were these Akeshic records and where could I find them? As I began, my search became so entwined between fact and fiction that it made me once again wonder if ever  a place as Atlantis really did exist at all as well as those elusive Akeshic Records. Then again, what if I gave up  and both were indeed real and I had simply given up to quickly? Would I regret it for the rest of my life? I had no alternative than to keep on trying to find an accurate decoded copy of the Emerald Tablets. I also wanted to  learn about the Akeshic Records which held the key to it all. My strong determination refused to allow me to slow down or give up  too quickly, thus taking off  into still another direction. This turned out to be probably the most important direction I could have ever taken in my search to find what I truly needed to know!

The incredible capabilities I had been taught as a Shaman  now came into full play as I began an upward spiral into the most awesome adventure anyone could ever anticipate. I began by conducting all sorts of experiments such as applying data I took  from the Diatonic Scale along with its incredible harmonics  and  multitude of color-light frequencies. This in turn was coordinated with information  from Einstein’s Super String Theory. At best, it sounded like a witch’s brew from MacBeth. A few last minute adjustments, I was ready to begin my first experiment! To assure success, I continued to research every nook and cranny in the Metaphysical Matrix. Each time I did, I then experimented with new-found clues.  My problems never seemed to cease and once again I began to doubt my own sanity.       I had been everywhere seeking pertinent information and the only information had been that which  I had found  on Google.   It now appeared that I may be in the driver's seat, at last. If I was, then it was time to pull out all the stops and forge ahead.

As a last resort,  I remembered that several years ago I had been given Rock Crystals that a scientist friend gave me that he purported had been taken from the area of Atlantis. I always had doubts about their authenticity but now was the time to put them to the ultimate test and see if there was any way I might be able to use them.  I thought about it long and hard before I finally decided to take the chance and see if they might be valuable in helping to locate additional information.  Then came the fateful night when I put all  together! I took a long time friend of mine with me and we went to a very special place in the deep woods away from all the noises of civilization. It was now time for me to begin my endeavor of trying to test my own theories. I began by sending out many different color frequencies and harmonics combined with my Shaman Mental Capabilities and a ‘handful’ of help from Einstein’s Super String Theories.

As I stood there looking up at the dark night sky, I suddenly saw what appeared to be a stream of light coming down and it seemed to be intersticed with some type of objects ever so evenly spaced. What the hell were they? An instant later as they grew closer, I determined that these items were of a very  beautiful Emerald Green  color. All that either of us could do was ‘freeze’ in our tracks unable to move for several minutes. Finally, I dared to approach one of the tablets and touch it but as I did, it suddenly moved out of my reach! Incredible as it seemed at the time, when the tablet was in front of me, I seemed to absorb every bit of information that was in it without touching or opening it! In fact I could not have touched any of them even if I wanted for they managed to stay out of my reach as though they had a mind of their own! I saw no graphics or writing on any of them but they were indeed Emerald Green! Eureka! This had to be the payday I had been searching for so long! The tablets kept coming down and each one would only stay in front of us for a few minutes before it would disappear and another would move into its place! Each time a new tablet came into place, I would absorb something mentally  that really scared me but I finally deemed it to be the information the tablet contained. This continued for what seemed an eternity before the stream of tablets dwindled away to nothing! I do remember how glad I was to see them go for my brain was ready to burst! Only then did I take time to wonder what had happened but my mind was far to messed up to make any sense of this moment in time! Then it suddenly hit me that I had been given as much information as I could have ever asked for about Atlantis from those tablets so they must have been the Real Emerald Tablets of King Thoth of Atlantis complete with all their Mighty Mantras! Now all I had to do was to return home and attempt to get it all transcribed before I forgot what I had learned and return to a state of blissful ignorance and then have to start over.

Shortly after all this, I began experimenting in earnest with Pizzeo-electric Rock Crystals brought back from the area of Atlantis. I chose a random color frequency from the table of the Diatonic color Frequencies and enriched it with a companion Harmonic, then sent it on its way along with what I considered to be an appropriate Mantra from the Emerald Tablets.

I was completely unprepared for what happened next! Suddenly I had my hands full with   a picture I had just viewed on my digital camera. I did not have any idea what the picture was at the time but closer examinations a short time later showed that it was a picture of a 65 million year old Crenozoic creature! This was almost enough to make me take to the rocking chair on the front porch! My adrenaline began pumping so hard I thought my veins would burst. In spite of all this, I knew I just had to hurry and try a different color frequency and harmonics using the same Mantra to see what would happen next! The results came back rather fast this time and I got a creature that my scientists friends identified as an Anthropod, or an ancient Trilobite that became extinct at the end of the Cambrian Period some 300 million years ago. Now I did have my hands full and am fearful to try anything else until I think this over and my nerves settle. The pictures of these creatures can be seen here on this web-site and you make up your own mind while I give my psyche a rest! I am positive that what I am bringing back are bits and pieces of historical records from Atlantis’s past that had been stored for an eternity within the pizzeo-electrical properties of the rock crystal and not pictures of a 65 and 300 million year old relique from the seabed of a by gone era, but who do I turn to for confirmation?

It is written that when the Ancient Ones of Atlantis sensed their continent was about to disappear under the sea following some type of cataclysmic happening and quickly transcribed as much information as they could into the Famous Rock Crystal Skulls.  Supposedly there were seven skulls that contained all the information that would ever be needed to reconstruct another Atlantis in another time and another place! It has been told that the people who escaped Atlantis thereafter became the Inca, the Egyptians and Aztecs, etc. It has also been told that each group carried with them one of those crystal skulls containing their former history as well as with all the incredible information they would ever need if they decided to reconstruct another similar civilization to Atlantis. Unfortunately as of now, I have no way to prove anything I have read or done but I do have some very incredible pictures that defy both reality and reason! By using the proper harmonics, color frequencies and then transmitting them through the proper Rock Crystal, I believe that at some time in the future I may be able to retrieve still more pertinent information along with pictures that would make this whole experience seem more plausible but, at the present time I have only a vague idea as to how to go about it and lacking plans on how to accomplish it! If I make a ‘boo-boo’ I could go down the same way Atlantis did and never know what happened! I doubt my family would even be able to tell!

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