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The Ghost Light of BaconsCastle and LawnesCreek Church

Simpson's Tomb


Ghost grave area with Simpson's tombstone in boxwood, photo is prior to ghost appearance.


Ghost face of Arthur Allyn floating over pathway beside Simpson grave.


This is the original picture of the ghost face in the mist when it came up out of the pathway beside the grave in the boxwood. It is my contention that as there were no tombstones in the entire graveyard prior to 1842, then there must be numerous graves that are unmarked and thus explains why the apparition came out of the pathway area. When studied carefully it is not difficult to ascertain the full gray hair encircling the head, the deep-set eyes, the Germanic nose, eyebrows and deep face lines. This is the most vivid image that I or any of my close friends have ever seen. I have spent days searching the internet and viewing the pictures of apparitions all over the world and none are any more vivid. I hope that this picture shall awaken the same realization in you as it has in me. We cannot always stand back and refuse to accept the fact that there can be other dimensions that parallel ours and someday they could have an impact on our lives.


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