Benj. N. Keys, Jr.

I have no real way of knowing but I dare say there are very few Shamans still in existence in today’s hectic world! Most I have met or read about appear to be self-appointed and carry a self-imposed title for sensationalism purposes only. It was entirely different in the old days when a Shaman was the most important person in the village. He was the possessor of great knowledge and especially well versed in the ways of Nature and how he could use his powers to make life in a primeval wilderness possible. It was he who maintained the delicate balance between his people and their environment.

I met my Shaman 53 years ago quite by accident. It was some time before I learned his real name and the fact he was a Shaman. I was told that he was known to his people as Ossipican  and I never heard any other name and I never did learn any other name. I was in my early teens when I met him while canoeing out on the river. I had stopped to watch as he fished his nets alone. When I noticed him having a difficult time with his nets against the tide and containing a large catch, I went to his aid. He seemed shocked that I had come to his aid and helped him but before the day was over we had bonded. I had no way of knowing it at the time but, that bond would last throughout our lifetime.

For several years afterwards I looked forward to helping him and we both enjoyed each others company thoroughly. We worked alone out there on the river both day and night and in rain and ice sharing the same respect for Nature. It was not long before he became very close and trusting of me! Even though he seldom spoke, he taught me a great deal about Nature and the Universe in a way I had never dreamed possible. But, I can assure you, when he did speak I listened intently for he more than proved himself to be the most intelligent and competent person I had ever known. Even today, all the great things he taught me still apply and seem ageless!

Prior to my meeting him, I had previously encountered many things in Nature that appeared to be quite intriguing but never quite knew who to ask or how to pursue the subject. Then one day I casually brought up the subject and he became quiet. He did not look at me and he did not answer so I backed off. I asked again on another occasion and as always, all he did was smile. I look back now and realize that he must have known something but did not deem it wise to tell me at that time. I guess he figured he might scare me! He probably thought it would be better for me to find out for myself later on in life. However, I do know I was witness to many incredible things he was capable of doing that at the time seemed paranormal and it did scare the life out of me. To be on the safe side, I hid my emotions as though nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. Many of his accomplishments were astounding and I found it hard to believe that any mortal could possess such astounding capabilities. He always acted as though it was the most natural thing in the world and thought nothing of it. I did see him cut his eyes at me many times to see what my reaction had been!

Several years later, he seemed to sense that something was happening and that he might be nearing the end of his life even though he appeared ageless. I will never forget the day we pulled the boat up on shore to await the changing of the tide. I was totally surprised when he began to discuss a subject he had never dared breach with me before. I almost cried when he sat up, looked me straight in my eyes and told me that he knew now that I was the only one he could trust to carry on the heritage of the true Shaman! He said that his great knowledge must not die with him. He spoke of how his own people were fast forgetting their heritage and no longer had an interest in the ‘old ways’ and insisted on living the ‘fast life’ traveling around dancing in the Pow-Wow Circuits with their big boom boxes and enormous headdresses! He insisted that these things were folly and had never really been a part of the true Indian culture here in the east. As it made for good times and good publicity not one in the Tribe would listen or accede to any request he made for giving it up and returning to the ‘old ways’!

Though I was not aware of any Indian blood in my heritage, I considered his decision to teach me the ways of the Shaman to be quite a trust and I vowed to him that I would never betray the special trust he had placed in me. In the days that followed, he spent every minute of every day teaching me! I learned things I could not have believed possible even in my wildest dreams. In the years that have passed since his death, I have faithfully kept my promise to him and will never relinquish this faith for any reason. Today however, the shoe is on the other foot! So far I have not met anyone that I would dare trust to carry on in my place. Will this great knowledge end with me? Unfortunately, it might have to!

There are many restrictions that ‘govern’ when and how many of the incredible 'feats' performed by a Shaman can be performed! Though many appear impossible for any mortal to understand they are feats that have been performed and passed down for centuries! I feel sure that they are possible only if one possesses a pure heart and has a keen knowledge of Nature and the unwritten laws that govern it.

When you go to my web-site and bring up the incredible pictures in my galleries you are witness to only a tiny portion of a true Shaman’s capabilities. If you have any trouble believing what you see, you should read some of the letters and e-mails that come from Native Americans all over the country. They give me credit for having made incredible strides in my understanding of the paranormal world and adhering to the once powerful ways of the Shaman!

I have been told by several scientists that my capabilities are years ahead of even the very latest in electronic technologies and that no one else seems to be able to capture and display such awesome pictures of our parallel dimensions as those I have taken. I can only say that nothing I have accomplished would have been possible without the knowledge of the Shaman. Many of my pictures are so incredible that I have only published a tiny portion of the many thousands that I possess for obvious reasons. Our world today is now ruled by persons who are driven with an insatiable greed for wealth and power that more often than not, they abuse. Therefore, I know it is wise to keep most of my ‘special pictures’ hidden for now, maybe even forever for many are them are truly unbelievable. I sometimes go back and look at them and I still have a hard time believing the content. There are a few I have ultimately destroyed for obvious reasons. I have the rest in my file to show to those who prove their worth to me.

One last thought, I truly believe that as a True Shaman, I have been allowed unfettered access to all the heretofore unknown parallel dimensions that surround our world in a ‘last ditch’ effort to give the people of a fast deteriorating world a new awareness. Without a doubt, the world of the Shaman is a powerful symbiotic relationship between man and Nature. The many incredible feats that are possible come from understanding the ever so delicate balance between the ethereal world and our own real world. If we are to survive, we must first understand and respect our own realm and in time the rest may fall into place.

I have dared to display on my site many pictures that vividly depict some of the capabilities of the true Shaman with the hopes they may afford a better understanding of the world of the Shaman!

I have been very faithful to my old friend and kept his sacred trust while continuing to turn over every stone along the way to excel to the point I now consider the pinnacle of my search for knowledge. Everything in my pictures is both logical and real! There are no camera tricks. We merely photographed that part of the incredible world that exists at the ‘edge of night’ and to prove our point, having made the invisible, visible for all to enjoy! Through my efforts, you are seeing through the eye of the camera how much there is to see and learn about that integral part of the Paranormal Matrix that controls our entire Universe! Enjoy!

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