Getting to Know the Shadow People

At last, I think I know where they come from.

Are you one of those people who have had the distinct pleasure of encountering these anomalies from the Paranormal World that everyone now has learned to refer to as ‘the Shadow People’? You become aware of them when they appear out of the corner of your eye as you move around in places thought to be haunted! Yet, when you stop to take a closer look there is nothing or no one there. This sort of thing has been happening to people for years and still no one has any definite idea as to who or what these spectres are or where they may be coming from! We soon learn that they seem to take great delight in giving us the ‘shudders’ and they appear and then disappear while we are deeply involved in investigating an area where ghostly entities have been reported! Their antics have plagued people for years and show no signs of ‘letting up’. To those of us who have become accustomed to their antics now take them with a ‘grain of salt’ and accept the fact they have been exposed to another encounter of Shadow People pranks!

Lately my research into the paranormal and these entities has sent me exploring the incredible world of Portals and Vortices which we know are being used as doorways or highways between our parallel dimensions! They seem to have a higher degree of intelligence as they cause us to see something out of the corner of our eyes when there was really nothing there? Was our own brain trying to appease us by ‘creating’ errant illusions or was it them?

On a lark, I just happened to look back through some obscure old reference material and stumbled across a scientific paper written by a scientist who claimed he had reached the ‘saturation point’ on the where’s and why-for’s of this phenomenon and had actually done some far out experiments! He seemed to be confident that he had an answer of sorts. His claim was, when we think we see something out of the corner of our eye, it happens because that is where our vision approaches a near infra-red capability. His hypothesis did make sense because everyone reported seeing these ‘entities’ out of the corner of their eyes! What gave me the most confidence in his research that he might be on the right track was the fact that I had indeed taken some very rare and unusual pictures with my camera set at a near infra-red setting. Many objects normally not visible to the naked eye or to the camera can readily be seen and photographed when the proper harmonics and light frequencies are used along with near infra-red!

I have now begun a more concentrated effort trying to either prove or disprove the scientist’s theory with my camera set where I thought it might provide me with a greater degree of proof the next time I encountered Shadow People! Unfortunately I could never get my brain, the camera and the shadow people all coordinated at the same time! So much for that hypothesis! I did get pictures but the only thing they proved was that my brain was not causing this phenomenon all by itself but possibly by a ‘higher power’ from another dimension messing with my psyche! Enough was enough! I put it on the back burner and promised to keep on trying when my ‘Spirit of Adventure’ returned!

It has been almost a score of years and today a plethora of information has been researched concerning ‘Shadow People’! However, the matter is far from being explained the way I would like it to be!

Today I have found a new challenge in researching Portals and Vortices, the highways and travel routes into other dimensions. However, as strange as it might seem I have once again encountered those darn Shadow People but this time they have entered my field of research as GIANT Shadow People and instead of just seeing them out of the corner of my eye, they now seem to have no limitations to their antics. You can view the photographic proof in the pictures I have provided that something is going on and those Shadow People must be involved in some way! I still can’t explain anything I have seen or encountered which disgusts me to no end. I did dare to open portals of approximately eight of the unknown amount of portals that open into the Metaphysical Matrix! Scientists used to believe that there were only four dimensions surrounding our Universe but I have reason to believe there are definitely many more than that! I feel very confident that my new Shadow People entities enter and leave our dimension from one of these Portals or Vortices but I cannot tell which one. However, I have taken scores of photographs showing incredible blasts of light emanating from several portals I opened using Super Light, my DNA and specific harmonics and they are awesome as you can see in the pictures I have provided. Somehow the Shadow People must have their own private methods and portal that they can use to visit our dimension at will without any help from anyone including me! No telling what I may be in for now!

Some time back, my life was compromised when I was asked to open a Special Portal in an old historic home being renovated to clear the area of unwanted entities. I had never attempted such a feat but thought I knew enough to give it a try. I was not very well versed in the effort and as I proceeded, I received part of an incredible blast of energy that takes place whenever any portal opens. Luckily a companion saw I was in trouble and I I was immediately taken to the Emergency Room where a Pacemaker had to be installed in order to save my life! I now have an irregular heart-beat which I have been told was the result of that enormous energy that had emanated from that Portal without warning! I guess I should have taken that for a warning and taken up Bird Watching instead but my curiosity has always been too intense for my own good. One doctor kidded me by telling me that something truly out of the ordinaryhad happened for my blood was now running backwards through my veins! I am hardheaded and will continue to ignore everyone’s warnings and conduct my research but I can assure you, I will stand to the side of any Portal I dare open any more!

Many of my latest pictures I have taken over the last few weeks have been shown to members of the scientific community. They have been both awed and baffled and warned me to proceed more carefully for I was definitely entering a heretofore unexplored realm that had at one time or another frightened them..

The photos accompanying this article clearly show a group of giant Shadow People that have came through one of my portals and several appear to have Mongoloid features. I also have a photograph of an indescribable item that no one can determine if it is both animate and inanimate! From another portal emerged several of the strangest creatures I had ever envisioned. Scientists who viewed the pictures of them have identified them as a Tasmanian Tiger and a Tasmanian Wolf. Now for the kicker! These creatures are neither members of the Canine or the Wolf family but instead are members of the Kangaroo family and just like the Kangaroo, raise their young in a pouch.

They were known as Thylacine Cats and originally lived in New Zealand and Australia where they were considered a dangerous killer of all livestock! The last member of that species was hunted down by hunters and killed in the early 1800’s. One pair had been requested to be captured alive and they were sent to a zoo in Australia. After several years in captivity both of them died in 1836. None have been seen anywhere since so they are now considered to have become another extinct species! You can view the picture taken with my Critter Cam but for the past 4 months there have been no photos of them again. Did they return through the portal they used to enter our dimension or ar they planning to take up residence here in our domain?

A passing thought. Look at the picture of that extra, extra heavy Butterfly! Do you suppose? If you do happen to see one like it let me know and I will try to send it back into it’s nether-land dimension before it can lay eggs and its larvae eats up our gardens! WOW!

©Copyright Ben Keys 2010

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Extinct thylacine cat

Extra heavy butterfly

Shadow people

Shadow people

Shadow people

Shadow people

Shadow people



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