Out of the Body Experiences

"An Incredible Phenomenum"

Ben N. Keys, Jr.

In the sixty years I have been involved in exploring the world of the Paranormal, nothing has proven more of an enigma than having to listen to tales from those who experienced an Out of the Body happening or knew someone who had and then not being able to offer any explanation. I was also most amazed by the multitude of persons claiming to have been involved in such an experience. One thing was for sure, everyone I interviewed was adamant that it did happen and it was an experience they would never forget. It seemed to occur most frequently during an operation in a hospital where they were already under severe trauma. All the stories were the same! They would tell how their ‘soul’, psyche or whatever, had allowed them to leave their bodies and soar up into the air over the operating table and watch while the doctor performed the operation. Then when the operation was complete and they awoke they could re-tell in the most infinite details everything that had taken place. Their descriptions were so accurate that once the nurses and doctor learned what their patient had witnessed, they too became astounded since the patients were able to describe many things they could not have know about otherwise.

Never having been involved in the feat, I did not know how to find a starting place to learn all I could about the possible cause of the phenomenon. What would be the chances of me being around when it took place? Probably more than one in a million and for me to learn anything about it otherwise would prove to be even more of a challenge! Then one day while searching through my vast storehouse of data, I stumbled across records of these occurrences having taken place throughout recorded history!

Now all I had to do was figure out how the feat was possible and what caused it to happen! My research took me through recorded data from many of the great libraries all over the globe yet I found nothing that would shed any light on the process. Due to the many superstitious beliefs back in those times, anyone having such an occurrence was pegged as having an alliance with the Devil. So the people had nothing else to do but accept it and never tell anyone what happened. A few however, thought it to be connected to a miraculous happening. I soon became completely frustrated and gave up the research and almost gave up the venture. All I had to do now was to satisfy myself that it was a paranormal thing of a sort let it go at that. There was no way I could proceed with such miniscule information. I would simply have to see if there was a way this elusive process could be duplicated on command using Mind Control!

Then came that fateful day when I stumbled on information from a most unlikely source. It happened while researching centuries old data I had gathered over the ages regarding the Ancient City of Atlantis. It was not good data though for whomever had done a de-coding of the Tablets had done a flawed and shoddy job filled with quite a bit of obvious erroneous information, so I decided to see if there was a way to find a more accurate copy. That search turned out to be much easier than I thought for I found a copy of the Real Emerald Tablets right where I normally go for information. The incredible Akeshic Hall of Records! It was here that I have always been able to locate and borrow unabridged and accurate data so why not now? I soon located what I wanted and was able to arrange and bring down the pertinent tablets containing more definitive information.

I began to wonder if under the proper conditions, it might be possible for me to recreate the proper conditions by using mind control and my new found unabridged data and then experiment with my camera to photograph at the edge of the infrared range! Hopefully, that way I might be able to get a picture of the feat in progress. My first picture proved to be an incredible success. Since then, many times I have used this same process to photograph several of my close friends involved in the feat! The method I used did not involve anything other than intense mind control but I guess that under certain conditions, trauma could very well play an important part in ‘setting the stage’.

The persons I used in my experiment were daring and well aware of what I was attempting to do but as always, they stuck by me. When I asked them how they felt when part of their integral anatomy separated and soared above them, their answers were all the same. They felt light and airy and had no fear of what was happening and in fact did not realize that they had performed such a feat until they returned to normal and we looked at the pictures. One even told me he felt incredibly relaxed.

You be the Judge! Look at these pictures of pages from the Ancient Emerald Tablets of Atlantis coming down from the Great Hall of Records with information for me to use as well as two pictures of the amazing phenomenon in action. Do you have an alternate explanation or do you concede that it all could very well be one of the true wonders of the Paranormal World. I received many E-mails from Scientists who have told me that they have proof that the ‘Out of the Body’ phenomenon does exist but they have a problem trying to understand how anyone would be able to photograph it. Never and I mean never, will I ever tell them how I did it! Let them find out like I did!

©copyright Ben Keys 2007

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