How Not to Capture an Orb

Benjamin N. Keys, Jr.

This is one of my most treasured moments and one I will never forget. Glenda, my ghost-hunting buddy and I had gone out many times before to photograph orbs at the Famous Historic Plantation where she was living. Why should this night be any different? Well, Fate had apparently become tired of our mundane trips and had a new experience awaiting us.

We could always count on orbs and other spirits entities being plentiful around the old historic mansion, due in part to these lands once being involved in the many awful and bloody wars to face a young Nation, the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

Our nightly jaunt started off great and we took lots of good pictures. Then, Glenda imagined that she felt a spirit following her alongside. I took several pictures from time to time before I finally took a good one of the orb that wanted to be friends with her. I told her to ignore it and go on about her business and I would continue to photograph until we found out how things might turn out. She then told me that she could make out the outline of the orb and even see it dimly. That being the case there should be no viable reason why she should try to catch it and become one of the first people in the world to catch one with their bare hands. Now any man will tell you that if you tell a woman not to do something, she will invariably do it. They will rise right up in your face like a Cobra to tell you that it is their right! I now figure that it must be written somewhere in the Bible due to how all women so adamantly insist on it being their inherent right! I remembered very well from my past when to shut up so I did just that and merely walked along behind her taking a multitude of pictures as mute evidence to the event just in case she were to succeed and become successful.

All of a sudden, she waved her hands behind her telling me to ‘back off’ as she was ready to ‘pounce’! I followed her instructions for I did not want to interfere in any way in something that might become a ‘Great Moment in History’. I watched as she prepared herself for her attempt at fame. She first crouched down low and then sprang with the agility of a Gazelle, upward and then outward and then downward, with a heart-rendering ‘thud’! Ever so slowly she got up by herself but by the look on her now dirty face, I knew success had definitely eluded her. Still she would not admit defeat and give in. It has got to be in my hands somewhere", she insisted. I began to worry when she opened her hand and began to search intently between her fingers. I seriously began to worry about the possibility that she might have ‘sprung’ her brain when she sprung and pounced on the orb!

I reminded her that I had told her that her efforts would be futile yet she didn’t seem to be listening to me and was now intently interested in the fact that she could not hear out of her left ear. She insisted that I come over and look in her left ear for she was sure something was in it and it was making it impossible for her to hear. To keep the peace, I obliged her and looked! I may have imagined it but I thought I could make out the outline of something stuck in her ear but had no idea what it was! At her insistence I kept on looking. I kept thinking I could see something but found it difficult to believe that what I ‘thought’ I might be seeing might be a product of my imagination! It did appear to be an object made of the same material as an orb but how could that be?

She was now getting very upset that she could not hear too good in that ear and wanted something done fast to get the whatever it was, out! I had never been in a situation like this. How does one go about getting an orb that is often difficult to see without the aid of a camera, out of someone’s ear? At the least I would need some type of tweezers or maybe even a pair of pliers but decided that they would not work due to the normally supposed flimsy composition of an orb. Then I told her we should probably go back to the house and get the ‘plumbers friend’ type plunger and try to suck or push it out that way. After that little bit of advice from me, she became incoherent and insisted that we should now go to the emergency room and have it removed surgically by some competent doctors. I got very vehement! I would not take her to that place knowing full well, I would have to explain what her problem was and how it had happened! I kept seeing those nursing assistants with those white jackets with arms that tied in the back coming toward me. In a final act of desperation, she held her head to one side and started beating on it. Voila! She jumped for joy and told me she felt something fall out and her hearing was now back to normal. I instantly humored her by telling her that indeed it had fallen out and I could plainly see it. Right then and there in that instant, I uncrossed my fingers and promised God I would be in church the following Sunday with a crisp new bill for the collection plate.

With that ordeal finally over, my thoughts returned to my forging ahead to become a lone recluse! I hope that if any of you ever find yourself in a similar predicament, you will initiate the first rule of survival, i.e., Run Like Hell and don’t look back for any reason whatsoever!

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003


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Wait! I'll get it.

The orb on Glenda's ear.

The orb, in Glenda's ear.

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

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