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Doing the Impossible with Crystals

Astral Fire, Ribbon Energies,& Auroras

Benjamin N. Keys, Jr.


Guess what? Some awesome new guys have appeared on the horizon! Enter Astral fire, Ribbon Energy and the Auroras, three of the most colorful and amazing ‘entities’ in the paranormal world! With the advent of the digital camera these strange but beautiful ‘apparitions’ began to show up in pictures. At first it was only an occasional thing much like the first orb pictures yet, they could never be counted on to be there on a dependable basis. However after stumbling on the basics of their identity and their composition as well as the role they play in the natural order of things, I was off to see ‘their world’! They are not a paranormal ‘entity’ in the true sense of the word but do apparently hold a prominent place in the Universe and serve a very useful function! It took some doing but I finally figured out how I could adapt my camera to reach out there, pull them out of their element in a reliable fashion and then study them! I was later to learn that it would not be a problem for the digital camera, only problems for my psyche! The beauty I encountered was indescribable yet the knowledge I gained was all too difficult to believe! Every one of them appeared to be no more than mere natural electrical discharges much akin to the Aurora Borealis and the Aurora Australis, those very colorful electro-magnetic atmospheric discharges prevalent at both the North and South Polar Regions. Their existence was merely the result of energies given off by plants, decay and friction within the earth or a multitude of other naturally occurring daily happenings both on the ground and in the atmosphere. Even radiant energy from man-made lights seemed to contribute to a large number of the discharges! They were simply just following the rules of nature and rising up to be dispersed into the atmosphere!

I later learned that the incredible colors they displayed depended on the frequency range of each energy as it was created and ultimately discharged into the atmosphere. Violet and blue are in the 400 to 450 millimicron wavelengths of the color spectrum, green around 500 mm, yellow/orange at 600mm and red at 700 to 750mm. It gets too deep to explain fully here so I have only given you a general idea of why they are prone to display such incredibly beautiful colors. Unfortunately, the cones in our eyes can only see a tiny ‘sliver’ or portion of the color spectrum, somewhere in the vicinity of 475mm. It takes the capabilities of the digital camera to see the magnitude of the full range of the spectrum on both sides of this ‘sliver’!

There is one thing though that I could not get a handle on no matter how hard I tried. After feeling that I knew what Astral Fire and Ribbon Energy was and how I could explain it rather simply, each had to go one step further to baffle me and make those explanations more difficult! The Ribbon Energy did ‘its thing’ by displaying an intelligence of the first order. After realizing that this phenomenon was not going away I decided to try my hand at telepathic communication as I had previously done with the orbs. That worked better than I had supposed and even frightened me a bit. I have scores of pictures that were the results of that effort and the reactions! Wow! The results were almost too incredible to accept or report!

Now about Astral Fire and its idiosyncrasies! How can anyone possibly explain the picture of astral fire dancing just above the roof of the house of a friend. Then there is one picture of a well-defined gigantic eyeball peering from a band of Astral Fire encompassing an old Cedar Tree.

Unfortunately, there are no data that I have uncovered that would substantiate any a hypothesis for the suspect actions of these phenomena. I can only go on my personal experience with them and how they have related to me and that was enough to completely baffle me. Could all this be the results of ‘Storms in Time’ or ‘Time Warps’ I read about from time to time? If you have anything you can add I would love to hear it. One thing about these ‘entities’ is that they are most unusual and do have some of the most unusual capabilities anyone could ever hope to encounter, capabilities that can mess your head up in an instant! I rest my case!

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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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