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Ben N. Keys, Jr.

After sixty years of exploration into the Metaphysical Realm of our neighboring Parallel Dimensions, I occasionally find myself worrying that someday I may run out of new and incredible adventures to explore. However after my latest episode, I feel sure there is no end to all the wonders out there and I have been worrying unnecessarily! An entirely new group of startling entities have now entered the picture to convince me that I have only barely scratched the surface and the best may be yet to come!

These new creatures are the most astounding yet for they seem to have developed an affinity to humans and have succeeded in really messing with a person’s psyche! The worse thing about an encounter with them is that you seem to know less after each succeeding encounter than you did after the first! In addition, I have found it impossible to determine their purpose or intent! Not only do they defy description when encountered, they seem to have the uncanny ability to change shapes without warning! This feat alone can be additional cause for great concern! Imagine if you will, you think you are looking at and dealing with one entity and then suddenly realize you have become involved with a similar one and all at the same time! The only reliable description any of us seem to be able to offer is that they are brilliant glowing Radiant Energies which, for lack of a better name, we have nicknamed, ‘Spider Energies’. We gave this name in part due to its strange appearance and creepy habits! Imagine, out of nowhere you suddenly encounter a two-foot diameter ‘spider’ that can and will touch your body on occasion and maybe in a place where you least expect it! The anticipation of that happening will keep you jittery and on guard,  to say the least!

I had my first and most spectacular introduction to these weird entities while visiting a family graveyard with a close friend. My friend’s family is buried there and he often visits at night to photograph orbs, especially hoping to get a picture of an orb of his grandmother who had been recently buried there! However, one particular night he got more that he bargained for when he began to photograph the orbs! Something started showing up in his pictures far different from the orbs he normally expected and knew so well. His first picture of one of the new ‘entities’ was extraordinary and unlike anything he had seen before. This new ‘critter’ so frightened him that in an act of desperation, he left the graveyard and returned to his house to call and attempt to entice me to come there and go with him to the family graveyard. He was babbling so much I could not make heads or tails of anything he said but regardless of how late it was I did agree to come to his house and go back to the cemetery with him. I guess that I sensed, that for him to be so excited, he must have encountered something truly out of the ordinary and I would not want miss a chance to photograph something new for a change! So, even though it was late, I grabbed my camera and took off for what I was hoping might be a ‘new’ adventure! I would later wonder if I should have stayed at home that night for he had indeed been right and these ‘new’ entities would indeed mess with the psyche when it was at its weakest!

After only a few minutes in the graveyard, I had no doubt that we had definitely encountered some strange new entity that neither of us had ever encountered before. Now, what to do about it!

As my buddy, his wife and I reached the graveyard, I took a stand beside a large tombstone! Without a moments hesitation, an immense Golden Orb began to circle above the tombstone. The manner in which the orb acted convinced us that it had to be ‘grandma’! One of the strangest things about grandma’s orb was that it was a bright yellow-golden color and faintly visible to the unaided eye. This will happen occasionally and it was happening now! My friend, his wife and I were all staring intently at the beauty of that orb and snapping pictures like crazy when suddenly my right thigh began to feel as though it was freezing. It was a very warm night and although I had on short pants, I could not believe that I could have encountered anything cold enough to make me so uncomfortable. Was the cold the result of my leaning against the tombstone? I soon put that thought to rest for just as I started to relate the coldness to my friend’s wife, she and I both began to make out the outline of a weird ‘spider-like’ apparition approaching my right thigh! It was indescribable! It seemed to be a central mass of radiant white energy about a foot in diameter with several large thick fuzzy legs extending out from it’s center. Without warning, the ‘object’ became extremely brilliant as it touched my thigh and wrapped its tentacles around my leg. I have thought about that many times and wondered why I did not instinctively ‘move out’ at the speed of light which the average human is capable of doing at times like this! I guess it was the pace in which everything happened that caused my body to ‘freeze-up’. After what seemed an eternity, my legs and feet finally began to move as my ‘self survival’ instinct finally ‘cut in’ at that last moment. The body and mind had been more than willing to move but the legs took their own sweet time to decide to that time may be running out!

My friend’s brave wife instinctively took the first picture prior to her moving out ahead of me! As soon as I caught up with her, I regained my composure and tried to turn around and take a second picture of myself but this time as soon as the flash went off, the ‘critter’ disappeared! That really worried me for I had crazy thoughts as to what other part of my anatomy the darn thing would be traveling next! However, it did not stay gone long and began pulsating and appearing over all the tombstones in the entire graveyard area while it continued to watch us. Not knowing where to run I resolved that I would have to ‘lay low’ and hope for the best. By now the ‘critter’ decided to try our stamina by coming up with some new ‘tricks’. This time it started by changing it’s shape into an even more bizarre shape not at all unlike that appeared of a beautiful White Dove! Finally it lit on the top of a large tombstone and just sat there pulsating!

After this episode, I remember how we all agreed in unison that we had been through enough for one long dark night in a graveyard and should go home while our sense and sensibility were capable of getting us ‘up and running’ in the right direction!

We had a whole week to discuss the events of that fateful night and had become so intrigued after reliving the events that had taken place, we could hardly wait for the following weekend. We felt braver now and anticipated more encounters hoping that this time we might be able to figure out what the darn thing was.

Alas, we were not to be disappointed for ‘it’ seemed to have read our minds and was ready and waiting for us. We got the impression that the ‘critter’ wanted us to know that it owned the graveyard and we were trespassing when we began to get scores of pictures showing the ‘critter’ appearing and disappearing and changing from one shape to another yet always changing back into the unmistakable shape of a ‘Giant Spider’ and then showing up where we least expected it to be! There were times though, it would cause undue concern when it suddenly changed into the deplorable shape of a small spiders with weird bright colors which looked deadly!

After returning home after our latest experience, I began frantically going through every piece of reference material I had amassed over the years, hoping to locate any information I could find relating to that entity! Once again, I had no luck and concluded that no one had ever encountered or photographed anything like it before until we came along. I even went so far as contact my paranormal buddies around the world and sent them pictures but they could offer no explanation!

Then one fateful night as I was finishing up my dinner, I happened to glance over at the evening news on the TV and there was an episode about an identical ‘critter’ to ours caught on a video camera in a Bar in Pennsylvania doing ‘wheelies’ on one of those brass poles on stage with a stripper. Needless to say when the stripper finally realized that she was not alone on the pole anymore, pandemonium set in as she immediately spun around the pole and took off in a gallop to parts unknown with a shriek that would have broken glass! Once the audience became aware that the stripper had encountered a Giant Spider on the pole with her, they too hastily left for parts unknown! Luckily, someone had sneaked in a video camera and got the ensuing chaos on video just in time for the evening news. Ringling Brothers Circus would have had to take a back seat to the comedy that took place during the bedlam! Even though, the event caused quite a stir I never heard a follow-up as to what happened to the ‘critter’ or it’s new found stripper friend! I have since wondered if the ordeal might have been serious enough to make both of them give up their evening fun with the ‘spider’ deciding to return to it’s normal ‘Down South’ graveyard ‘haunts’ and the stripper seeking application to a local convent!

Every October here at Greenview we have quite a gathering of paranormal picture takers who come to photograph the annual migration of the fairies. No one knows where they come from but centuries old legends have lots of data on their purpose and travels. Some times they will arrive in the thousands and drop in here at Greenview but only stay a short time before they take off for other parts unknown! One particular year, the farm became overly engulfed in chaos when someone first noticed a ‘new kid on the block’! A Radiant Energy Spider came in with the first wave of Fairies. Within the next hour or so, there were many others and some were changing shapes as before. As the Fairy photographing normally takes place outdoors, in the beginning dozens of pictures were taken outside! However, when the ‘Spiders’ came, the rest of the photographs were taken from windows in the main house! The mixed group of Fairies and Spiders stayed together for a short time but when they decided to leave the area, they all left together. I would love to know what they are and what ‘kicks’ they get out of messing with people’ psyches and why they are now traveling with a group of migrating Fairies. We have photographed the Migration of the Fairies for years and this was the first time the ‘Spiders’ appeared as traveling companions with them! Are they relatives of Fairies or for some odd reason do the Fairies have to tolerate this new group of weird traveling companions? I have included several pictures of the ‘Spiders’ mixed in among the Fairies!

Look CAREFULLY at the pictures. They are not faked but real photographs. Let me know what you think while I rest my brain!

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  Radiant Energies

Cobra ribbon energy

Dove radiant energy


Flying fairy

Field fire

Radiant energy

Radiant energy and orbs

Radiant energy

Radiant spider

Radiant spider

Radiant spider

Radiant spider

Radiant spider

radiant energy by tombstone

Radiant ribbon energy with UFO

Radiant striking snake




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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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