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All About Orbs

 Ben N. Keys, Jr.


For years now liking it or not, the field of photography has been plagued with the phenomenon known as the ‘orb’. For no apparent reason they have appeared from time to time in pictures with the only logical explanation being that they had been caused by reflected light from sun, camera flash or dust and moisture particles present in the atmosphere under certain conditions. Only rarely did anyone dare to perceive them to be paranormal in nature. With no way to prove otherwise, anyone daring to think along different lines would be considered ‘nut house’ candidates and avoided! Besides, orbs could never be counted on to present themselves on a regular basis, only manifesting themselves when they decided the time was right. Seemed like a losing battle for believers!

Then came the new and improved digital cameras and with them came the possibility to photograph within the parameters of the infrared spectrum. In so doing, the phenomenon of the orb exploded and they started showing up on a more reliable basis. Thus, it had become for feasible for the more adventurous photographers to direct their efforts toward exploration of this entirely new field in order to connect the orb phenomenon to the paranormal thereby proving the skeptics wrong!

Still, the skeptics were hesitant to accept the new findings. Even with the incredible amounts of orbs being photographed, skeptics hold out that they are still nothing more than the result of light refraction, photographic trickery or moisture and dust and therefore they will never be authenticated! Bad news for these skeptics! With all the many photographers now photographing orbs it is an accepted fact to many that orbs are an integral part of the Metaphysical Matrix. Thousands upon thousands of pictures of orbs containing the faces of humans and animals are now displayed on websites. I have discovered a way to get my cameras to go even deeper into the orb phenomenon than most than ever to prove a multitude of facts that used to be no more than mere hypotheses.

There is a plethora of orbs of all shapes and sizes to be photographed and studied and the beauty of this is that most of the time these orbs are different in some way. Another fact that many are exploring is that orbs may be an extremely intelligent life form. Under the proper circumstances I have found it possible to communicate with them via mental telepathy and have them respond in return. I have hundreds of pictures that prove this conclusively! There is nothing spectacular about this and you might be truly amazed if you try it.

A still more amazing fact I have discovered is that at times orbs act just as we humans do. After photographing cemeteries time and again and finding little or nothing of any value, I began to wonder if maybe these soul spirits had no reason to stay in such lonely places and opted instead, to return back to where they had once lived. Here they could be around the persons and environment they loved in real life plus being able to associate with other kindred spirits! After taking thousands of pictures using this premise, I am now fully convinced that my assumption is correct! I have read articles written by scientists who claim that ghostly spirits surely must have been given the right by God to return to the place they loved in real life and that that place would still be held for them in mortmain rights forever. In other words, if they built the place, lived there at one time and truly loved it, then no matter who owned it in succession, it would still be home to the original occupant to remain them to reside there until Judgment Day!! Some have claimed that even if this place were burned or destroyed, mortmain rights would still apply and the place would continue to be their residence forever even though it was not longer visible to the human eye!

It was an interesting hypothesis and I am still thinking and working on it. So far, so good! Bits and pieces are coming together. I have one picture on my website that could add credence to this hypothesis! It was taken in an immense empty field that is a hot spot of paranormal activity! There floating above the ground in that field is a building of some sort in colors of yellow and green! The building is not visible to the naked eye but old timers that grew up in the area tell me that had always heard that an old building perhaps a church, had indeed existed there at one time that had been a beloved edifice.! Unfortunately, no one today is able to remember anything about it! yet the area is always saturated with orbs of every color and description.

In some of my pictures can be seen pictures of enormous orbs some appearing to be as large as six feet in diameter. I have never encountered them except on old battlegrounds where bloody battles had been fought. Some of these battlefields date back as far as the Revolutionary War. After watching and photographing the giant orbs scouring the fields, I became convinced that they were looking for something special. Soon I felt positive I knew what they were doing and gave them a proper name! I called them The Keepers of the Dead or The Soul Gatherers.

We observed them many times as they soared over the fields searching for ghostly orb entities that apparently had not become spirit orbs and who were still wandering aimlessly over the battlefield. When the giant orbs would locate a specific orb, it would enshroud it and then, it would become a part of the giant orb. I have one incredible picture that I took that shows a Civil War Soldier wearing his Confederate Cap within the confines of one of these Giant Orbs. As to what I think they were going to do with these lost souls after they gathered them up was to carry them to the light!

Even old Indian legends tell how spirits of their ancestors can come back to visit our dimension but only if they assume the form of an animal. In many of these giant orbs I have photographed on Indian burial grounds, the faces and forms of wolves, foxes, cats, raccoons and other assorted creatures appear plainly within the confines of the giant orb. I have had many people adamantly scoff at this definition and tell me these giant orbs were nothing more than a reflection of light from the camera’s flash bouncing off a nearby object and entering the camera lens. Same old stupid assertion for I have dozens of pictures to prove otherwise. For instance, the best picture to back me up is a pair of these giant orbs on the outside of a chain-link fence at a family burial plot. How would it be possible to see the chain-link fence in front of these orbs if it were merely a reflection? I have other pictures where the giant orbs are drifting along behind trees. I have even taken one picture on an old Civil War battleground where three of these giant orbs have just found the skull of a Confederate soldier with his Rebel Cap still on his head. He is inside the confines of one of the orbs. Another orb is concentrating on another fallen soldier in the foreground. Nothing but reflections, right? Bull!

Now for a most startling revelation! In many pictures of orbs, there are a percentage that do NOT fall into the same category as the others. Spirit orbs appear to be of the same structure as a living cell being comprised of an outer shell and an inner nucleus! The ones that do not fall into this category appear as bright white objects. Many will be photographed moving about at a rapid rate of speed much like meteors with tails. We have proof that some of these could well be UFO pods or drones that are constantly involved in gathering information and data for a higher intelligence! I have many pictures of bright silver orbs photographed in the immediate vicinity of crop circles . Probably the skeptics will assert that they were merely reflections from the porthole windows on the Alien Spacecraft!

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