More Incredible Happenings at Greenview Plantation

Ben N. Keys, Jr.

Having spent most of my life researching the paranormal, there is no doubt in my mind that I am the luckiest guy in the world to have settled down in an old historic home that is ever so closely attuned to the entire spectrum of the Metaphysical Matrix. Rarely does a day go by without some form of happening taking place that would make even the most ‘Doubting Thomas’ sit up and take notice. Such has been the case here at the end of 2006!

Construction on the house was began circa 1730 and from that day to this it seems every Entity within the Paranormal Realm has found a way to manifest itself within its confines! To the average layman some of the happenings would be nerve wrecking. To me, I become ecstatic even though there have been times when the hair on my head stood up and my toenails curled and made me walk funny!

Shortly after I moved into the house alone to begin restoration, all sorts of things began to ‘go bump in the night’! Instantly I had thoughts about what the future might hold for me! Should I pack up and go back to where I came from while I still had my sanity? I finally convinced myself that this was a stroke of Good Luck and I should consider myself the luckiest guy n the world. However, I was soon to learn that these encounters were being caused by none other than a former owner, who had been a Captain in the Civil War and had lost his leg at the Battle of Hanover Courthouse. When the war was over he returned to his home and tried to continue his previous farming operation but found it to be an almost impossible chore with just one leg. Hence, he became very despondent. Then in 1868 he reached a point that he could no longer tolerate the desperation and on a fateful Sunday morning he committed suicide. Everyone who has lived in his house since that time has heard him walking through the house on his wooden leg. By some strange coincidence, previous owners failed to tell me about the Captain and his nightly hauntings probably in fear of me backing out of the deal to buy it! But the deal went through and it was mine! Shortly after, the time came for me to find out on my own that I had purchased not only a historic home but a resident ghost as well! Instead of fear, I soon became ecstatic and decided that being as I now ‘owned’ a real resident ghost, I should attempt to ‘make friends’. Good intentions on my part but the ghost had different ideas. After numerous harrowing experiences, we learned to tolerate each other and let things continue on as they had been! I have to admit there were lots of hairy moments when we passed on a stairway and I got a terrible chill or when he walks throughout the house at all hours of the night with that ever so annoying "thump-scuff’ of his wooden leg.

As time passed and my family moved in and established residence, I chose not to make any reference to the nightly happenings. But then early one Sunday morning a strange incidence took place that began to strain our relationship with the Captain’s ghost again. I had taken the southwest bedroom that had been the Captains and on the floor near the fireplace were the bloodstains of the tell-tale evidence of the happenings of that fateful Sunday morning. The blood-stains were very disconcerting to everyone in the house who at one time or another tried to remove them but with little or no success. So, they remain to this day as a vivid reminder of that fateful Sunday morning but ignored as much as possible.

Now the bedroom on the southeast end of the house that so far had been very uneventful began to play a part in a very unusual happening! My housemate had just retired and turned off the light one night when he thought he heard the sound of what sounded like a coin striking the pine flooring. He jumped up and turned the light back on. There lying on the floor in the middle of the room was an Indian Head Penny. He picked it up and looked at it and instantly threw it down again. What on earth did he see? There on the penny was a date of 1868, the same year that the Captain had committed suicide.

It has been some time now since this happened and things have all but returned to normal. Then fate suddenly decided that the place had been quiet too long and the year 2006 was going to go out with a bang. Once again my housemate had just retired and he felt something hit the old homemade quilt on his bed. Fearing the worse, he once again jumped up and turned on the light. It was another coin but quite different from the first one. This one was a Spanish Piece of Eight with the profile of King Phillip of Spain on one side and a Royal Crest comprised of a shield with a Rampart Lion and what appears to be roses on the other! The coin had been cut in half with a hammer and knife as was the custom when it was being used as a monetary unit for the colonists. Then the ‘half dollars’ were again cut into smaller quarter dollars. As best as we can determine, there is a date but we cannot be sure at this time if we are viewing it correctly. It seems to be 1724.

Now for the clincher! One of my close associates, a Paranormal Researcher by the name of Jane Bennett accompanied me one night on one of my regular ‘ghost hunting expeditions." When we returned home, we parked the ‘ghostmobile’ in front of the house and proceeded across the lawn at the southeast corner of the house. Jane stopped a moment and prepared to take a picture of the front of the house to see if any orbs were there. She had not set the camera and was holding it by the strap when it went off by itself. I was standing right beside her and was as startled as she was. When we viewed the picture that the camera had just taken by itself, there was a Portal or Vortex as beautiful as any we had ever seen. Jane began walking toward the house again but suddenly stopped and turned around and this time took a second picture all by herself. What a surprise she had in store! A skull with a face of sorts was lying in the grass where the vortex had been and it was lying there watching us ever so intently. Enough of this. I took out my camera and set it up and I too took a picture. No skull this time, but in it’s place was a wide band of Astral Fire extending from the ground up into the heavens and as beautiful as any I have ever seen. Once again a clincher! If you look at the left-hand side of the beam up about 4 feet from the ground you will see a very recognizable key on a key ring. Never before have I seen anything like this. It appears to be suspended within the Astral Fire Beam. Do you suppose it is somehow connected to the appearance of the coins in some way. It has been suggested that the key is a clue and I should search the area to see if there is a treasure of some sort buried somewhere close, but how does the key fit in? Who could tell me where to start?

This is a real dilemma or should I say a paradox. Perhaps you have a clue. If you do let me know and I will pursue it! I love to research and learn all I can about the Paranormal Matrix but every now and then something really weird comes along like this series of events and then-- I NEED HELP!

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Key in astral fire beam

One side of piece of eight

The other side of piece of eight

Skull in front yard


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