The Great Ley Line Vortex Takeover

Ben N. Keys, Jr.

I suspected that the 'Powers to be' had a hand in selecting the place for me to construct my Metaphysical Matrix Symbol. While in a Dream State I was instructed to walk around my farm until I reached a place where my feet 'tingled' and the place where I was standing gave me a feeling of inner peace! I was then instructed to construct my symbol according to instructions I had received in the Dream State. I did just as the instructions had been told to me and oriented the symbol exactly 52 1/2 degrees East North East. In addition, I had a surveyor bring his transit and mark the direction exactly. I had always been aware of the fact that 52 and 1/2 degrees pertained to the orientation of the Great Pyramids, Stonehenge, etc. Why was this orientation so important? Next, I was shown how to shape and make the symbol which at first seemed rather bizarre and to make sure that it was electrically bonded between all eight relative points. I followed the instructions to the letter and the rest is history. I never varied from any instruction I given to me for they were too awesome to ignore. I never questioned its purpose until after I had finished it, then and only then did I began to wonder what the Hell it was to be used for?

Then during another ‘Dream State’, ‘The Powers to be’ gave me the operating instructions! Ever so cautiously, I began to experiment. It only took a short while for me to realize that this Symbol was destined to become a very awesome place if I wanted to learn everything possible about our parallel dimensions and the Paranormal World! The more relaxed I became while testing the Symbol and its powerful capabilities, the more I though about its location. Could this location on the site of an ancient graveyard have been laid out in relation to Ley Lines? I had read that the Ancients built all their Temples. Cathedrals, Mosques, and monuments such as the Pyramids all over the world directly over Ley Lines! I later learned that Stonehenge and every graveyard for centuries had been laid out in accordance with Ley Lines and maybe that was why this place had been chosen for my Symbol. How could they or anyone since then determine where Ley Lines were! I am still astounded even after researching the subject for years!

After perusing a plethora of information from all over the world, I finally decided just to accept the placement of my Symbol for what it was and let it go at that. As of late and after a series of conversations with knowledgeable scientists, I have reason to believe that my Symbol is definitely located not only in conjunction in Ley Lines but in a place where massive Ley Lines cross each other!

After years of living and experimenting with the Symbol and having all sorts of incredible happenings take place there, I have no alternative now but to accept them as a Gift from the Gods! I have one very incredible picture I took one night over the Symbol that everyone who had viewed it seems to think could be of that stunning Ley Line Vortex! It was so awesome and beautiful that I decided to put it on my website as a Picture of the Week. Out of all the millions of pictures I have in my files, I had never seen anything like it and it was so extraordinary that we decided to share. I began by taking off the current Picture of the Week and moving it to the Past Pictures of the Week Section. As I had also taken an incredible picture of Paranormal Lights (UFOs) in the skies above the symbol the same night, I decided to put both of them on the site as twin Pictures of the Week! I cannot tell you why but that decision almost threw the Earth off its Axis .

For no apparent reason, I put the ‘Light Formation’ on the site first, and then the Ley Line Vortex beside it. As soon as I did this and sent the changes to the server, all Hell Broke Loose. The Internet Explorer refused to recognize any changes and continued to accept only the old picture I had just moved that showed a Civil War Hospital site. I tried everything including republishing via Frontpage and still nothing would change. I even called the server unit in California and they were at a loss to explain what was happening. They told me that their equipment was showing the changes that had made and were leaving there and there was a possibility that my Internet Explorer was at fault. I then called AOL and had them check their Internet Explorer! They were stunned and could not explain what was happening. They said that it was doing something out of the ordinary but they were at a loss to explain just what it was! Just for the hell of it, I switched the pictures around and began to get an immediate response. Impossible as it may seem, evidentially, the Ley Line Vortex thought that its picture should have been in first place and the Light Formation in a second place. So, as crazy as it seemed I moved them and had a good laugh over it and sat back to rest for a minute. I was at the verge of a nervous breakdown. While I was waiting I called one of my friends and asked them what they were getting on their site. What they told me stunned me. Their site was just as I had originally published it. Since I moved the pictures around, everything that had been right was now obverse! My computer would not cooperate in any way. I went back and checked another computer and now that too had reverted to the original. "What you are experiencing is impossible" the technicians again told me. Why was the entire computer world being turned upside down if I did not put the Ley Line Vortex on in the first location. I doubt that those technicians or I will ever find out!

I can only tell you that in a desperate measure I took the Light Formations off the site completely which left only the Ley Line Vortex standing alone and then went to bed. I got up the next morning and everything was exactly as I had wanted and planned it to be in the beginning. The Ley Line Vortex and the Light Formation had worked out their placement problem difference and had settled down to an acceptable solution and they did it all by themselves! I never felt so puzzled yet damn good about anything in my life!

Now that the Symbol has become a permanent fixture for almost thirty years, there is still never a dull minute. For reasons I will not go into now, I honestly believe my bed could be sitting astride a part of that Ley Line and I am just going to have to live with that fact also! Maybe someday the Symbol and my bed will change places! In the meantime I will just have to take that risk!

I do not believe anyone else on earth could get the pictures I get but is it really worth it? Any more perplexing episodes and I could become a ‘basket case’ with little or no effort. Sometimes the Ley Line Vortex has a mind of its own or is a direct descendent of an even more Sinister Being from its ancient past! It could have been the same something that brought on the demise of the Ancient Egyptians, Atlantis, the Aztecs,  the Inca, and maybe one day, me. My mind is always open to sensible input should anyone have any sensible information I should consider! I rest my case!

Should anyone be interested, read up on the Great Cathedral at Ulm Germany. It was built centuries ago and is the tallest Church in the world! Scientists have determined that it too was built in accordance to Ley Lines! Click here for picture:

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Awesome Ley Line portal

Ley Line Symbol

UFO line-up over symbol

©copyright 2007 Ben Keys


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