Those Unpredictable Orbs

Ben N. Keys, Jr.

The pictures in this collection were taken by Patti McCullough a close friend of Paranormal Plus who lives in South Carolina. In all the sixty years I have been researching the Paranormal, I have never seen anything quite like the pictures she has sent me! She began photographing orbs after she saw a Gold Light over her pet’s ashes with her own eyes in 1999 and took pictures.

Until I viewed Patti’s pictures I was not aware that the World of Orbs was as extensive as it is! So far to date she has sent me scores of pictures that have made me sit up and take notice and wonder what she will photograph next! I have even gone back and looked at every orb picture I have ever seen and never have I seen anything to compare with her pictures.

Patti recently sent me a book called THE ORB PROJECT by Miceal Ledwith and Klaus Heinemann. It is available from BEYOND WORDS PUBLISHING, a Division of Simon & Shuster. I recommend it strongly as the Book of Choice for anyone who is truly interested in orbs. It has incredible information and pictures that will inspire you to get your camera and get into the field immediately. Patti says that if you are ever down her way, she would welcome you to stop by and take pictures with her in her back yard.

©Copyright 2008 Ben Keys

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