A ‘Breakdown’ in Communications

"The story of a Bigfoot versus a HumanFoot"

Ben N. Keys, Jr.

I doubt that there is a subject anywhere that is as much of an enigma as the one pertaining to our very elusive ‘friend’ Bigfoot with whom we share our planet! For more than fifty years I have been gathering every bit of information  I thought would shed light on this creature but unfortunately good information has been sparse. However, twenty years ago, I did make contact with some scientists who were also on a quest to learn all they could about Sasquatch. They too found it to be as difficult a task as I had.

Then one day I stumbled on information in the Bible about giants that had existed back in a much earlier timeframe than I even dared think about. I even uncovered ancient writings and pictograms of the early Natives that had encountered them and made them a part of their recorded history. Before long,  I was introduced to still another group of scientists who also had made the study of them their lifelong venture. By some ironic twist of fate, after we had chatted they felt sorry for me. They took me under their wing and we began to share information.

Still none of us ever seemed to be making any headway until the day I started my lifelong quest to learn all I could about other facets of the Paranormal World. Here the camera would be the greatest asset. As I began to photograph, new doors were opened. I began to sit up and take notice. The most amazing thing I  learned from history was that Bigfoot Creatures had been an integral part of the earliest Medieval History. There were stained glass pictures in many very famous churches depicting Bigfoot as a symbol of a king’s authority and some were kept on  leather leashes to stand beside the kings. There now seemed to be no end to the referenced material once these doors were opened.

Soon I  became emersed in the evidence right there under my nose in Nature. Armed with my trusty camera I continued to photograph deeper into the paranormal world! Soon  I had photographed all manner of evidence that my scientists friends and I had previously overlooked. We began to learn the creature's habits as well as his very incredible capabilities. Several of us thought that first and foremost we should learn to communicate. I want to learn how to communicate with him over great distances using his well-known guttural 'whooping' sound.  One day someone brought a Digeradoo and began to create a multitude of unimaginable noises supposedly to imitate his whooping.  Before any of us knew what was happening, the underbrush and canebrake surrounding us was rustling with all sorts of clamoring as though something was trying to get close enough to see what was creating that horrible  noise! It did not take long to learn who the brave members of our team were when  the Digeradoo ceased  immediately. After this incident we began to hear drumming all around us that sounded like someone beating on a hollow tree with a stick. The rhythm was too perfect for it to be a random thing so we began to attempt to duplicate it! This was great! We felt we might now be reaching the peak of our learning curve on to how to communicate with Bigfoot. Wrong again! We soon learned that once we stopped drumming on our tree and left the area, Bigfoot would come in and shake the tree so hard it would break into several pieces. When we found the first one we wondered if a lone dwarf tornado had visited the area! There were trees as large around as a foot and more than fifty feet high that had been shattered and split. Another oddity was that all the bark had been stripped from the tree also. All of us were convinced that our drumming lacked a whole lot to be desired and we must have created a special frequency that caused a small local tornado or an angry Bigfoot to seek revenge!

If this destruction had been done by Bigfoot, he must  have enormous power and strength to shake a tree so hard as to make it splinter all the way to the ground. We have since vowed to back completely off our attempts to communicate via the tree drumming route and go back to the Digeradoo. At least they do not seem to know what to do about this damn thing with its weird ear shattering noises which can have a horrendous effect on our psyche as well, so we may put that aside along with the tree drumming and just take pictures.

We have found that the Bigfoot creatures seem to be very inquisitive and full of life but they don’t want their world contaminated by man’s viscous attempts to communicate. Maybe sign language would be the answer. After all I have seen gorillas do it with success and no body got hurt!

©copyright BenKeys 2008

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Broken tree and Bigfoot culprit


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