The Tale of the Blue Mist RedEyeball Ghost

Benjamin N. Keys, Jr.

I am thoroughly convinced that there are entities that exist in our Parallel Dimension that get very lonely and bored with their day and night mundane scare tactics which are evidently designed to frighten anyone who dares to invade the sanctity of their realm. In desperation, they may have found something new and exciting to do to break the monotony. They simply conjure up all kinds of situations that would truly prove hilarious when a human element is introduced.

Take for example this one, the first event that made me aware of what they were up to. It occurred several years ago but I still chuckle every time I think about it.

I had decided late one afternoon I wanted to go over to one of Virginia’s oldest plantations on a ‘ghost hunting’ expedition. I could always count on entities being plentiful due to the previous history that had taken place there. I made a call to Glenda, one of my female counterparts and informed her of my plans. Although she had several friends over, they were just sitting around chatting so she invited me to ‘come on over’ and join in the fun!

From the moment she hung the phone up, all sorts of weird paranormal things began to happen and she said she knew something out of the ordinary was about to take place. She had just returned to her friends and sat down when they all heard the storm door make a fuss. Everyone looked to see who it was, as I could not have possibly arrived there that fast. However, the door did not open and they watched in horror as a tiny wisp of bright blue mist slid under the bottom of the storm door and into the room. Once it got inside it began to increase in size until it reached all the way to the ceiling and was about three feet in diameter. Immediately an antique solid brass candlestick standing on a sideboard exploded into a million pieces. Then the picture from a television program left the set and began to soar all over the room as many individual pictures. I was told afterwards that the bedlam that ensued after that episode would have been too much for anyone with a weak heart. Luckily the host had her camera ready began to take pictures. Thank goodness!

The one thing that really got to the persons in the room was the fact that this house was an old slave quarters. It was only a thirty foot square room combining dining, sleeping, cooking and sitting in one area. A few partitions plus an added bathroom completed the arrangement. In addition, there were only three windows, one on each side of the house and a single lone front door. After all the paranormal activity began to take place with the blue mist in command, one of the guests was heard to ask the host to show him where she would like a new door made immediately for the blue mist was now performing between him and the one door and he was ready and willing to make her a new one right away! The hilarity that ensued after that remark may have saved the day for everyone began to laugh incessantly! Several thought they had heard laughter coming from the vicinity of the blue mist.

Then, I had to arrive just in time to add to the confusion. On the way from my truck to the front door, I was stopped in my tracks by an immense curl of bright blue mist that came from under the door to the outside and rose up over the house and down behind it. Right then, I had better sense than to attempt to get closer to the door especially with the outpouring of excited people involved in an emergency exit! Everyone was waving their arms and chatting incessantly yet not one person was bothering to stop to listen! Following my instincts, I went immediately to the rear of the house to see where the Blue Mist had gone! When I got there I managed to get a very good picture of some weird orange/red Astral Fire forming on the top end of the house. The very next thing to occur gave me the impetus to do the one thing I had decided might be best for my survival and that was to get the hell out of there fast.

Look at the picture I took of the large old Cedar tree next to the house. Now look in the crotch of the tree and tell me that you cannot see one of the largest eyeballs you have ever seen staring at you. It had to be at least a foot in diameter. I think back now and don’t know how lucky I had probably been that the eyeball was all I saw and not the owner along with it! Needless to say, no one and I do mean no one, was interested in any further ghost hunting or discussions that night.

I did return the following day and took several pictures inside. In spite of the remaining energies showing up in my pictures, I did manage to photograph a rectangular portal on one wall and a very strange elongated ghost with a snout dancing around the other walls in the room. When a large bright footprint showed up on one of the bedroom curtains I thought it best to leave the area immediately and stay completely away until a more normal human atmosphere could return. To this day I have never returned and the girls have moved so those energies and snout-nosed ghosts have the whole place to themselves.

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

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Outside astral fire

Playful ghost on wall

Snout nosed ghost

Footprint on wall

TV flutters

TV flutters

TV flutters

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

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