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Doing the Impossible with Crystals


"The Fires of Hell"

Ben N Keys, Jr.


Popoagwussur, a rather strange word taken from the ancient Algonquian Indian language yet a word that once held a very prominent place in their ancient Indian culture. Legend has it that Popoagwussur was the final destination for all ‘evil doers’ when they died. It was here their ‘spirits’ would be consumed by an eternal fire thereby bringing them to justice for their evil deeds.

In the past, whenever I encountered a legend of any sort, if I searched hard enough I could find some particular incident that appeared to have fostered the legend and given it credence. This particular legend really stirred my imagination and I wanted to know in the worse kind of way who, what, when, where and how! Thus began an endeavor that has since shaken my psyche but good. One night while I was out on the ancient Indian burial mounds calling up the spirits of the dead to visit with me and enlighten me, that darn word kept popping into my mind until it finally stuck. I decided to see if there might be a way I could find out if this particular legend had any credence! I had a real treat in store and in the end it would turn out to be the most bizarre experience for me so far!

As a Shaman I have the capability of being able to communicate with entities that sometimes, even to me is terrifying. I thought I was pretty well conditioned to almost any sort of happening and all I would have to do was stand on one of the ancient burial mounds and inquire in their ancient language! A good idea but not very well thought out. As usual, I asked the Great Spirits to explain Popoagwussur to me and what happened instantly was beyond belief even for me! I began to see a faint radiated rosy glow of some sort all around me and feel a tingling over my entire body I had never experienced before. I instantly put my camera to work and took pictures at every side and immediately over my head. When I reviewed the pictures I could not believe what the camera had captured! I lost no time in retreating to my vehicle and declaring my adventure for this night terminated.

I later learned that Popoagwussur was a very well thought out and carefully designed place. The Great Spirit planned it all so well. When an errant ‘spirit’ arrives here, awesome energies immediately began to break down and release all the chemicals and minerals etc., that make up their spirit back into the world for others to use to build their ‘spirits’ upon! Hopefully for the best this time! A most beautifully as well as ingenious plan. Think about it, what good would there be to hold scores of evil doers here in such a place where there would be no way for them to atone for their evil deeds!

I want you to look at these pictures carefully, study them and tell me if you don’t agree. The pictures are awesome and to me they hold mute evidence to a far greater intelligence than any of us could imagine and how this intelligence has played such an incredible part in the overall existence of all mankind!

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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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