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Doing the Impossible with Crystals


Pictures of the Week

This incredible picture appears to be an alien arm and hand at the wheel of an aircraft evading a cloud of astral fire while traveling through the universe.

Beam me up, Scottie.


Bye, you all.


Paranormal Spectator Spectacle

A Night to Remember

Ben N. Keys


Ever since the very first night I began to experiment with Rock Crystals obtained from a close friend searching for the Lost Continent of Atlantis, our lives here at Greenview have not had a dull moment.

It is a known fact that all rock crystals are piezoelectric and very important to the field of electronics for making a multitude of electronic miracles possible. It is also known that incredible amounts of data can also be safely stored within the confines of the crystalline structure of the crystals and later recalled at will. All this has become part of the on-going study of the ancient famous Crystal Skulls. It had always been suspected that when the High Priests of Atlantis learned their continent was doomed to destruction, they placed all the pertinent data that governed their world within the confines of thirteen of the carved crystal skulls where it would be safe and could easily be retrieved at a later date to start a new continent!

We have experimented extensively by projecting specific harmonics and light frequencies through our crystals. There seems to be no limit to the incredible amount of paranormal adventures we can have from this effort so we use it often! During one episode I managed to bring back Holographic Images of some of the Flora and Fauna from the time of Atlantis! However, every now and then we make mistakes in applying the proper frequencies and / or harmonics and then we get all sorts of strange entities flipping and flopping all over the place the likes of which require immediate correction procedures. Sometimes such correctional efforts can become quite exasperating as well as hilarious.

It was during one of these run-of-the-mill episodes that nothing seemed to be working as we had anticipated. I took one picture of my Paranormal Researcher friend Jane fighting to regain control over one of her errant light beams. But, when I looked at the picture I had just taken of her dilemma on the camera, I was shocked beyond belief at the event we had now become involved in! There above Jane was a new form of the Paranormal that we were completely unaware existed! As plain as could be was a very strange saucer-shaped craft circling directly overhead above Jane apparently watching her every move. Kidding around, we made mention that the craft probably contained a group of ‘VIP’ Spectators completely enthralled by Jane’s antics with the errant light beams! One thing did cross our mind and began to bother us to no end! What if these Spectators enjoyed our antics so much that they would relate it to ‘others’ throughout the Universe and they might decide to stop by to view the strange antics of humans playing with the paranormal! Once the word was out, we might have a sky full of Spectators!

In the time that has passed since this adventure we have had similar instances that still cause the hair on the back of our necks to raise up!

We have thought about it a lot and justified it to ourselves that even though we may be giving ‘Our Spectators’ a thrill with our actions, we might additionally be confusing them to the point that they would think twice before considering the feasibility of someday ‘visiting’ us for whatever reason!

Think about the reality of this! Any earthling capable of such inane activity should be considered dangerous! If they determine our actions to be a worthwhile consideration when they arrive here and they will have to immediately attempt to bring under control all the errant light beams and astral fires we had started in error plus clearing up all the frequency and harmonic ‘boo boos’ filling the atmosphere making it impossible to invade with the sky filled with such mess! Who knows, we might be unknowingly saving our Planet!

©Benjamin N., Keys 2008

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These pictures were taken Christmas Eve '08 night at metaphysical symbol at Greenview


A serpent-shaped entity over a row of broccoli in the garden

Our pet golden retriever trying to do her thing with one of our entities she has befriended

An owl-faced entity at the old graveyard.

Weird spider entity at ley line symbol.


Past Pictures of the Week

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Incredible energies being summoned by Shaman prior to nightly adventures.

Ultra-bright orb visible to the naked eye. Orb arose from grave of civil war captain. Illuminated entire graveyard before it disappeared.

Full beaver moonface sending down a beam.

Picture taken of a person standing on an 18th century grave after spirits were summoned.

Sinister faced orb watching emanations of light beams.

Close-up of sinister faced orb.

Weird energies arising from civil war grave.

Demon arm with numeral bands


Spirit ectomist arising from the grave.

Unexplained ectomist surrounding subject.

This picture of an incredible streaming vortex was sent to Paranormal Plus by Wilna Brakel of the Netherlands.

This picture and the enlargement of the orb (next right) is courtesy of Wilna Brakel of the Netherlands.

Look carefully inside the orb--an awesome demon face can be seen. Stare at the face and it will change form.

Incredible orb found at Civil War site.

Incredible orbs found over Civil War fort site.

Orbs revealed over Civil War battle site.

Face in orb on barn wall.

Paranormal Researcher, Bill Bennett displaying light generated by Atlantis crystal

Paranormal Researcher, Jane Bennett examines light emitting crystal as UFO looks on from behind

Two ghostly figures standing guard in English basement

Demonic demon head

Ghostly fish entities

Playful entity in hallway

This extra-ordinary picture of an ectoplasmic ghost was taken by Kristen Booth at the annual Ghost Watch at Center Hill on the 24th of January.

Pentagram shaped orb over old haunted house. Picture taken in day light by Paranormal Researcher, Jane Bennett.

Picture of sunset taken by ParanormalPlus Researcher Jane Bennett on N.C. Outer Banks. This vortex is the strangest of the many discovered.

Impresssive picture defies explanation, taken by Susan, a friend of

Civil War Ectoplasm

An incredible Ley Line portal

An awesome formation of paranormal lights recently photograhed in the skies over Greenview Plantation.

Ghost sharkjaw

Entity was captured on photo rising from ancient graveyard at Greenview.

Picture taken during Full Moon and Mars conjunction Dec. 2007.

Picture taken during Full Moon and Mars conjunction in Dec. 2007.

Patti's phenomenal backyard ghost

Demon face over cemetery. Picture by Paranormal Researcher, Catherine Boze.

Demon eyes in horse corral.

Demon eyes and green ectoplasm in horse corral.

Demon eyes and green ectoplasm in horse corral.

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

Pictures are the property of the owners of Paranormal Plus. They are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without our  permission . . .

Southeastern Virginia Plantation Homes

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Vortex Ghost

Cabinet Astral Fire

Stairway Vortex

Ghostly entity entering the room of an old plantation home

Sitting Room Vortex

Stairwell Ribbon Energy

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

Pictures are the property of the owners of Paranormal Plus. They are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without our permission . . .

These astonishing pictures of paranormal vortices and spirit forms were taken at one of Southeastern Virginia’s grand old plantation homes. The home is not only incredibly beautiful, but possesses a rich historical past.

A most incredible vortex formed when the owner was asked to play on the Square Grand Piano situated in the front sitting room. Seconds later an austere form manifested itself from the vortex and immediately sat upon the piano stool! No amount of coaxing could elicit one single note from the spectre who evidently had mortmain rights to the Mansion and would only play on his own terms. All six people who witnessed the event, needless to say, were not disappointed.

Another vortex formed at the base of the stairs in the front hall but no entity seemed to be interested in manifesting itself. A strong astral fire did form in the mirror of an immense cabinet in an adjoining room where the vortex terminated.

©BNKeys, 2003

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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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