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"Where the Great Spirit Dwells"

Ben N. Keys, Jr.

Mounshagwatuwh, a difficult word to pronounce but a word of great meaning to the ancient Angonquain Indians. According to legend, it was that special place in the sky where the Great Spirit who was the God of all living things, dwelled. From this place he watched over and protected all life on earth. It was also supposed to be the place where all good people could count on going someday, The Legendary Happy Hunting Ground!

I had encountered the word back when I was learning the Ancient Algonquain language and it intrigued me to no end! It was time I learned all about it. Might it be the very same place we know today as Heaven and might the Great Spirit who lives there be the Almighty One we call God? My reasoning did not sound to far fetched and all I would have to do to learn all about it would be to return to the ancient Indian burial mounds and call up the ‘old ones’ once again and ask them to provide me with the knowledge I sought. I had done this many times before and had always been successful. Why would I have any reason to believe I would not be successful this time! I could only hope I would not become involved in the same traumatic experience I went through that fateful night I inquired about Popoagwussur? Yet, once again I was alone just as I had been that night when I ended up being scared half to death. What if something went awry and it turned out to be a repeat of that night? Would I be able to survive that type of trauma a second time? Oh well, this time it was all about Heaven, so really, how bad can that be?

I arrived at the burial mounds just as the sun was setting and darkness was fast beginning to cover the fields with its cold eerie shadows! As luck would have it, this was the night of the new moon and that should make it a great time to consort with spirit entities. I seemed destined to be successful so I went right to work doing ‘my thing’!

I became so wrapped up in what I was doing I failed to notice an eerie fog of sorts that had begun to permeate the entire area around me while strange fluffy gray clouds formed directly over my head. When I finally became aware that my immediate environment was fast changing, I pointed my camera at the sky directly above and took a picture. Very interesting indeed! For my next picture I aimed the camera toward the western sky and snapped the shutter! Although it had not been visible to me prior to my taking the picture, the camera had now captured what appeared to be a beautiful golden cloud with several contrasting golden objects upon it. Quickly I took several more pictures but was not to know the extent of my success until I got back home and downloaded the pictures onto my computer. Then I became dumbfounded! The last picture I had taken was of that beautiful golden cloud. Now that I had it downloaded on the computer, I could see right in the middle of that cloud an object that appeared to be a golden throne and upon that throne sat a being of an even more beautiful contrasting golden color! On his head I could make out what appeared to be a Mitre Hat covering strands of long golden hair. He also appeared to have a beard of the same golden color as his hair! His arms were resting upon the arms of the throne and he was leaning forward as if he were surveying the world beneath. WOW! Had I captured the one thing all mankind had sought for centuries? Had I somehow captured a picture of GOD? No way it could be…or could it? I put the picture on my website as ‘The Picture of the week’ and offered no explanation other than the phrase " Is that you GOD?" I wanted to see the reaction from others. I did get some comments but few that satisfied my psyche! Many were not even worth repeating! Now I want you to look at the picture and tell me what you see and how it affects you! Can you too also see a second being standing behind the throne looking over ‘Gods’ shoulder? Could all this be just a quirk caused by the colors and reflections of the night sky or is there more to it than that? Maybe we will never find out until Judgment Day when I might have a chance ask the ‘Top Person in Charge’ for a more definitive identification of who it was I saw ‘back then.’ Still, I may not find out! For the time being I won’t be operating on two thousand years of ‘blind faith’ anymore and will change my ways for the better just to be on the safe side! I do believe that there is more to this than meets the eye whether my eyes are 20/20 or not!

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Is that you, God?

Orbs and clouds


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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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