Light Energy Replication

"Strange Phenomena of the Paranormal World"

Benjamin N. Keys, Jr.

I have often heard that mimicry should not be condemned but taken as the sincerest form of flattery! After a lifetime of association with Nature and the outdoor world I feel confident in assuming that everything in the universe uses mimicry in one form or another to assure survival of the fittest. That fateful day I became involved in the incredible world of the paranormal and I was astonished to learn that mimicry also applied here as well and stranger yet, even to all manner of things I had heretofore considered to be inanimate objects! The biggest puzzle to confront me now was how any of this could take place without the assistance from some form of associated mentality!

It became most evident when I started photographing the many varied forms of paranormal energy such as Astral Fire and Ribbon Energies. These had always been accepted as normal discharges of spent energies escaping into the atmosphere and therefore were considered inanimate. But then one day, I noticed differences that were taking place with these inanimate entities that were ever so apparent and yet I had heretofore overlooked them. Whatever specific shape the first energy beam would take would dictate a pattern for all others that followed. Their replication would never have any more than a slight variance from the original. At times, this incredible replication/mimicry would create a phenomenal apparition that more often than not, appear quite sinister!

I was now really hooked. There had to be an answer and I began to watch more intently as well as to take notes! To my amazement, there appeared to be an unknown force of sorts that governed these actions and rigidly enforced strict adherence to the same pre-established pattern dictates every time.

What had I discovered? What caused this to occur? Could it have something to do with the ozone areas set up by the initial pattern that would govern all identical energies that followed, not at all unlike a train on a track? How could these energy/frequency patterns mimic a leader with such apparent ease? What sort of trail was being laid down? What about all the different energy/frequencies including those in entirely different millmicron frequency ranges? They all seemed to be able to follow the same pattern without a twitch? I was astounded and went through all of my old reference material searching for answers but to no avail! Even my treasured works of Einstein offered no clue. Surely I was not the first to question such happenings!

Soon even more bizarre happenings began to occur and always on the night of the full moon. This was when I like to do most of my work with various natural crystals. In one particular picture I took, I was in for the shock of my life. A ‘Jedi’ type light beam emitted from the crystals we were using was suddenly being intercepted by what appeared to be an identical beam of light, similar in shape and size to the beam coming down from the moon! How was this possible? To a novice, it would appear as though the moon also had a mentality of it’s own and wanted to join in the fun. Now, after thousands of similar pictures I can’t be sure of anything anymore. Maybe it does! For all the world, the light beams being emitted from the moon do seem to join in and entwine in whatever beams we are generating from the crystals and even follow along their already established patterns. However, I become astounded and get a lump in my throat when they suddenly appear to take on a more creative mentality of their own and create far more intricate patterns. The results are often beyond belief…

Thus, another one of those times in my association with both the Real World as well as the Paranormal World that I find myself at a loss for words. All I ever seem to be able to do is hypothesize! I can say this though, when any of this happens it does make for a world of incredible fun! So much so, I now look forward to the night of the full moon each month just to watch it do it’s thing or merely replicate what I have done!

I am however, becoming more assured! Somewhere out there, there has to be an incredible form of mentality we currently don’t understand and it definitely enjoys allowing it’s entities to ‘march to the beat of a different drummer’ … One other thought to consider….. in reality which of us are the drummers….. I think I know but I am just not sure! Any way you choose to look at it, all this is just another great puzzle from our incredible world and more gray hair for me. Alas!

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