Levitation on a Whim

Benjamin N. Keys, Jr.

Several years ago when I bought my current home, there was a large barn on the property with a massive cement foundation. As it had been in the way of surveying the property line on one side of the house the owners told the surveyor to simply let the line pass through the barn. We asked them to move the line a few feet in order for me to have use of the barn but they adamantly refused! Instead they called the fire department and asked them to burn it down using a 'controlled burn'! Once this was accomplished and the debris moved away by a contractor, the massive foundation remained as a horrible eyesore. Due to the prohibitive cost of bringing in heavy equipment to break up the foundation and haul it off, it was left just as it was. I constantly studied the eyesore to see if I could come up with any sort of idea that would suffice to get rid of it but try as I might, I could not come up with a reasonable solution! I finally had to accept the fact I would be looking at it for a long time.

Over the years I had been reading and studying how the ancient peoples, like the Egyptians, Inca, Aztecs and Maya, had been moving incredibly heavy stones in order to construct their massive temples. Even more perplexing was the way they managed to bring such massive building material from distant locations and then construct massive edifices during short periods of time during their reign! No matter what I read and researched, I could not get away from the fact that all this incredible construction would not have been possible unless they had discovered a more feasible way of moving their building materials around rather easily in order to build their edifices within reasonable time frames.

With the Incas, some of the materials had been located on distant mountain tops which necessitated moving them down the mountain and across rivers and back up to the top of Machu Pichu,, one of the highest mountain tops in the Andes. To me this seemed more of an impossible feat than the building of the pyramids by the Egyptians. The Egyptians on the other hand had quarried their stone miles from the site and brought them down the Nile on straw and wooden boats, another seeming impossible feat. The truly amazing feat being accomplished was that they were using stones that in some cases weighed over 1000 tons. Then I stumbled on the Aztec and the Mayan natives of Mexico and Central America. They too were using the same process with the same astonishing results. Moving thousand of stones over great distances. They too had they own incredible problems to surmount for most of their materials being used had to be transported over very unstable marshland. How was all this possible?

The more I researched, the more perplexed I became. In today’s world, we may be accomplishing that appears to be very outstanding feats of engineering using modern day technology but we still cannot determine how any of the ancient buildings and pyramids were built and then build one ourselves. I decided I would make a lifelong commitment and seek divine knowledge to learn the secrets. I even made up my mind that I would refuse to die until I had discovered the secrets that had propelled our forefathers into the future. I went back to my research and began to study all manner of things until I found something that I felt might put me on the right track. I guess that was the Aries in me coming to the surface!

Finally, one fateful day I made a breakthrough, stumbling onto something scientists had been overlooking! When I first moved into my current home, I constructed a dog pen about 50 feet square and 6 feet high. Inside the pen, I constructed a doghouse designed with all the latest dog comforts, insulated walls and floor, dog operated door, etc. plus a slate roof. I so over-built that the device ended up weighing around 800 pounds. Regardless of all the effort I put into the construction of this dog house it appeared to have been in vain for our Golden Retriever was a people oriented family member and had no use whatsoever for it! Maybe if I could get it moved closer to the main house it would mean more to her! So I decided to give that a try! It would be quite a job to take down all the chain link fence and then get the tractor boom into a position to lift and move it. If only I had the capability to use the power of levitation like the ancients had employed. I mulled over my notes for days.

Then one afternoon when there was no one at home to belittle any attempts I might use to imitate the ancients, something inside my warped brain snapped! A voice in my head told me to go down and lock the main gate so no one could enter to disrupt my efforts! Then, as if I really knew what I was doing, I began to get things into place that would allow me to attempt to lift the doghouse up more than 6 feet in the air in order to clear the fence! If this worked then I could sit it down on the outside. The realization that my brain had truly malfunctioned and slipped a sprocket crossed my mind, so I began the effort in earnest! I placed my hands of the top edge of the doghouse and began producing a specific frequency sound from the Diatonic Scale which I had determined could very well be the key to the overall operation! It seemed an eternity until at last I felt the doghouse wiggle a little and then move from side to side with little or no effort. No other thoughts entered my mind except to keep concentrating my thought emanations and see what would happen! There are no words available in my vocabulary to describe what took place next. I found I could raise the doghouse with my hands as though it weighed no more than a few ounces. But then, I found myself faced with a critical new dilemma, Something I had not anticipated! I had it ready to raise up and pass over the fence when this new realization hit me! What would happen when I took my hands off the doghouse as it passed over the fence and I would have to go through the gate to the outside to put my hands on it again? Would it stay in the air or would it come crashing down when I removed my hands? Would my buddies come home and maybe find me squashed beneath the doghouse? Oh well, it was too late to turn back now! I had come this far so I might as well chance it! I pushed it as far away from the fence as I could and reluctantly took my hand off. No Surprises! Down it went and probably registered a number 5 on the Richter Scale when it hit the ground. But, it landed evenly on the soft ground and no damage was apparent, except to my psyche. The stress had been awful and I was now so weak I was about to faint so I lay down on the ground to regain my composure. I must have dozed off for I was later awakened by both of my buddies who had come home from work only to find the gate locked as though I had gone visiting. However, when they reached the Manor House and saw that my vehicle was still in the garage they began calling out to me. When I did not answer they began a more complete search. When they stumbled on that heavy dog house sitting on the ground outside the dog pen with me lying alongside it in the grass, they almost lost it. I awoke to a cacophony of chatter I had never heard before and hope I never hear again.

What happened? Who did this? A thousand questions with everyone talking at one time and no one listening! Several of our friends who visited later that day and found the doghouse in a new location they too had to know what had happened! No one dared an explanation. We simply brushed it off as Divine Intervention with an Act of God and laid it to wind shear or an isolated tornado? No one dared discuss the real explanation!

Later that day and with the aid of the forklift tines on the tractor, this time I moved the doghouse close to the main house. Still the dog would not go inside the damn thing anymore and even gave it a wide berth when passing! Some time later in a fit of disgust, I moved it with the tractor to the barnyard to be used as a goose nesting house. Golden Retrievers are smart dogs and I guess Dixie determined that she saw no future in spending time in a device where you could go to sleep in it in once place and wake up in another. Needless to say, as the trauma of the ordeal wore off, I was finally able to revel in the fact that I had indeed performed a levitation feat of some sort! I really had! Would the future ever be the same for me or the rest of the world for that matter? Everyone that had been involved except me, had now learned to avoid any conversation whatsoever about the affair and were hopeful it would soon die out!

Now for me, I never give up and knew I had to try again. This could be the ultimate feat if I pulled it off so I had to attempt it now that I had become such an "expert".

An old dilapidated barn straddled the property line at the far edge of my property and proved to be quite an eyesore. The new property line passed right through the middle of the large cement and stone foundation. A mutual agreement by both the former owner and myself gave permission for the local fire department to burn the wooden remains of the barn. Only the foundation remained and was still an eyesore. I determined it too had to go but I could not afford to bring in the heavy equipment necessary to handle those whole large heavy pieces. With the aid of numerous chains, chisels, sledgehammers and a farm tractor, I did manage to reduce the size of the pieces of foundation to about half their original length still each piece had an estimated weight of about 1800 pounds.

Due to their location there was no feasible way to get the pieces off the property so a decision was made to someday figure how to put them on the cofferdam of the farm pond in order to keep the ducks and geese from eating away the dirt. The only way that seemed feasible would be to drag them around the fence line a distance of around 800 feet, then across the Manor House grounds for another 400 feet and finally, down pass the garage and out through the barnyard for another 800 feet. I did manage attempting to move one piece by dragging it with the tractor only a distance of about 20 feet before it tore up the yard and road and almost buried itself. I gave up in disgust on that method. Once again my mind went to work and I just knew this time my brain had short-circuited for sure. Would it be possible for me to put my hand on a section of the concrete, walk along beside it and produce the special frequency sound from the Diatonic Scale and hope the damn thing moved? I had been successful with the doghouse, but was I dumb enough to think I could do it again with much heavier material? I decided to think about it for a while!

It was approximately a month later when I was home alone and got another short-circuit in my brain and decided the time was right for me to try ‘the big move’! I began by playing around and experimenting with it a little at the time. I was amazed to find it was much easier to move than the dog-house which was built of wood. I have since learned that denser heavier materials are easier than lighter materials and that must have been my salvation. The only thing I had to do was to replicate the special frequency and never take my hand from the slab! When I got it to rise, the only thing I had to do was make sure I kept my hand on it and guide it as I walked alongside it all the way to the coffer dam. During the moving of the first one I got so elated and confident in my capabilities that my brain lost continuity and the slab crashed to the ground. I broke down and cried. It took a good while and some soul searching to get my psyche functioning again and the cement slab back up to travel height again. I was now growing leery of the whole operation. I walked along beside it ever so slowly time as though I was walking, I had no recurring problems.

During the whole slab-moving episode, I felt as though I had the blood of the Ancients coursing through my veins. After all the years that had passed since they had used this method, had I and Ed Leedskalen, the guy who built the Coral Castle in Florida come along and rediscovered their great secrets. (See article on Coral Castle on Google.)

After a nerve wrecking half hour or so, I reached the cofferdam and placed the first stone in place at the water’s edge. I decided to wait until I got all 18 pieces moved into place and evenly spaced before I would attempt to slide them down to the waters edge.

This entire operation of moving the massive stones soon became monotonous and lost its novelty as the operation turned into a real chore. I wished many times during the moving of the stones that I had never attempted such a feat! After what seemed an eternity I finally got all the pieces into place.

When one of my buddies came home from work and saw what had happened to the stones, he came down to the pond to make sure his eyes wee not deceiving him! He was so astounded at what he saw that he could barely manage a "hello"…all he could do was babble something that sounded like English to me yet I never could understand what it was. I honestly think I scared him good! I finally managed to get him to quiet down long enough to assist me on pushing one stone in place with our feet. With him on one end of the stone and me on the other, we positioned ourselves on the ground and pushed the stone into place with our feet, down to the waters edge! Each time, I we were ready, I would replicate the appropriate frequency sound and we were able to slide the stone into place with ease. When we reached the last stone, my buddy stated that he had to rest ‘because his brain was hurting’! After a few moments rest, he returned to normal and helped me to put the remaining piece in place! When it was in place, he took off for the house claiming that his whole head was hurting now from trying to absorb what he had seen and allowed himself to get involved in and would have to go to bed!

In the time that has passed since I performed this feat, scores of our friends have looked at the results and tried to figure if what we told them was the truth! We knew they would never believe us if we told them the truth so we simply told them so we had used a mumbo-jumbo magic voodoo phrase. I don’t think even that mattered for they had their own ideas as to how it had been done with rollers or a machine of some sort. They were so persistent that they searched the whole property in an all out effort to find either the tracks of the machine or evidence as to what we had really used to move the pieces! When they could find no tracks in the yard or on the soft narrow earthen dam, they gave up in disgust and we never heard any more from them. A few die-hards continued to accuse of using some of my "Paranormal crap" while a couple be hear to remark that "if that fool has discovered how to use levitation, then the next thing he ought to do is to start building a Pyramid to prove it. Damn, I hadn’t thought of that but, should I do think about it, I may well decide that would it really would be a be a great adventure, but then again, where would I find all the stones I would need?.

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003



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