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The Ghost Light of BaconsCastle and LawnesCreek Church

Chapter 6

Recently, I was visiting a friend I grew up with who was with us that fateful night and who still lives in the vicinity. As she is very involved in the affairs of the county, I told her about the beautiful old color slides I had made of the entire churchyard and it’s graves back some 35 years ago! This was long before the beautiful ivy on the ruins had been killed with Roundup and support rods and posts had been placed to stabilize the ruins. As of late, someone in authority had decided that the ivy would eat the lime in the mortar and cause the walls to collapse. So the ivy was killed! A very poor judgment call! The leaves and vines of the ivy had really been protecting the walls since the church was burned in 1868 and the vines were holding it all together with the leaves helping to ward off the driving rain. It is now quite evident what the outcome will be. Today, creosote poles and steel beams have been placed to do the job the ivy once did. They horribly detract from the overall beauty of the ruins and I understand their necessity but it seems to me as though the ruins would have weathered the future better with the ivy! The prior pristine beauty of the whole place should have been maintained for future generations to enjoy as much as I had enjoyed it. When I told my friend how beautiful these old color slides were she became ecstatic about the possibilities of using them for pictures promoting the historic attributes of the county. I agreed that I would pull out the slides and attempt to convert them to color pictures with the aid of my digital camera and computer. It proved to be an arduous task but I finally succeeded and for the most part, they all turned out great and I have since provided her with copies. However, I did keep several pictures that I wanted to enhance with the I Photo Plus feature on my computer. With this capability, it is possible to lighten, darken, change contrast and remove any undesirable portions of a photograph. One of the photos happened to be the one of the ghost grave but it did have a lot of shadowy areas on the boxwoods that I thought should be lightened. I brought up the picture and sat there momentarily studying it for the best possible method to use. My hands were relaxed and not even on the mouse when I suddenly began to see something strange take place. A pale golden mist was beginning to rise up from the ground outside of the gravesite, right in the middle of the walkway! It rose to the top of the opening where I had always believed the ghost light to come through and stopped. Then most incredible thing I have ever seen in my whole life began to happen! An image of an old man’s face began to take shape in the mist! I could not talk or move. This was actually happening right then and there on my computer and I was witnessing it! I thought at first it was some kind of Screen saver acting up! I must have a very good heart or I would have died and no one would have known what had caused it! Maybe it was the computer simply acting up and I was imagining all this! No way, it was too obvious. Once the apparition had stabilized and all movement had stopped, without ever realizing what I was doing, habit caused me to reach up and click the file and save feature. Subconsciously, I must have feared that at any moment the image would disappear and no one in their right mind would ever believe me. Thankfully the computer obliged my command and I had my ghost captured at last. After what seemed an eternity I managed to get out of the chair and alert everyone within earshot to come see the ghost I had on the computer. Reluctantly they came and for the first time in my life I did not have to offer any comments about anything. There it was, as plain as day for all to see and more vivid than any ghost picture anyone could ever hope to see. I was so scared that the thing still might disappear, I made a score of copies. I even made a disk copy just in case. Some of the pictures I magnified many times and then made copies of them. No matter what the magnification, the picture was always as clear as it could be. It was not the type of misty apparition you normally see where you have to stretch your imagination in order to see anything at all. This one left no doubt in anyone’s mind.

The face lies smack dab in the middle of the pale yellow misty glow. It is comprised of many shades of gray and no color. The hair on the head appears to be full and encircles the entire head with a widow’s peak on the front forehead. The eyes are deep, piercing and sinister. It has a rather large hooked nose that reminds me of someone of German or Italian descent and a widows-peak in the center of the forehead. Deep cheek lines along each side of the nose and full lips so reminiscent of old age, complete the face. There appear to be two round spots on either side of the head, where horns (?) could have been? If I look at the picture for any length of time, it seems to have the capability of making me nervous as well as uneasy! Look at the picture and see if you react the same way and can feel what I feel! When I tell anyone that I have taken a picture of a ghost, I am reminded that I did not take a picture of the ghost, but instead, the ghost simply invaded my picture. Some say that I may have captured the picture of the ghost on the film some 35 years ago and it has been there all along. In today’s world there are still those who believe a person’s spirit can be captured on film and held. All I know is that the ghost came into view only after some particular frequency emanating from my computer caused its spirit to be released. I do know that all ghosts respond to electrical energies of some sort but I doubt if I will ever learn the real truth! I only know that I have one of the most outstanding pictures of an apparition that anyone has ever produced or ever had the privilege to view. Could it possibly be the spirit of the ghost light? I somehow feel it is. If I had captured him thirty-five years ago on film and he has been trapped there ever since, he may now be a raging maniac and I could be in for a ‘hard row to hoe’! After viewing the face, I may have a new insight into his identity. The facial features seem to tie in with some rather unusual clues I have just unearthed about the first Arthur Allen who came from England in 1649.

As I have stated so many times, there are no records or historical evidence concerning the first Arthur Allen, who he was or why such a wealthy merchant would come to this country at such an old age and then build such an extravagant home in such a primeval wilderness? Nothing seems to fit. Quite by accident, at last I may have found the answer but much more research will be needed to prove it.

Supposedly, prior to his arrival at Jamestown, an event took place that may have sent him here. Legend has it he was at one time a Prince in the House of Hanover and he had stabbed and killed his twin brother because they were both interested in the same young lady who had eyes only for his brother. His family was so outraged that they cursed him and stripped him of his title, endowed him with ‘monies’ and then ‘exiled’ him to the New World sometime around 1650. I can find nothing in the Allen references in England to support this hypothesis but someone told me to research the family Guelph and the House of Hanover in Germany and I could tie it all together. There may be something there but I have not found it. I keep wondering if Arthur Allen was a name he had assumed prior to his coming to the New World? I kept running into that name Guelph in my research but the whole effort became far too complicated and time consuming for me to continue to research and so I never did confirm or deny the legend! I did learn that a John Allen was born in Ashover, Derbyshire England in 1569. He had three children, a daughter Eliza Allen and two sons, Arthur and Humphrey Allen. This does seem to fit the proper time frame but was this really the Arthur Allen we know? After all, this area is the family seat of the Allen or Allyn clans and it is extensive. Had this person who killed his brother in Germany simply changed his name to avoid recognition and further persecution and simply picked up a local name while waiting to be sent to the New World? The name Guelph is obviously German and could have been detrimental for him to be associated with it in the future if he kept it. All of this is only hypothetical but it would explain both his wealth and the type of house he constructed, a Jacobean style manor befitting the upper class gentry of his former homeland. Additionally, he probably had the plans for the house drawn there and brought here with him. Strangely enough the house had been designed in a crucifix form, a design commonly used in the Old World to ward off the effects of evil and curses. If so, it would help allay the curse placed upon him by his family for his vile deed. You have to admit this all makes sense in a weird sort of way and I will continue to follow-up on everything I can extract from a plethora of English and German historical data files available on the internet. If he was of Royal bearing I feel sure a lot has been covered up but time may uncover something that will either confirm or deny it! Once proven, he easily could be the restless spirit and source of the ‘ghost light’ cursed forever to live in the nether world while hoping to make amends for his deeds? Or then again, it might just be his son Arthur Allen II searching for his ‘lost’ wife Catherine? See how complicated it can become? It would be great if some of you would decide to follow up on this and maybe you uncover something I overlooked by ‘standing too close to the forest to be able to see the trees’!

Our world is fast becoming a changed place. How much longer will it be able to support these entities in any form? With the emphasis being placed on electronics, speed, more speed and more electronics, can you imagine the problems which everyone including entities may soon be confronted. Can you imagine the ‘light’ being clobbered by a speeding Trailways Bus as it attempts to cross the highway on its way to the castle? I can see it now, the front of the bus plastered with ectoplasm as millions of tiny pieces lie splattered in the grass along the highway like millions of tiny fireflies on a summer’s night. Is this the awful fate in store for his kind? Will we someday have to reside in a world free of any apparitions due to the hectic lifestyle we pursue? Life for us may not only become more stressful, it could even become duller! Some question, but it could have merit in the long run.

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