"The Key to All Things Both Great and Small "

By Ben Keys

It seems it has taken an Eternity for me to finally decide the best way to describe this mysterious light energy which has so intrigued those who have encountered it as they explored the world of the Paranormal! Once I came face to face with this phenomenon it did not take long for me to determine that it had to be a controlling factor for all living things. With all the new technology now available, it may not be long before scientists begin to understand and accept it for the incredible force that it is and then find a way to harness the incredible power it possesses! Let’s hope that when that day comes, this great new power will not be abused!

KA probably started as the bright light of the sun, from which all living things came into being on this once barren Planet and has continued on to this day to assure that life will become even richer for all mankind! I am often prone to wonder if this great force has the ability to switch roles and adorn the night sky to become the soft silken light of the moon. If so, then it would be able to govern the many processes necessary to maintain the balance of our world for an entire day.

Many times over the years, I had encountered references to KA and even witnessed strange energy I had contributed to it. However, due to the lack of any really pertinent data to help me understand it, I simply backed off and left it alone.

Evidently that Great Power that always seems to be smiling down on me and complicating my life, had other plans and decided that the time was right for me to become familiar with KA. Thus, a more intensive series of events began to take place to convince me that KA might very well be the Life Force or Energy that controlled everything on earth and had in the past made seeming impossible things possible for the Ancient ones!

With my curiosity peaked I began a more extensive effort to learn all I could in the shortest time possible to cope with my constant encounter with KA! Over the years, I had been dedicated to a fault in learning every facet of the Paranormal World and if this ‘force’ was indeed a part of it, then I had to pursue it with the same dedication!

They say that experience is the best teacher and after a rather incredible happening one night, I will now concede to that fact. One beautiful summer’s night when the moon was full, I was out in my ‘special place’ here at the farm with a friend. We were playfully experimenting with some crystals from Atlantis and using them as we always did to strengthen our minds by controlling projected light beams through them! Occasionally in the past when we did this, an incredible bright white beam of light would come down from somewhere above beside the specific frequency light beams we were projecting and duplicate them exactly! We could not fully understand how this phenomenon was happening unless there was some type of intelligence directing it! It even got so awesome one particular night that I finally stopped what I was doing, looked up at the full moon now rising high in the night sky, so beautiful in it’s appearance somewhat like white satin. I soon learned from research that the Ancient Greek name for the moon was Selene or Diana and called out to her with the name Selene. I began to chat with her like it was the most normal thing in the world for anyone to do! My buddy did cast a rather jaundiced eye at me but I held ‘my ground’. My first question to her had been, "if she was enjoying ‘playing’ with us by duplicating each and every light beam we created, then why not join us?" My next question was a real ‘clinker’! "You seem so soft and so beautiful with your white light, are you made of KA?’ Would you dare to come down here and let us see you for ourselves?" An insane statement and ridiculous? Well it may not have been for before I knew what was happening she began moving and coming straight down to me at a rapid pace! "My God what have I unleashed now!’ My buddy who was standing close to me and rather apprehensive prepared to stand his ground just in case. When it was evident that something of an incredible nature was about to happen, he turned on his camera and began to take pictures.

Common sense dictates that the Moon is as large as the Earth and would destroy it if it came down here. Was something like that about to happen this night? Both of us were frozen in our place and watched in awe as an incredible bright light came ever so slowly down in front of us about twenty feet away! Thankfully, it appeared in a more diminutive size and not the full size moon! Luckily, my buddy was on the ball and captured the whole event. Before I could comment or make any more stupid statements, an incredible blast soared out of the center of the white light and hit me full blast in my stomach! For an instant I thought I would freeze yet I also felt as though I had just inherited the greatest power on earth! It made me relax and gave me an Inner Peace I had never known before! Although I had no idea at the time what had just taken place, I felt that something extraordinary had just taken place and I had been given a strange capability of some sort. I put out my arm to touch her and thank her and another strange thing took place. Before I could touch her, my arm took on an incredible Emerald Green glow as she began her accent back to her place in the heavens! My buddy and I watched in awe as she once again appeared in the sky as though nothing out of the ordinary had taken place! It would be several days before I would finally be able to accept the fact that something incredible had indeed taken place after I had reviewed the pictures of it a multitude of times!

In the next few days, I began to experience an higher degree of success in everything I had been researching and exploring in the Metaphysical Matrix. I no longer had any doubt that I had been given some incredible power through my encounter with Selene and this ‘power’ was surging through my body all the time now. I had wished for KA and now I had it! The future would never be the same for me now.

From then on any pictures that were taken of me ‘doing my thing’ would show some form of KA involved. Was there a danger involved in using this capability? For sure, as of today, I have not experienced any problems but I still am leery and feel I should progress very carefully until I become more knowledgeable. I am progressing cautiously in my experimenting and learning ‘curve’ but every now and then, KA will still ‘burst’ from my solar plexus and scare the hell out of me when I least expect it! I forget I have it until it is in the forefront of an experiment I am conducting.

The next morning after my encounter with Selene, I received a call from one of my very good friends that live along a broad stretch of the James River! He and his wife had been sitting in their yard that night looking out at the Full Moon as it appeared to rise from the choppy waters of a bay on the Mighty James River when something happened that made the both of them doubt their sanity. They wanted to talk to me to see if I might be able to either confirm or deny an incident that had happened that night. " Had I been watching the Full Moon the previous night when it suddenly disappeared from the night sky for more that 30 minutes?" I almost died for here was proof that something incredible ad indeed happened that night and someone else had been witness to it. He told me that he and his wife became so perplexed that he had made several calls to his friends in the scientific community to verify the story they had to tell but no others had been watching the moon and told him that the moon’s disappearance had probably been due to local cloud cover in his area! He did not challenge them although he remembered the sky had been perfectly clear that night! He gave up in disgust until he remembered that I was a strong devotee of Nature and more than apt, I would have been watching the full moon rise. I shrugged off any comments and hoped the subject would die for I would not divulge what had happened to anyone for self-preservation purposes.

Look at my pictures and you be the Judge. One thing has not changed for sure. I still possess KA as strong as everand every now and then without warning it will ‘burst’ forth from me. It has been several years now and I quite often think back and wonder if this force, KA that has been around for centuries might not be more of a curse than a blessing.

I feel strongly that KA has not lost its capability as a powerful Energy Source and can be one to be reckoned with! To date, I have uncovered one of its most incredible secrets! It is the Key to the Doorway of all Knowledge that lies hidden away in the Great Metaphysical Matrix! I have come a long way in my understanding of the Paranormal World but it has been KA that has added the finishing touches by making the impossible, possible for me in all manner of things both Great and Small!

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