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Doing the Impossible with Crystals

On Doing the Impossible with Crystal Technology

Benjamin N. Keys, Jr.

My ethic in this field involves projecting specific mili-micron color frequencies through natural rock crystals especially ones sent to me by a scientist friend studying the entire area where the ancient continent of Atlantis was proposed to have been. Some of the crystals came from a secret mine in Central America suspected of being the mine used by the inhabitants of Atlantis to acquire stones for the operation of their incredible civilization! It would definitely be an operation based on ‘blind faith’ but what else did I have to go on?

To prepare myself for experimenting with these crystals, I searched the internet for all the information I could gather on the ancient Emerald Tablets of Thoth. I found plenty of copies that had been ‘decoded’ by someone but they seemed to be incomplete and vague! I doubted their authenticity but I had to have something to start with. No real problem, I would simply rely more heavily on the information Einstein had worked on for so long that was pertinent. After more than a year, I learned how to borrow copies of the real Emerald Tablets from the Akashic Records, absorb their information and then return them. One of my pictures depicts this incredible operation where the tablets are descending from the Heavens above for me to use. For some strange reason I seemed to know that all I had to do was to touch each tablet as it came down and the information it contained was absorbed into my mind. However, that proved a harrowing experience for with the touching of each tablet, my head ached horribly! So What? This time I knew I had the most accurate information available and the Mantras were definitely accurate. Now to get busy.

I started off by using some of this new technology including the more accurate Mantras from the Emerald Tablets along with my notes from Einstein’s Unified String Theory and Super String Theory, etc. I was not too surprised when I learned that I now had a winner as all sorts of strange things began to occur. I was on the right tract at last! As of this time, the results have became phenomenal!

I had a wealth of my own ideas and theories about experiments I wanted to try with the combined information I had gathered. The first thing would be to try to project a beam of concentrated colored light, set at a predetermined frequency from the Einstein’s Diatonic Scale through the Atlantis Crystals. The experiment was a great success as everything performed incredible extent!

Her is how it works. As the light beam enters and then passes through the crystal, the person’s mind must be prepared to take control and concentrate on causing the sometimes invisible beam, to adhere to the dictates and thoughts of the human mind. I have come to believe the Pineal Gland plays an important part in directing this whole operation especially when the operation becomes rather hectic. I have learned only too well not to let my mind stray while I am involved.

Unfortunately, after displaying hundreds of pictures of our accomplishments, I have gotten E-mails telling me that what I was doing appeared ‘impossible’! I even had several E-mails from by scientists who told me that light beams cannot be bent at right angles or distorted much less broken apart in mid-air like the ones had in my pictures, so I must have ‘faked’ them for sensationalism reasons.

In answer to that , I want to meet the extraordinary person, scientists or otherwise, who can duplicate any of my pictures on a computer program! I did have one scientists tell me he knew my work was indeed extraordinary and I had gone far beyond anything he or his associates had ever dreamed possible. He stated that he had been working on the same principles that I was using but not as complete most of his career but never advanced as far as I have. So, I guess, in essence, what I am doing is impossible whether anyone cares to recognize it or not! That is good enough for me.

Regardless of what the skeptics think, the data I have uncovered is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’! I constantly become involved in even more incredible adventures I now keep to myself. However, I do stay constantly amazed as so many events are difficult to describe even after I study the pictures I take. On these items I have ‘backed off’ until I can acquire better knowledge as how I can better handle the wonders this incredible new realm keeps opening up for me!

Quite by accident, I found that it is also possible to use this same kind of technology to levitate and shape-shift as well as a multitude of other feats. For sure, I will not pursue much more along these lines until I have gained better knowledge and a deeper insight than I now possess! Some of the pictures on my website are mute evidence to a bevy of these efforts and how close I may have really come in unraveling the truly incredible secrets of the Universe!

The very fact that I can ‘catch’ a light beam with my mind and then control it, cause it to gyrate and then make it do all sorts of cryptic designs is proof of a far greater force at work in the parallel dimension than anyone would dare believe.

There are a plethora of other things associated with the light beams that puzzle me just as much as the beams doing ‘tricks’ by themselves. The most amazing one being the strange mass of white energy known as KA, that sometimes forms around the crystal when a light beam is projected through it. Most of the time it will take on an incredibly bizarre shape and zoom all over the place. Could the fact that natural rock crystal, which is pizzeo-electric and invaluable for use in all kinds of electronics, yet a more austere side? Could it be that many combinations of forces are at work here! There have even been times when the white energy mass will appear to form in the Solar-plexus area of the person using the mind control where it will often take on even more bizarre shapes!

Another perplexing puzzle for which I can offer no explanation is to how one color frequency will suddenly change to another color frequency after emerging from the crystal and then integrate with other color frequencies as it disperses! All of this is simply too mind-boggling for me at this time. I need help!

I have tried using many types of crystals, some small and some very large. One rock crystal I use more frequently than any other weighs four pounds and fourteen ounces. I have also tried Beryl, Topaz and a large Herkimer Diamond. All appear to function the same but they can startle me with incredibly different outcomes once they emerge from the crystal. As it now stands, no one stone or variety of stone can ever be counted on perform the same way twice so my experiments may never get boring!

To those of you who want to enjoy some of these treasured experiences the Paranormal World has to offer, ‘buckle your seat belts’ and see what you can learn on your own like we did. The information is out there! Who knows, maybe it will be you who will uncover the missing data needed to ‘fill in the blanks’ and then we can both exchange notes. Like I have said so many times before, the Paranormal World is an incredible dimension and may have been set up to keep man both puzzled as well as entertained. To date, it appears we have only begun to scratch the surface. However, it continues to keep my brain ‘smoking’!

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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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