Homeward Bound

Benjamin N. Keys, Jr.


Several weeks ago, I was called to a historic home in Southside Virginia, Circa the middle 1700’s . I had been told that workmen hired to do restorative work at the old house were encountering all sorts of problems due to the antics of what they believed to be mischievous ghostly spirits! After I contacted the owner, it became apparent that the place was indeed suffering from the actions of a resident ghost or maybe several ghosts that were continually harassing the workmen! It sounded like the type of haunt that Jane my trusted researcher friend and I always enjoy!

When we arrived at the home, we could feel an ominous presence so I attempted to communicate with whomever or whatever was making this place their abode! My efforts proved successful for within the first few minutes I had made contact with a rather lively spirit! It turned out to be the spirit of a young handicapped boy who had died in 1868. He had suffered minor brain damage resulting from complications he experienced during birth and the resultant effects had prevented him from venturing from the house except on rare occasions. His compassionate and loving father thereafter acquired the services of a maid who moved in and became his daily as well as lifelong companion. She looked after him with the tender loving care of a true mother! Curiosity forced me to search a plethora of genealogy sites as well as historical records of the family but I was never able to determine what happened to his real mother and even this guardian mother. Had his real mother died in childbirth? When did his guardian die? How long had the boy been existing alone in the house? I may never find out for the records are not only very extensive, but incomplete and confusing!

His surrogate mother has to have been very loving and understanding for hand-me-down information from friends of the family tell how she would often take him down to the river behind his house and taught him to fish with a cane pole. Afterwards when he returned home, he could be heard talking to an imaginary fish companion that came to live with him at the house! Some time later, they tell how he could be heard talking to another imaginary creature! My pictures showed that one to be a giant bird-like creature with an elliptical pupil. Try as I might I was not able to identify the type of bird or find a reference as to where he might have found it or how it came into being. The very first pictures I had taken startled me when I found these ‘strange companions’ living there in the house with him, perhaps mute evidence that they had been sent to him to be his true friends and thwart off his loneliness!

As accurately as I can surmise from genealogy records, the young lad probably died sometime around 1878 and at the time he did not choose to ‘cross over’. Perhaps, he did not want to leave his bird and fish companions.

Some great power must have been very understanding of his dilemma for I soon discovered two massive Angels in my pictures that were always following him around! Seeing as how they were never far from his side it made me think that they must too had been sent to protect him and keep him company! The night Jane and I went to the house with the owner, we took several photos that showed these very majestic Angels and they were truly astonishing. Along with the pictures of the Angels, I also managed to get extraordinary pictures of the Ghost Fish and that Giant Bird! All this has been another first for me and it has been vividly etched in my mind forever!

Jane and I were not alone in our thoughts as to why the little boy was still in the house. The owner also thought the little boy was still in the house because he had chosen not to cross over and wondered if maybe something could be done to help him! I consulted with Jane and we both decided that I ought to try to create a vortex and tunnel of light which I had learned to do quite by accident some time back. We had heard that a vortex definitely was the key that could open the tunnel of light! I remembered only too well, when I stumbled on how to do the Vortex thing it scared the hell out of me and caused me to vow never to do it again. The episode happened quite by accident when I was summoning seven-thousand year old Indian Spirits from the past. A large circle appeared vertically over the grave-site! It contained a massive spinning black interior. I had never experienced anything like it and was quite startled. On a lark, I tossed a large clump of recently plowed grass and dirt into the spinning mass. I was unaware of the results of my folly until I found myself covered from head to foot with a coating of chopped grass and dirt! I was quick to learn that I had aroused something new from the Metaphysical Matrix and it would not take a Rocket Scientist to understand that this ‘thing’ could be very dangerous and should be handled with ‘kid gloves’. On another occasion, curiosity got the best of me and I experimented again using the same procedure I had used that night! I learned first off that I did not know all that I should have known about how to start a vortex. Needless to say, this episode turned into a very harrowing experience and it took a good while before things returned to normal. I finally wised up and put whole function on the ‘back burner’ until I was sure my learning curve had advanced to a more suitable level.

The vortex itself is a spinning circle of various shades of black, too impossible to describe! As it spins, shafts of vivid rainbow colors begin to permeate the mass. Then from deep in the center of the spinning mass explodes a light, unlike any light you have ever seen or probably ever will see. It is indescribable and appears to explode from the center of the vortex to the outside of the surrounding perimeter before the it closes like the retina of a camera and everything returns to normal. I had often suspected that there might be a critical time limit for the tunnel in the center of the mass to stay open but never dared to explore that as an option. It seems to have a mind of its own and could not be predicted!

Evidentially, that night, the Angels knew more about what was happening than I did for when the white light appeared in the center of the vortex they immediately floated across the room with their the little boy’s spirit and his creatures in tow and dashed into the light! Then, the whole vortex closed as if by clockwork just as the whole room became bathed in a pale blue light. It was at this time that I was hit in the chest by an intense jolt of electricity.

I instantly had trouble breathing or moving and my chest, arms and teeth began to hurt. It seemed an eternity before I felt comfortable enough to attempt to try to standup and move again. Thankfully Jane was with me and helped me to regain my composure and go home. Once I arrived home and had stabilized, I contacted my niece who is a Cardiac Specialist and she advised me to go immediately to the Emergency Room if I continued to have problem the slightest problem! Otherwise she would check me on her machines in her office the next morning.

Once she and two of her doctors had examined me I was immediately sent to the hospital. She had found that the bolt of electrical energy had damaged the SB node in my heart that governs the heartbeat or pulse and my pulse was dangerously low! When I arrived at the hospital a Pacemaker was immediately installed. Strangely enough, no one seemed to be able to give me a good reason as to what had really happened and for the sake of everyone’s sanity, I did not try to describe the events that led up to the trauma!

I am back as good as new again. I have been asked if was I sorry I had done the Vortex/Tunnel thing again after learning how unpredictable it can be even under the best of circumstances! My answer to that is I am too damn compassionate and daring and probably would go through the whole thing again if I had it to do over! I am so happy for the little boy and his Angel Escorts when I think of the incident and I do think of them often.

The owner of the house says that everything is quiet and peaceful there now and has returned to normal! That is all I really need to know. As for all the why’s and how’s of ‘what happened’ I will just have to wait for another time and place to get that answer! In the meantime, I will let my pictures speak for me!

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

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Demonic Dragon Head

Ghostly fish entities

Angel images flanking doorway

Orb escaping from closet


Bright energy blast from tunnel

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

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