Mirrored Images ?

Haunting mysteries that are fast becoming the most astounding anomalies

I have encountered in getting better acquainted with our parallel dimensions:


For more than 52 years I have been dedicated to a fault in learning all I could about the Paranormal World. It was rough in the beginning as no one I knew ever dared breach the subject for fear of ridicule even though history was full of records of paranormal happenings. Since no one could provide any proof of ever having visited the Paranormal Realm or even knew anyone else who had, it was a subject I should best lay to rest. You either find the answers yourself or simply do without!

Then after struggling in the dark for years the digital camera came into being with its awesome capability of being able to photograph outside our normal visual realm. With this great new doorway opened wide I jumped in with both feet and could now go deep into the fourth dimension any time I wanted.

Having worked in the photographic field for years, I had a better understanding of photography than most and began to reap instant rewards. Questions began to have answers, puzzles became solved and I was in ‘tall cotton’ and on a roll!

Soon this strange new dimensional world began proving itself more logical as well as theological in accordance with the laws of the universe! It had been a smooth transmission and I encountered no real disappointments anywhere. Somehow, with me now deeply involved in this strange new endeavor, I must have stepped on some toes and many of my former friends with a hint of jealously decided to take me down a notch. They shamed me into going back to being my old self and like a fool I relented and once again withdrew to a distance. I did not like what I had done for I now began to feel as dumb as mud again! Events that at one time had seemed sane and reasonable now made me return to the inadequate reasoning of today’s world and any efforts I made to acclimate backwards now suddenly become very unrewarding and made me doubt my sanity!

Had I by any chance created an curious interest in anyone else? I could never be sure for some times these friends appeared to be very interested in my research and then later backed down. I soon grew tired of this and decided to take several of the more devoted under my wing!

I shared with them one particular incident that did not seem to be too far out! It had to do with a picture of an 18th century Antebellum Mansion showing astral fire climbing from the front corner of the house and then dispersing up into the atmosphere above. Such pictures are fairly normal and are captured frequently. It is usually passed up as a natural occurrence showing up on cameras when the right atmospheric conditions are positive! The average person will never get to view it without a camera for it is in a particular part of the color spectrum we normally cannot see with the naked eye! I have taken scores of such pictures and never had anything outstanding show up that I considered to be out of the ordinary until this last time! I was not aware of anything being different until I returned home and downloaded my camera. Then what a sight! I discovered that high above the top of the Mansion and encased in a shroud of Astral Fire was an exact crystal clear reflection of the Mansion below, yet it was a reverse upside down picture of the building beneath! Look at the picture carefully yourself! How can it be? What kind of logic rules here? Perhaps some form of harmonic frequencies are at play that our simple minds just don’t seem to be able to understand without extensive research on that subject!

Now lets go to a much more difficult adventure that will also boggle the mind! I had gone outside the city and into the surrounding countryside for this one. I parked my truck along a dirt road on an immense farm I often visited and walked quite some distance out into a gigantic 800 acre field containing the ancient graves of Indians going back ten thousand years according to archeologists. My intent was to call the Ancient Algonquain Indian spirits in their ancient tongue and have them rise up for me! In Indian Custom, any of these spirits can return to this dimension where they once lived as long as they do so in the form of animals. It should have been a normal thing they had often done for me many times before! They rose up from the Burial Mounds and I took several incredible pictures and was very pleased at the results. For some reason I never could get clear in my mind, before I stopped photographing, I took a final picture straight up into the air above the one of the Ancient Mounds. When I stopped and looked at what my camera has taken, my world fell apart! There in the middle of that field and up hundreds of feet in the sky above me were two large Mountain Dew soda bottles and a Fried Chicken Box surrounded by Astral Energy of every imaginable type surrounding it! What the hell was causing it? It had not come from within one of the mounds had it? A ridiculous thought to say the least!

The more I looked at this pile of ‘sky trash or clutter’ the more it confused I became! Then it hit me! The image of the bottles was completely reversed as though they were being mirrored. But how and why? The second problem was how did they get up there wafting along as sky clutter? Third and most ridiculous of all my mind onsets was the craziest thought of all. Had some transient Aliens become so thirsty they dared visit a local gas station and got two bottles of Mountain Dew out of the machine? But how would they have gotten the Fried Chicken? Don’t even think about that! Had they enjoyed it all so much that they decided to advertise it to the rest of their buddies as well as the whole Galaxy or had they merely done as us some humans do and throw the residue out the window or porthole of their vehicle? I really need help with this series of happenings as I have burned enough of my gray matter for a while. I can’t remember how to tie my shoe- strings now!

Another night and at almost the same place on the same farm, it happened again! One of my buddies rode up to where I was standing and although he seemed rather distraught, he just stood there, stared at me and said nothing for several minutes. Finally he began to chatter rather placidly  and then suddenly got all excited and wanted to immediately show me an unusual picture he had taken before it might happen to leave his camera. He kept thinking that there might be something wrong with his camera but he could not seem to find out what it was and correct it! When he showed me the pictures I began laughing. "I see you set your camera trigger off accidentally in the truck like I managed to do one time, I chided. There in the picture was the entire dashboard of his Ford Expedition fully illuminated. He then asked me a question that did cause me to think things over. "How was it possible that while I was out in the field taking pictures this picture came up by itself on my camera after I had taken dozens of other pictures in the field ahead of it? He then asked me another question that even floored me more! How was it possible that the instruments on the dash were reversed and no steering wheel or gearshift lever was visible? I had not paid any attention to that fact before. We both were in the same boat together as we both zeroed in on that problem! Someone out here in this paranormal dimension evidently is a diabolical joker and needs some new form of recreation and here we are, both alone! That really made us begin to wonder if before the night was over, we might be needing a hurried call to 911 and end up in one of those white jackets with the long arms that tie in the back.  

We both felt sure we would find the answer to this dilemma and beat this joker at his own game! Somehow he must be reading our minds like he did that night he messed with my mind.  Someone or something produced a picture of the inside of my truck with the dash in perfect focus  just as it was supposed to look. However, he did get me one better! He added another identical dash just in front of the original one for good measure. Very clever and this time both were in perfect focus and not reversed, a seeming impossibility if one of them was not a reflection. Still no visible steering wheel, gear shift or other dash components were visible when the picture was taken. It got me so distraught I can’t remember how to spell "Ford" anymore without a dictionary!   I had to remember which dashboard is right and which one I should be using! I had no alternative but to drive home real slow staying as close to the middle of the road as possible.

There was another  incident that took place one night when I had two of my friends in the truck with me. We were riding out to the site and the girl riding in the middle is director of a ghost site along with her husband. She wanted to try my camera to see why I got so many unusual pictures so I agreed and passed it off to her after a her a quick course on how to use it. She studied it and I neither of us could remember hearing the camera trip from an errant trigger finger or seeing a flash but something happened to that camera in that truck that night as we were driving along and no one was aware of it! When we got back home that night both of them left and I started downloading. Then I got the surprise of my life! There on the beginning of the camera was something that none of us had been aware of until now. That camera had taken a first picture of my windshield from inside of the truck. No problem with that BUT, on the outside of the truck sitting in the middle of the hood against the windshield, holding on to the wiper blades for dear life was an articulate reproduction of a priceless, cute little Gremlin. He appeared to be about 8 to 10 inches tall, had two hilarious tuffs of tawny hair on top of his head and two identical tuffs on each cheek pouch. His hairy little monkey hands and one visible foot were clenched tightly to the wipers and grille under the windshield. He had the cutest eyes imaginable and they had been focused entirely on the camera that the girl had been studying. He appeared to have been oblivious to the rest of us at the time. When I first saw the picture I thought someone had played a joke on me and I had a good laugh and showed it to others at the house. They howled! I  had no alternative other than  to think that this Gremlin was real for he looked so much like the little Gremlins of movie fame!

We may never have the answer to this one for as I was moving him over to be magnified on my photo processing program to get a real feel for his being, he ‘flew the coop! I looked all over Hell and back and did everything I could possible do to pick up the original picture but all I managed to salvage was the picture of the inside of that windshield.  That darn joker had won again! He really is a Gremlin and he really is real and only living up to his name and overall I did enjoy the whole fiasco! I somehow feel he enjoyed himself so much that he might still be around and I do have my reasons for thinking that way! Although there is no picture to prove any of this at this time, I kind of believe that he may be somewhere near, out there, in here or anywhere in between. Sooner or later he will give himself away and I will find him! If worse comes to worse I may have to resort to sticky rodent paper put out all over the place including the interior of my Ford Truck! Rest assured he is too cute, I won’t drown him in a bucket of water, but I will simply  rebuke him and let him go. After all, he is a Gremlin and he is just doing his thing! Who knows, our paths cross and we may become fast friends some day!

For what it is worth, look at the picture below of my truck going down the road with a group of gremlins or Leprechauns riding on the outside enjoying the cool summer breezes. Really daunting, ain’t it?  You have reason to doubt me?

©Copyright 2005 Ben Keys

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Ancient tree demon

Awesome sky ladders

Manor House reflection

Drink bottle astral projection

Ectomist haze

Ectomist Haze

Fried Chicken box

Old House hall vortex

Astral writing

Gremlins riding on windshield.

Refracted lighting

UFO over Church


Mansion astral fire

Wrong way church

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