Groovy Graveyard  Cat


Last week, tropical storm Kyle came ashore here on the East Coast with its intense rain and thunderstorms and put a damper on all the activities my Paranormal Research buddy Catherine and I had made plans for. Around seven PM, the rains ceased and the only lightning to be seen was a few cloud-to-cloud flashes up high so we decided we were not going to be outdone and went ahead with our plans to visit a historic family graveyard near our home. I have to say the storms must have awakened all the souls resting there for the activity level soon proved to be extremely high. As usual, we had brought along our pre-set light frequency and harmonic pizzeo-electric rock crystals hoping to be able to continue our experiments of opening the doorways to the Metaphysical World even further than we already had in the past.

The homeowners, along with the family cat, decided to go with us out to the graveyard. The entire grave area with its many tombstones is beautifully surrounded by an antique iron fence that gives an aura of mystery to the place. We began to take pictures immediately. I lined myself up to take a picture of one of the more impressive tombstones when all a sudden there was an incredible flash of brilliant light at the base of the stone as I pressed the trigger of the camera. It was so powerful it took my breath away and I immediately thought ‘lightning strike’!  There was no noise of thunder, so I ruled that out. What in the world was it? The only sound I heard was a series of faint ‘clicks’ that permeated the whole area. I immediately looked at the picture my camera had taken and was astounded beyond belief. I had managed to get the picture of the lightning striking the base of the tombstone. I also had taken a myriad of spirit orbs rising up from the grave area in front of the tombstone and filling the entire area with what appeared to be thousands orbs of every color, shape, size and description. There were so many orbs that it looked like it would be difficult to breathe and they were not the result of rain drops! I suspected that these were the orbs of long dead souls waiting here among friends for Judgment Day. The lightning strike had made them think that that day was about to start. They were simply rising up to be first in line to be resurrected and start life anew. No one seemed enthusiastic about that evaluation so I left it alone and went back to taking pictures. Then something else began to take place almost as strange as the orbs rising from the grave. The local pussy cat had suddenly become obsessed with the green and blue light crystals that we were using to set up the proper harmonics and frequencies to activate any 'paranormal dimension'! She would scream to rub up against them and purr so we had to give in to her to quiet her down. Then once again without warning, my whole world came crashing down for a second time as I watched the cat suddenly begin to have an out-of-the-body experience. I could see her phasing in and out faintly so I wised up and managed to take several pictures before I might go ‘bananas’! When the rest of my buddies saw her in the camera preview doing ‘her thing’ they went 'bananas' ahead of me!

Over the years scientists had accepted the fact that  humans were having  out-of-the-body experiences even though no one had been able to photograph such a thing in order to  prove it once and for all! However, I finally learned how to do it and took many pictures of my involvement in such an event and sent it to scientists everywhere as well as put pictures on my website. but now we have a cat involved! I cannot  help myself as I go  into hysterics every time  I look at the cat casually taking it all in stride as she surveys the happenings of the moment!    I have no way of knowing what her thought processes were but she seemed to be fascinated about the new cat in her life and wanted to learn more about him, she or it!

I enjoyed the pictures so much that I sent instant copies to some of my friends worldwide and they e-mailed me back that they had never laughed so much. To think that no one else had ever been able to photograph a human involved in an out-of-the-body experience and now, I had a cat involved. Needless to say, I think the cat is anxious to try it again for she is caressing the crystals and purring at them  while looking back to see if that strange cat is looking back to see if she is looking back. Wheeee!

©Copyright 2008 Ben Keys

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Cat loving the crystal

Cat enjoying the vibes of the crystal

Graveyard light

Lightning hitting grave tombstone.

Cat having out-of-the-body experience

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