Grandfather Ghosts


When a person lives in an old historic home that is two hundred and eighty years old, they should have sense enough to assume that the place is bound to have ghosts of every size and description embedded within the confines of the main house. Even after playing hosts to many traumatic family events this particular ancient old house had also been involved as a Headquarters for General Davies during the Civil War. Therefore, it has every reason to be loaded with entities!

For years I had been interested in the Paranormal and sought to buy the place. I felt there was a good chance I might purchase this old historic home with a resplendent complement of ghosts already established in residence just waiting for some fool like me to arrive and interfere with their domain!

The very first night I spent in the house prior to my beginning its restoration was a trip! I did not come well prepared! There was no electricity in the house and not knowing that, I had only brought a lone flashlight! I carefully explored the rooms before I settled down on a single cot in the master bedroom in an attempt to rest before I started work the next day! I had already encountered a multitude of ghosts of every size and description wafting up and down the hallways and stairs but none had appeared in this room so I felt secure. Before long I was shaking like a leaf with a pillow over my head when I heard someone or something walking in my room. I was so mentally worn out I finally drifted off to sleep and woke only at dawn.

I still considered the activity of my companions the previous night to be wonderful! I now had my own haunted house with four floors of readily established ghosts so I had to be the luckiest man alive. I just knew that they and I would get along great and they would be fun to deal with once I got to know them! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Ghosts are ghosts and do ghostly things to maintain their status for whatever reason!

It did not take me long to get accustomed to their antics and life soon became a blast! Now, some thirty years later, the older entities evidently were tired of ‘losing face’ as well as their reputations so it was time to bring in a new group. I have no idea who may have wised these new ones up as they appeared to have come prepared to deal with me far better than the older ones had been doing! I had reached a point with the old ones that I no longer got excited when they did their best to perplex me and actually seemed to thrive on their antics instead! When they got too busy, I merely got out of the way until they quieted down! However, as of late this new group has initiated an entirely new plan that has really made me sit up and take notice. My old plan doesn’t work any more! These new ones have started by creating a gigantic serpent in my vegetable garden during the day time. Although it was a hundred feet long and 2 feet in diameter, I laughed it off and it disappeared! Three weeks have passed now and all has been quiet! I figured they would not take my actions lying down and it would only be a matter of time before something else they would attempt to get me riled up. I somehow feel I may have underestimated them!

I am positive that they have now returned with a vengeance and ‘brought out the big guns’! Their latest antics have been to create the appearance of two monstrous ghostly masses which were photographed by a Critter Cam Wildlife Camera on the roadway beside my farm pond during the night. I will have to admit they have indeed managed to get my attention this time. The camera captured two of the most monstrous ghostly ectoplasmic orbs with mass I have ever seen! They even cast a shadow something no self respecting normal ghost would ever do! Surrounding these gigantic orbs were lots of normal orbs which seemed to be magnetically attracted to their gigantic relatives. What in Hell’s name had I gotten involved in now? Feeling helpless to determine my status in this new ‘haunting’ escapade by my newly acquired group of ghostly tenants, I contacted all my friends both inside and outside the scientific world for help. The main question I have asked them to consider is to look at those damn pictures. Do you think I am going to be safe anymore? Could it be this latest retinue of ghostly entities have figured a way to get to me and place me on a downward slide to oblivion so I would move out and leave them alone? I guess time will tell if my friends don’t care enough about me to send me any worthwhile good advise! Oh well! That is way life is and that is the way ghosts are and I bought it all on myself . My new moral is to leave ghosts alone and don’t try to live with them and befriend them!

©Copyright 2009 Ben Keys

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