Fox Ghosts at Greenview

Ben N. Keys, Jr.

After a lifetime of researching the paranormal, I thought I had pretty well covered every aspect of this incredible dimension so intently that it would take something really out of the ordinary to astound me and make me sit up and take notice. Well, like the old saying goes "Nothing is the least sure than a sure thing"--the inevitable finally happened!

Anyone who has ever lived in the country or in suburbia close to nature knows that sooner or later a special day will come when you are suddenly thrust into the role of a surrogate mother or father when you find a baby squirrel or a fledgling bird that has just fallen from its nest! Sometimes it might even be a baby raccoon or a rabbit. Then if you have any sort of heart and compassion, you will suddenly find yourself immersed in the role of feeding and caring for the little orphan until it can be returned to the wild. When that day finally comes, the whole episode will tug at your heart-strings and make you so compassionate you won’t be able to wait for the next orphan to come along!

My early childhood was spent growing up working on a large farm so I began my training as a surrogate parent at an early age. Now at age seventy eight, I also live on a farm in a wilderness area replete with every possible creature that Nature has to offer.

Unfortunately, many of these creatures have become orphans due the natural process of predatory animals! I often times think how cruel the predatory process is but Nature has worked out the balance ratio of "Survival of the Fittest" and appears to be in complete control. However, sometimes the predators take the parents and the babies are left to their own fate.

My latest episode has been a once in a lifetime experience because it brought me into direct contact with a family of four Red Fox kits somewhat less than half grown. When I was a teenager, I always went out of my way to watch a family of Red Foxes at play for they reminded me so much of household cats. I read that the Red Foxes were somewhat akin to the cat family, reacted much like cats, and the Gray Foxes were akin to the dog family! I read many times how the Gray Foxes would kill the Red Foxes whenever they encountered them. Several weeks ago, I happened to see what appeared to be a young Red Fox dart under the storage barn. On closer examination I found I was looking at the entrance to their well hidden den. As I stood there several feet from the den, I saw another and another come out and they too sat and studied me. They did not appear to have any fear of me and I wondered if maybe they had rabies. I walked away a few steps and they continued to watch me intently. I went to the house and got a handful of small dog bones and put them in an old metal pan and took them back to the area. When I sat the pan on the ground at the den entrance they did not hesitate to come to eat, and eat they did. I had to go back to the house for more bones and even brought them a ceramic bowl of water. They were so thirsty I knew they had not had any water probably for days! When they finished they seemed to relax and came within inches of me as if to say thanks. On the way back to the main house I took a different route through the orchard and I walked up on the remains of a Red Fox adult. It had been bitten through the head and partially eaten. I knew what the story was then. We have numerous Eastern Cougars both the black and tan colors and one of their favorite foods are cats and rabbits. Rarely a week goes by that someone does not see them crossing the fields or dragging a road kill into the forest. Evidently, the rogue cougar had killed their mother.

Twice a day for weeks now I go to my orphans and they usually are sitting at the entrance to their den waiting for me. I take them all sorts of dog bones and water and they are growing healthy and will someday be able to take their place in the forests here at Greenview.

Just recently, I had several hunters who hunt the forests come by to see the foxes and told me that they would like to shoot one and have it mounted for they were truly beautiful. These hunters all know that I am a powerful Shaman and quite capable of some incredible feats. I assured all of them that if any harm came to any of those fox kits, I would hold them responsible and move Heaven and Hell to make them pay. After they left I decided to take my protection to a much higher level and therefore I opened a vortex into the Paranormal Matrix and through it brought scores of spirit orbs that would form an aegis to protect the foxes. Sound crazy! Look at the pictures!

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The extraordinary pictures of the fox kits playing and sparing are almost unbelievable. They do not mind me when I sit and take these pictures and the flash does not bother them one bit. Sometimes they will stop what they are doing and canter their heads and look at the camera but they never show any fear. The pictures of the vortex or "tunnel of light" through which their aegis orbs of protection come is almost too much to believe. The orbs stay right over their heads and follow them wherever they go! This is assurance to me and I feel so good about their safety.

Enjoy my pictures for they are a rare look into the everyday life of a Red Fox Family as well as how real a true Shaman has brought ghostly entities into the picture and assigned them to follow the foxes at all time and protect them.

I do love all of Nature and especially my fox family and know I am truly blessed to have them as part of my family.

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