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The Case of the Flying Cat

Benj. N. Keys, Jr.

The events surrounding this story began on a lazy May afternoon at dusk some five years ago. The day had been rather normal as days go, but as the sun was beginning to sink slowly below the horizon, the serene country air was pierced by the shrill sirens of both county and state police cars! They were coming down the main road in front of my house and from two opposite directions! "Ye Gods! what now?"--I thought as I ran out to the front of the house to see if I could see anything. Then I really was in for a shock! All the police cars were now turning into my lane and coming up toward my house at breakneck speed. Had I broken a law lately? Were they after me for something I had done and was unaware of, like an overdue parking ticket or past due inspection sticker? Maybe they found out I had forgotten to fasten my seat belt the last time I went out?

As was the custom in the old days, all old Plantation Homes were strategically placed on the highest elevation in the area. This was done so the entire croplands could be surveyed at all times, and intruders could be detected before they had a chance to cause harm to the occupants. Built in 1730, my house is no different! The lane itself from the highway to the house is seventeen hundred feet long and lined with Crepe Myrtles. Definitely not the type of roadway for cars to be driving at such a high speed; unless, something was really wrong. But to my amazement, just before reaching the big wrought iron gates at the entrance to the courtyard, they all turned and sped off through the Crepe Myrtles and across the fields on the east of the house. The fields here are extremely large and secluded somewhat by immense stands of old growth pine. Why on earth were the police on such a mission? I felt much relieved that they were not after me, what or who were they after? An escaped convict maybe? Surely they were not just sightseeing! It was a sight to behold!

When I reach the point where all the cars had turned, the final car stopped long enough for the officer to tell me they were in search of a UFO that  had seen that evening and they had just watched it drop in the far corner of my field. They advised me to stay in the house and do not follow. I obliged but watched intently. Stare as I might, I was never able to see anything happening out of the ordinary! Then suddenly, all of them turned around and were coming back across the field at breakneck speed, down the lane, out onto the highway and off in another direction. I must have missed something! I continued to watch the area intently for some time after they left, but never did see anything. If it was UFO's they were chasing, I had an edge for I had been working on the UFO phenomenon for more than twenty years and had a lots of data and pictures as well as a general idea of what might be taking place! If they had indeed been chasing a UFO, there was no need to worry! A superior intelligence pitted against mortals from Planet Earth in an automobile! Ridiculous! The police would never get close, much less stand a chance of catching them. What would they do if they did catch one? A very interesting thought! The UFO's were simply out for a night of ‘fun on the town’ and the police provided it!

Soon, the whole matter was laid to rest and we all retired for the night. The next morning as I was making a pot of coffee to start breakfast, I heard something that sounded like a kitten crying but could not tell where it was coming from. I opened the door to the back porch and looked out. It was a kitten! A tiny gray creature that appeared to be a Russian Blue and only about six weeks old. It seemed to be perfectly healthy, but very hungry. As we already had two Golden Retrievers and two Siamese Cats in residence I didn’t really see the need to adopt another, but I could not stand to see the little fellow hungry. So I fed it, then the Golden Retreivers checked its license plates and registration and recommended adoption so I had no choice but to do the same. Little did any of us know that we were about to start a new chapter in all our lives!

The little fellow seemed really different in a lot of ways and it was hard not to love him. But what about the indoor cats! There might be a catastrophe when he met them, if we brought him inside! It was not a cold night and he seemed so content on the back porch, I decided to fix him up with a nice box with an old rug in it. This way the indoor cats would not have to go through the traumatic experience of having a ‘new kid on the block’ intrude on their privacy, especially at bedtime. We had barely got in bed before we heard a real catastrophe going on out on the porch. When we got there, the poor little guy was standing his ground against several other cats we had never seen before. They were sent scrambling and he was immediately brought into the house and allowed to sleep in the English basement with the dogs! Finally, there was peace in the world at last.

As the little fellow grew, so did our love for him! Then he began to amaze us with a multitude of strange feats that none of us had ever known a cat to be capable of before! What kind of creature did we have on our hands now. Without any hesitation he would stroll up to the tallest tree in the yard and when I say tallest I mean just that. Trees planted more than 265 years ago and some as high as seventy feet. Without giving it a second thought, he would walk straight up them, all the way to the top. Then he would go to sleep out on a limb, so high we could barely see him. He was definitely safe from any more stray cats! Later he would come down the tree head-first, as though that was the way it should be done! Now everyone knows cats can’t do this. Squirrels can do it for their toes can turn backwards to compensate, but definitely not cats. We had horrible thoughts about him falling and killing himself, but he always laid these thoughts to rest as he seemed more content doing his ‘thing’ than I felt walking across the yard. One day when we called to feed him, we could hear him answer from somewhere ‘up there’ but could not tell where he was so we started looking for another UFO. After a thorough search, we finally found him. It almost gave us a heart attack. Our Plantation house is a four-story house containing twelve fireplaces and four massive chimneys that reach a lofty peak of fifty-five feet. There he was, sitting on the top of the chimney as though he owned the place! How on earth could he have gotten all the way up there and how would we get him down? Only a large Fire Department ladder truck could reach him. This would have to be a last resort! We decided to try one more thing! We called his name and when we were sure he had seen us, we all went back into the house and waited. We didn’t have to wait long before there he was, at the back door and in record time. How had he accomplished this impossible feat? We will never know. In fact, he later performed the same type of trick by sleeping on the air-conditioner on a window at the back of the house some 35 feet up. Another impossible feat! Then the stern realization hit all of us at about the same time. No wonder this cat was different. This kitten had appeared the same night as the flying saucer incident. Had he been deliberately released here at our home after a UFO mascot had raised a litter and a decision made that the UFO was now too crowded! No problem for them! They would simply distribute the kittens to good farm families. It did make a lot of sense! They had been spotted dropping down all over the countryside simply to deliver kittens to places where they thought they would find a good home? Sounded crazy at the time but we know now we were right! From what I heard later the police never saw or caught any of them and I have no intention of ever telling them what any of us know!

It did not take long for us to determine that this little fellow possessed an anti-gravity gland and God only knows what other strange capabilities. But regardless, we loved him and we would be the ones who would have to adjust! To this very day he has never allowed us the displeasure of a dull day! Events too bizarre to relate take place on a daily basis and we all keep our mouths shut and just enjoy the change. He can be sleeping on the uppermost limb of the giant old pecan tree one moment and then appear on the chimney some sixty feet away the next! Yet to this day no one has ever witnessed him performing these feats! We did ask around and learn that several other farm families in the area had indeed been ‘blessed’ with a little gray kitten from ‘out of nowhere!’ Other than that, like us, they knew nothing! Seems strange but none of us seem to know anything!!

When it finally became time to have Little PG neutered, we took him to a veterinarian friend of ours and advised him that "this wasn’t an ordinary cat he would be neutering and there may be a possibility that this cat could do some strange tricks that he was not accustomed to, maybe even levitation…. so we felt he needed to USE CAUTION! We did tell him that we thought the kitten did posses an ‘anti-gravity’ gland and if he encountered anything out of the ordinary during the operation, leave it alone and be very careful not to damage it in any way. He laughed and shrugged it off. Much to our dismay, when PG came back home he could not do any of the incredible things he used to be so capable of. We were heartbroken and wished many times we had not had him neutered. No need to discuss it with the vet! He must have removed a little additional something that PG should have been allowed to keep. Now PG can no longer descend a tree head-first and much to his amazement, he falls every time. In addition, he has not been seen on the tops of the chimneys any more! Oh the shame of it, now he was to spend the rest of his life living as an ordinary earthbound cat!

However, regardless of the physical changes that had occurred, he was not about to let us off the ‘hook’! He found other ways to entertain us. In the English Basement here at the manor house, we have a wood furnace that heats the water for the radiators that heat the house. As I am very careful about fire, I have a bedroom down there near the stove so I can feed and monitor it at all times. Also sleeping down there with me are my two Golden Retrievers and PG, our former ‘flying cat’. My close friends never fail to remind me of my new station in life for I sleep up under the house with the dogs and cats! So what, I know when I am well off!

There is an incredible symbiotic relationship between the dogs and little PG for they love him and allow him to sleep up against their belly or head depending on how cold the night is. One night, as I turned over in bed, I noticed a strange red glow that permeated the whole room. It scared me half to death for I just knew the stove had malfunctioned and the house was on fire! I was about ready to call 911 but as I jumped up the glow disappeared! What the hell was going on? I lay back down and in a few minutes it came back. This time I took out my camera I use to photograph paranormal entities and put it to work. I was in for the shock of my life. That incredible red-orange glow was rising up from the cat that was fast asleep in the dog's belly and neither seemed aware or the worse for the experience! All except me! But this time I noticed something else! When I jumped up, I awakened the dogs and little PG, and that was when the glow went away! When the cat went back to sleep, it came back! That was the end of my sleep that night! I could not offer any explanation then and the same holds true today. You look at the pictures and you let me know what you think. Did the kitten sleep too close to the magnetron aboard the UFO and absorb high levels of radiation that have not yet decayed or is the cat dreaming of better days aboard the UFO as he lays there against the warm dog’s belly enjoying the warmth! I feel positive that the glow can be definitely attributed to thought emanations coming from Little PG! The ball is in your court. You let me know what you think! I just thought you would enjoy this as another of the wonders of the paranormal world I always seem to encounter. Little PG is asleep right now in the warmth of the dog’s belly and no glow is present but I do have a fire extinguisher near my bed just in case he has a nightmare!


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PG and Cyam

Cyam and PG

Energies beginning to form

Full energy has formed

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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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