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Doing the Impossible with Crystals

The Final Odyssey

Using Ancient Quartz Rock Crystals

To Cross Another Threshold into the Fourth Dimension

Some sixty-five years ago from this September, 2010, I became a full-fledged Shaman complete with all the incredible powers and capabilities associated with the position. Since that time I have ever so carefully tested the scope of my capabilities using extreme care and forethought just in case things got ‘out of hand’! When I first started experimenting in earnest, some things seemed to work according to the way I was taught but then I began to notice a plethora of unexplained and mysterious things that would take place without any visible reason whatsoever! Stranger still, was the fact that nothing ever seemed to be a part of what I was involved in but merely random happenings! Why were such strange things happening? None seemed to tie in to what I was doing but they were still of the paranormal nature! Try as I might, I could find no logical or feasible explanation! Then one day, a stark realization began to dawn on me! The incredible powers and capabilities I was working so hard to master had far more encompassing ties to other dimensions than had ever been evident! With that thought in mind, it wasn’t long before it became very clear that somehow everything in the Paranormal World had to be tied together in some sort of way. All I had to do was find out was how! Maybe then I could understand how to cope with this new-found knowledge and learn to use it also!

Continuing experiments soon proved I had opened up a new field of endeavor, so I consolidated all my efforts in this one field. Thus began a lifetime odyssey that has become so all encompassing I may never learn everything I want or need to learn to become proficient or even have the understanding it takes to deal with it! I will probably get a brain short-circuit! But, I will try!

My search for understanding to these strange phenomena took a turn for the better one night as I was researching some of my old papers made on comparable subjects by Einstein and some of his scientific counterparts. From their old hypotheses and theories I was able to isolate and experiment with subjects I had never thought to be germane. Their work was almost too far out for me to comprehend but I did pick out the essence and it helped me tremendously. If anyone cares to pursue these articles I will list some here. The Quantum Aether Dynamic Hypothesis, Nonperturbative String Theory, Conical Refraction and Quantum Communication to include both the String and Super String Theories. At first glance they seem like a lot of mumbo-jumbo but there is much information that is relative to my work. Still I have had a terrible time trying to interpret and understand this information on their level. Even though my knowledge has now been increased a thousand-fold I still lack the ability to understand many of the mysterious things I come up against knowing full well I have not scratched the surface yet! Someone with a far greater mind will have to take up where I leave off!

Just when I think I am beginning to understand some great new metaphysical realm with all its amazing parameters, I encounter more incredible things that are bound together in still more incredible ways. A real conundrum and further proof as to how difficult my odyssey will be with every step I take along the way! I sometimes wonder if a lifetime devoted to searching for answers could ever prepare me for what lies down the road ahead!

I learned from history that mankind had always suspected that a mysterious dimension or many dimensions of sorts existed in parallel to our own but having no technology to either prove or disprove it, scientists simply referred to only one and that one as the ‘Fourth Dimension’ and let it go at that. Thus, superstitions arose to confuse the common folk and to them all this ‘mumbo-jumbo’ simply became known as ‘The Nether World’, a ‘special place’ where ghosts, demons and monsters retreated after venting their wrath on mankind. Some religious sects were positive that it had a more perverse reason for being! It was the Paradise described in the Bible and a place where all the souls of man went to await Judgement Day after death.

After years of research with continuing incredible encounters, I have now resigned myself to the fact that even using all the latest technology of my time, I may never be able to confirm or deny any of these old beliefs. However, using the latest advances in electronics coupled with the advent of the Digital Camera and its incredible capabilities plus the exquisite help from Genuine Quartz Crystals, I have made some strides by taking photographs and compiling a knowledge of sorts. Something I heretofore had deemed impossible. My pictures tend to prove that other dimensions do exist parallel to our own and are an integral part of the great overall Metaphysical Matrix. From what I can piece together, this matrix binds together all manner of heretofore unexplained things in our Universe. Now things began to take on a different perspective!

Often times in the past, I found myself opening doorways that would have startled even the most stout hearted. Such was the case when I attempted to understand how the many great legends from the past concerning Gods and Goddesses appeared to be somehow intertwined in the Great Metaphysical Matrix. Strange nuances of these entities would ‘pop up’ from time to time to confuse and bewilder me so I added them to my list of ‘must do’ endeavors!

However, all my research along these lines soon proved futile and I ran into dead ends! It seemed history only provided limited and often times, conflicting information as to how these legends got started. It still seemed reasonable that they must have existed in some form or another and for some really credible reason, otherwise why was there such a strong belief placed in them and why were they held in such high esteem? A belief so strong that great temples had been constructed in their honor. Quite by accident, I may have stumbled on knowledge that could lend support to this fact! Time will tell!

To provide proof of my efforts, I did take hundreds of pictures which could provide credence to their existence and how they came to hold such a firm place in history yet tangible truths may not be forthcoming for a while as I am constantly plagued by even more enigmas and conundrums at ever turn I take. It appears as if the time is not right for these truths to be known. Nevertheless, I am dedicated to a fault and will continue to search with even greater determination that someday I may find evidence that is ‘proof positive’ .

To give you a better feel for the direction I am taking, I shall relate one of my most outstanding experiences. It began on a night when the moon was full. I was working alone with natural clear Topaz and clear rock crystal formations while applying some of Einstein’s theories and hypotheses which pertained to the projection of designated milli-micron light frequency emanations through natural Quartz Rock Crystals. This method was supposed to create a more favorable environment for the understanding and entry into other dimensions by training the mind on the incredible use of thought emanations and mind control needed to get there plus a transportation medium! The results were more than astonishing and actually startled me! As is always the case, I became so overly confident I tried combining Einstein’s famous Diatonic Scale theories to my current methods. Wow! Did that provide some startling new revelations!

The Diatonic Scale is supposed to create frequency vibrations that can, under the right conditions, also open thresholds into the entire Metaphysical Matrix! I soon learned that the Diatonic Scale had been accepted, understood and used for centuries by many of the Old Masters, such as Mozart, Chopin, and List. These great musical composers had learned how to use the scale to hide coded messages in their music. However, I was ill prepared for what happened when I applied the two fields together for my efforts.

When all these things were brought together, incredible light beam emanations began to be released from the crystals. Some of the beams went up into the air and then did the impossible by stopping abruptly while others would turn at right angles or even make arcs and circles. All impossible feats for any light beams to perform. To my amazement, each time I tried a new light frequency I got different results! Then the stark realization hit me. The light beams being emitted were adhering not only to the thought emanations coming from my mind and or Pineal Gland but, from the frequencies being emitted by the crystals. Continuing experiments proved that my thought emanations were causing the beams to become bizarre in their behavior when the Diatonic Scale was brought into play! But how, why? Simple! I soon earned to seize control of the light beams as they were being radiated from the crystals and then allow the Diatonic Scale to cause them to do even more bizarre things. I soon found out the beams would follow the whimsical emanations coming from my mind as well as the wild emanations that occurred when a special audible note on the Diatonic Scale was played aloud but this made one incredible noisy mess and was almost to impossible to believe anyone in their right mind would even listen to it.

I soon fell head over heels in love with this endeavor for it was the most intriguing and the greatest fun ever and all the orbs, ghosts and ecto-plasms would have to stay on the sideline for a while. I ‘locked in’ solid and began to expand my experiments. So many incredible things began to take place I could not keep a clear mind.

Then one day a very close friend of mind asked me why I did not look into the use of crystals as they had been used during the time of the Lost Continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. I was intrigued and was off on still another tangent. But where do you start looking for data on such subjects, especially those steeped in history as legends? It took some doing but I found more information than I could have ever believed to be in existence. I was even able to obtain authentic crystals from the area where they supposedly once existed from an expert in the field of crystals. I was about to get overloaded! Today, many of these crystals I had trouble finding are now available in local rock shops such as the Stone Goddess Rock Shop in Chester Virginia!

As I have continued my experiments my knowledge has increased a hundred-fold and so have the mysteries! In spite of any stumbling blocks, I have opened many new doorways and stand at the threshold of others that someday might provide me a higher degree of understanding of where I am going!

My most memorable experience to date occurred on the night of the full moon. A friend and I were using Topaz and Rock crystals and doing all manner of things with the light beams. We were taking pictures of everything we did and the incredible reactions that occurred. The results were astounding in their own right but then we began to get even more incredible pictures that we could not have contemplated even in our wildest dreams.

A narrow white beam of light came down from the full moon and entwined itself around our projected beams. The moonbeam would replicate to the exact degree the twists and turns of our mind-controlled beams. How was this happening? It was too impossible for anyone to believe. We had to stop for a while to regain our composure. It was as though we were suddenly dealing with an unknown entity of sorts but not one coming from that cold stark planet that man has always envisioned as ‘dead’!

We stopped for only a short time to regain our composure and then started back. Just on a lark, I talked my friend into trying something out of the ordinary by treating the moon as if it were indeed an entity. I told him to look up at the moon and hold up his hand and ask the moon if ‘she’ wanted to continue to send a beam down to relate and ‘play’ with us. If she did, then touch his hand! Instantly an intense while beam came down and touched my friend on his hand and then on the cheek. We both almost went into shock. He told me it tingled and felt cold but not unpleasant. One moonbeam even came down as a spear of lightning and touched him several times on the head and hands like an antenna of sorts. Following this, strange fire began to dance from each of his fingertips on the hand he was holding up. Our pictures confirm this! We almost became too elated to remain earthbound! We returned to working the projected light beams and it was back to replication by the moonbeams all over again. What a night! When we finally said our good-byes for the night, the moon beam soared back into the night sky and disappeared! We were so startled that it was some time before we could leave and go inside. We could not believe the incredible events of this night.

The next night we brought more trusted friends with us and they had a good laugh when we told them what we were going to allow them to witness. A few minutes later, my friend could stand it no longer and called out to the moon using his powerful mind emanations. Much to our amazement, the moon responded by sending down an intense white light to touch him on the hand and cheek just as before! Then several spikes of intense white light began to dance through his fingers and from the top of his head just above his pineal gland. The silence from all of us was deafening! However, the real fun was yet to come!

The moon acknowledged our every move when we went back to using the crystal emitted light beams but there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that it had a special affinity for us and acceded to his our every thought. Just as it had done before, whatever either of us asked it to do, it would be do. There may be a stark reality here. Perhaps the moon is not the cold barren planet in the sky that man has always thought it to be but instead a warm compassionate entity, perhaps a real Goddesses of Legend, Selene or Luna who long for the company of mankind again!

I have now begun to conduct even more extensive experiments and this time I have been adding some of the ancient knowledge I have acquired from the Emerald Tablets Thoth and the legendary Continent of Atlantis. Once again we scared ourselves horribly a multitude of times but finally figured out a ‘fail-safe’ way to prevent us from going off the ‘deep-end’. We began to have more respect for out ‘Stella’ friend and proceeded with particular any new direction more carefully now.

Each new group of pictures prove to be far more astonishing than the last! As of this date, I have hundreds of pictures that should be proof positive to anyone with an intelligent and open mind, that we have indeed found at least one doorway that reveals a part of the "real" paranormal world no one has yet encountered!

Pieces of other ancient puzzles are now beginning to fall into place and these may also provide an even greater understanding to anyone who dares to search. Remember the old Proverb "Seek and you shall find, ask and you shall receive". Believe it with all your heart! It is a true premise!

Each time we experiment with the ancient knowledge acquired from the Emerald Tablets and Crystals of Atlantis we end up with even greater enigmas. We cannot be sure if this ancient information we are adding has any effect on the overall outcome but each time we add that information, the responses we get are still performed in accordance to our commands and with the greatest possible accuracy! A feat that is both amazing and bewildering to say the least! Perhaps all manner of language communication is really a part of one simply universal language!

When any of us look up at the moon now we have a new awareness and respect. It no longer seems to be merely the face of the ‘Old Man in the Moon’ of legend but the face of an incredibly beautiful entity. Perhaps, it really is Selene or Luna, ancient Goddesses of the Moon from the time of the old Greek and Roman legends. Maybe she has grown lonely in today’s non-believing world and enjoys having someone to understand and relate to her once again! We treasure her trust in us and our times together and hope to learn even more about her in the future. One very important fact remains however, whatever it is we have uncovered and are dealing with needs to be revered and protected. Therefore, we will remain very guarded with our knowledge and keep it secret in order to protect this great entity from an otherwise alien world. In so doing, she may trust us enough to allow us to allow to learn even more in the future. On the occasions when we have taken a few trusted friends with us, they too have borne witness to our playtime with the Empress of the Night and once they became a witness to the events, they too realized the need to protect all that we had learned. The way we all see it is that our world is just not ready for this information yet!

While working with the ancient knowledge of Atlantis and the old legends from the past, we may be on the verge of discovering incredible things that could lead to the most amazing discoveries of all time. But this field is extensive and we may not live long enough to complete it. However, we will enjoy it while we last!

Look at some of our pictures and you be the judge as to our new direction. If you study the pictures closely, you can see how mind control and ancient knowledge can even allow the soul of man to leave his body, pass through material objects and even change forms. There is nothing incredible about what we are able to do. We are simply using the information from all the great minds that proceeded us. The data is out there and in the public domain for any to use. Dare to be different and above all do away with any tunnel vision or old embedded thoughts! Look at the Universe that surrounds us in a different light. Remember the passage from the Bible, ‘Seek and ye shall find, ask and ye shall receive’… Don’t ever allow yourself to be stagnant in your thinking or direction. Most people look without seeing, speak without saying and listen without hearing! Therefore, be a true leader and begin to be daring!

Study the accompanying pictures and maybe you too will marvel at what we are learning! The pictures are real. There is no way any of these pictures could have been faked. They are far too complex for even the most proficient of ‘fakers’. Why attempt fakery when something so beautiful is so readily available to anyone who dares to seek the truth and then photograph it! Besides, look at all the fun you will have along the way!

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Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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