Fundamentally, They Are Elementals

A New Adventure into the Paranormal World

After spending more than sixty years exploring the Paranormal World with its many wonders, I am finding that somewhere back in my earlier days, I must have overlooked one of the most awesome groups of Entities in existence! A Group of Entities known as ELEMENTALS consisting of Dwarfs, Gnomes, Fairies, Elves, Brownies, Devas, Leprechauns, Satyrs and Sprites. While growing up, I had heard legends about these creatures but merely passed them off as Creatures created by the peoples of old to cause their kids to behave! Now after all these years I am learning that they are indeed real and they do not take lightly to anyone trespassing in or on their domain territory!

Over the years I came face to face with lots of ‘strange’ happenings that perplexed me as I researched the paranormal world! None fitted any category I happened to be researching and my scientists friends suggested that I look into the world of the Elementals! Soon so many happenings began to take place that I gave in and started a more detailed research in order to be able to concentrate on my normal research into normal categories such as ghosts, spirits, UFOs, etc.

Once I started my research, I found a plethora of data everywhere. I started with GOOGLE and went from there. WOW! I had a scientist friend of mine refer some of his good friends in England and Scotland where knowledge of this World of Elementals is as standard as learning the alphabet. I have never been more surprised. They must be real for all this data to be carried over from generation to generation if there was not some credence to it. In no time at all I got e-mails from many other places in Europe and the answers were all the same. "Elementals are Nature Spirits and have been worshiped for hundreds of years" they all chided! There was also references to many of the Worlds Religions being influenced by these Elementals. EVERYONE I contacted cautioned me, "Don’t do anything to upset them and make them mad or you will live to regret it."

Now, I was really distraught! How could I have overlooked such an important group of Entities. When I sat back and thought about it, I had been having weird things happen on almost every project I had been working on and at times it had become a real headache. No more! I was on to them now and would try my hand at getting to know all about them first-hand and maybe even attempt to make some sort of peace with them or if worse came to worse, declare an ‘all out war’ on them even after I had been warned! They had always done mischievous things when I least expected it!

I soon learned however, that they must have the greatest psychic powers known to man for they seem to know how to out-think me and cause me to end up conforming to their thought patterns without me ever knowing I had done it! I felt I might be in for it now but I was going to take a chance! I didn’t have to wait long for they picked one of the most complicated projects they could have found to perplex every one of us living here at this ancient old historic home and make all of us sit up and take notice.

My home, Greenview Plantation, is a historic landmark and dates back to 1735. The main manor house was restored in 1978 and the grounds were later leveled and planted. Unknowing to any of us, the people who built the place had cut corners to get them the most important things they would need to get a start in this primeval land, namely a house to live in and a well for water. As there were no bricks available for a well casing except those that had to be made on the place for the fireplaces, the well was dug and a casing was made of oak boards. Then after years of service the oak boards began to rot and a new and better well had to be built, this time lined with bricks. No one saw the need to fill in the old well and just placed thick oak boards over the hole and back filled it with dirt to a depth of only a foot. Recently, after one of the wettest years on record, the old oak boards gave way and what was left was a slightly sunken place in the wire grass covering the area. One of the guys at the house saw the sunken place and began to jump up and down on it to see what might have caused it. The first jump was critical for the covering of wire grass broke through and down the guy went. The only thing that stopped him from going all the way to the bottom of that hole was a heavy electrical feeder cable. He straddled it and began weird high pitched hollering! We pulled him back up and dropped a brick down the hole to see how far he would have gone before he hit water had his crotch not broke his fall. It took seven seconds for the brick to splash in water at the bottom so we calculated it to be in the vicinity of 100 feet. The hole was temporarily covered and we prepared to fill it the next day.

The next day we brought in our farm tractor with a scoop on it and began the laborious task of back-filling. We estimated that we put a total of over 30 tons of dirt in the hole and tamped it as best we could. Before we put in the last few loads I decided to get my camera and take some pictures of the hole for posterity. What a surprise! The hole was filled with all sorts of small rotund rugged faces looking up at us! They looked for all the world to be gremlins so that is what we decided they were! Also rearing it’s head from a root on the side of the hole was a large snake the likes of which I had trouble identifying even though I am a Herpetologist. The only thing I could come up with was that it had to be a Burmese Python similar to one I owned years ago. I took lots of pictures but we could only see the faces and the snake via the infra-red eye of the camera I use to photograph ghosts. Undaunted, I filled in the remainder of the hole and tamped it good with the large farm tractor wheels.

I was telling one of my scientist friends about the incident and he got all excited. "Didn’t you think that that hole may be the home of a large group of Elementals that love living underground and in tree roots? If you stopped them from coming and going you are now in world of trouble.

I went back to my reference papers! Arch Angels are at the top of the Hierarchy, the Divas come under them and the Elementals last. Go to this site for more info.

All this had taken place during the summer and as a tribute to the Elementals for messing up their home, I built a beautiful rock garden with all sorts of flowers. Now comes the winter and all the flowers had to be dug up and moved into the greenhouse for the winter. I will have to admit that the place looked bare and every time I passed, I reminded the guys living there that soon spring would return and I would once again make it beautiful. I also told them to arrange the area to suit themselves until Spring!

They must have heard me for on Christmas Eve I went by the old rock garden and wished everyone there a Merry Christmas. The next morning, I happened to pass the rock garden and almost fainted! It was in shambles. The hole had once again been ‘dug’ out and was about 10 feet deep and not a speck of dirt could be found anywhere, same as before! The 2 tons of rocks that had surrounded the garden was beginning to cave into the hole and I had to get the scoop on the tractor and move them quickly to keep them from disappearing. I gave Ariel hell! Within hours millions of orbs poured out of the hole and permeated the entire area for a distance of several hundred feet all around my house! There were so many I began to sneeze profusely! Then several giant orbs of a reddish color and more than 6 feet in diameter circled the hole. I decided that something was wrong. Had I fussed at Ariel in error. Then it hit me! I had told them to do whatever they wanted to make the place livable until Spring…..AND they did just that! It was my fault and I apologized profusely. They must have forgiven me for everything has since returned to normal. The 6 foot deep hole in the lawn has been protected so on one can fall in and then next Spring I will make a new flower garden which will incorporate the hole as part of the Garden Landscape so they may visit our realm more easily. I think they are appeased for now but only time will tell. In the future however, I will be a bit more careful as to how I deal with this World of the Elementals!

©Copyright 2010 Ben Keys

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Elemental fairy

Oberon, King of the Fairies

Rock garden with flowers

Rock garden with flowers

Rock garden

Undine elemental

Yard orbs

Yard orbs

Yard orbs

Giant orbs in yard

Face in old well

Gremlin and monster face

Old well

Well snake-head

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