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Doing the Impossible with Crystals

The Ordeal of the Crystal Skull

Benjamin N. Keys, Jr.

I have no reason to doubt that I have just lived through one of the most awesome periods of my entire life after a series of events have taken place that have given me cause me to look at the Paranormal World as a far more incredible dimension than I ever envisioned.

Several nights ago, after the stroke of midnight, my two Golden Retriever dogs awakened me by barking and growling like I have never heard them do before. Try as I might, I could not console them. They were acting much the same as they do when a severe thunderstorm is near or taking place. But, when I went outside to check there was no thunderstorm and no lightning! Before going to bed, the late local news had stated that the storms which had plagued our area for the past week had now moved and no longer posed a threat! Before I had gone to bed I did look at the night sky but a heavy fog had settled in and visibility was poor. Regardless, I felt confident that we were through with the storms and soon the sky would be full of stars.

With the thunder and lightning now retreating, why then were my dogs still excited? I got up once more to see if I had missed something! Something had indeed changed! The sight that greeted me this time caused ice to form in my blood vessels. There in the clear night sky, were scores of horizontal bolts of ice blue and pinkish lightning bouncing from cloud top to cloud top. Adding to all this was an occasional flash of the Aurora Borealis across the western sky passing from North to South. Words could not describe this awesome beauty alone but how had my dogs sensed all this activity was going on. Were the electrical energies being created permeating the atmosphere and sending out high frequency signals? Were these signals triggering the dogs incredible defensive mechanism? I have always known that the Auroras are of electrical magnetic origin and along with the accompanying geomagnetic fields generated in the earth are quite capable of producing some of the world’s most beautiful aerial displays! What type of receptors did my dogs have that would alert them when something of this nature was taking place when they are out of sight of the activity?

To escape the cold, I returned to the warmth of my English Basement bedroom and lay down. Sleep was now out of the question as even more austere things began to take place inside the house and directly above me in the old Tavern Dining Room. Heavy footsteps could be heard going back and forth across the Tavern floor! Then from outside I heard a clicking sound which I could not identify with anything I had ever heard before. It did not sound mechanical and I was confident of that, but what was it? The first time it came from the large field behind the house, the second time it came from behind the barn in a big field to the east of the house and the last time it came from the southwest side of the house. An overall area of about 200 acres! Then to further upset me, the clicks began to take turns clicking in a constant staccato much like Jungle Rhythm jumping around from field to field.! Now the dogs had become unmanageable. Then as quickly as they had started, the clicks stopped in unison and I never heard them again.

Previously that night, I had had an experience with something new to me from the Paranormal World and that is where I began to place the blame! The only thing I can possibly contribute the happening to might be from the most famous Crystal Skull in the world, the one owned by Anna Hedges-Mitchell originally from England but now residing in Canada. She is a friend of a very close friend of mine who lives in Pennsylvania. He had once told her of my exploits in the Paranormal World and how he would like for me to be allowed to see and handle the Skull. The object being, to see if I could retrieve any of the legendary data that had been stored in this particular skull prior to the destruction of Atlantis. Supposedly, all the great secrets of the Lost City of Atlantis were transcribed in seven of these Rock Crystal skulls. The Rock Crystal, of which the skulls are carved, is one of the most important minerals in use in today’s electronics. It is reputed to be able to hold incredible micro-bits of information within it’s crystal pizzeo-electric structure.

This dear friend, knowing of my extraordinary capabilities, seemed positive I might be able to retrieve something from the skull if given the opportunity. When he told me of his plans, the mere thought gave me chills!

Mrs. Mitchell did however allow my friend to photograph the Skull up close and he sent me a magnificent Photocopy! From the day I removed it from its folder a strange feeling came over me and all sorts of mysterious things began to occur that I could not explain. I was overly fascinated at the awesome beauty of the skull but I did not ‘jump in with both feet’ in searching the potential the skull might contain. In fact I was more than cautious! After all, this was not the real item but only a life-size picture therefore, I could take my time and explore its potential carefully and at a leisurely pace!

The picture was so beautiful I did not hesitate to put it on my computer as wallpaper! There, I could look and study it any time I liked. A short time after it was placed on the computer, all sorts of strange and bizarre things began to occur. First off, my computer seemed to take on a mind of it’s own! To start with it moved my files around and even hid them in places I would never think of looking. Soon, I had trouble finding anything I wanted. The contents of the computer now belonged to the skull and for all practical purposes, it was now dead to me! Even E-mails I sent out would be returned completely blank except for the address. I had to do something fast so in order to allay my suspicion that the skull was the culprit, I took the picture off as wallpaper and stored it back in it’s own folder! Immediately everything returned to normal. My head was swimming! How had all this been possible? I was now faced with another facet of the Metaphysical Matrix I had no idea even existed.

This past weekend, after more than two years, at the suggestion of a close friend I brought the Crystal Skull back again into the light of day! He and I decided that since my initial introduction to the skull, I had become far more advanced in my studies of the Paranormal World and would probably be better able to cope with the Skull. He was convincing and I caved-in and put it back on my computer as wallpaper. Within minutes, the same things that happened the first time, began to surface again and I knew that time had not affected the capabilities of this darn thing, just me! Although I did feel more daring this time I would simply put it on the computer as wallpaper again and go about my daily chores. After a short time, my curiosity got the best of me so I returned to check. Much to my surprise, nothing had happened and I began to have second thoughts about my mental condition that first time. Had the anticipation of seeing it if only as a photograph simply overwhelmed me?

I have been looking and studying the Skull for several days now and feel that something out of the ordinary did take place the first time and might still be in control. Perhaps something has happened to Anna Hedges Mitchell who was in her late nineties many years ago. She always carried the skull with her in a bowling ball bag everywhere she went and swore it protected her. Perhaps she remembered that I was more familiar than most on the Secrets of Atlantis and the Emerald Tablets as well as the knowledge of the skulls and had somehow transmitted her Skulls powers to my picture! Maybe the powers of the original Rock Crystal Skull are not needed. As of this date I do not know of Mrs. Hedges-Mitchell’s whereabouts or the whereabouts of the skull, but I have no doubt that she somehow gave me a vital part of it and it is here with me and for that I am honored!

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Crystal Skull

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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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