My Elusive Friend,Bigfoot

Benjamin N. Keys, Jr.

After scientists saw my picture of the pregnant Bigfoot female on my website and others saw the same picture in L.B. Taylor’s book The Ghosts of Virginia, volume 9, I was flooded by e-mails from all over the world. A short time later I established contact with a Lady Scientist whom I consider to be the most knowledgeable person in the world currently studying Bigfoot. As luck would have it, she lives on Mount Ranier in Washington State in the very heart of Bigfoot Country! Since we became dear friends I have stayed in touch with her daily and treasure the working relationship and exchange of data constantly taking place between us. Especially since she is in contact with major universities and scientific organizations worldwide and thus keeps me up to date on all the latest data.

My first meeting with Bigfoot occurred many years ago on a remote stretch of beach along the James River in Surry County, Virginia. My latest encounter took place during a snowstorm at Greenview Plantation, my Historic Home in Prince George County, Virginia.

I was sleeping in the English Basement, where I often slept to attend to the wood furnace. In the wee hours of the morning, I was suddenly awaked by someone or something banging and pulling on the handle of the basement door. My Golden Retriever dogs asleep beside my bed, started barking frantically, so I hit the 'panic' button on my Security Light Console! This action instantly illuminates the entire Manor House Grounds by a multitude of floodlights. These lights are located in strategic locations to scare off coyotes, cougars and wolves that plague my waterfowl compound nightly! After listening intently for several minutes and hearing no other sounds, I cautiously opened the inner basement door and looked out the 'peep-hole'. Seeing no visible threat, I then opened the main door and looked around outside. I was in for the shock of my life! There in the new fallen snow was the clear imprint of a foot-fall I had come to know so well! The same immense print I remembered from the time ‘he’ and I met face to face on that lonely stretch of beach at Chippokes Plantation in Surry County years earlier! An intense realization suddenly hit me! Had he finally tracked me to Prince George and we were destined to meet again?

I dared not go outside until daybreak but when I did the dogs and I had no problem following his tracks over to the old abandoned barn some distance to the west of the Manor House! From there, they passed through a pine thicket in my lower pasture and over to my neighbor’s house near a pond! There, the prints showed that he had gone into a storage facility and helped himself to horse sweet-feed and dog feed and then down to the pond for a drink of water I guessed! From there his tracks went into a swampy area behind the house and disappeared! I dared not go further!

Just on a lark, the next day, I began to explore the perimeter of the surrounding farmlands in my truck to see if there was any evidence that he might still be around! I could find no trace of him so I put everything on the ‘back burner’ and decided to wait for our next ‘chance encounter’.

About a month later, I began to hear about the mysterious disappearance of sweet feed and dog feed from other farmers and local horse fanciers. It seems that the feed was being taken from storage barrels with tops. But the tops would always be carefully put back on the barrels! The only visible evidence left in soft ground near the barn were the tracks of massive huge feet! This proved that he was still around so I did not hesitate to begin searching the perimeter of the barnyard pasture for him. I assured myself I was going to do everything possible this time to make sure we got off to a better start!

The one clue that really assured me that he still around this place was that he always seemed to favor farms where there were horses! Reports started coming to me from other horse fanciers was that a Bigfoot Creature had been seen associating with their Arabian Horses! I got an great idea, if he was definitely favoring horse people with Arabians, then I could narrow my search for him. A few days later my nephew who raises Arabians informed me there were some strange things happening at his place that he thought I ought to explore! I did not know it at the time but the next meeting that would occur with my elusive friend would begin that very close and endearing friendship that I had wished wanted for so long!

To make sure I got off to a good start, I contacted my dear friend, Pearl Pirhoda a dedicated Bigfoot enthusiast and scientist. Her website is The first time I looked at this website while surfing the internet, I was overwhelmed at all the data she had uncovered. I lost no time in contacting her about my latest venture and we began what was to become a lifelong friendship! Under her tutorship and guidance, I began an unbelievable friendship with my Bigfoot. She gave me all kinds of advise me on how to handle this new adventure with a Bigfoot up close and personal!!

Every day I would go over to my nephew’s barn where Bigfoot had been coming to eat his new found source of sweet-feed and would hide in the barn and wait for him! Nothing happened the first few times he came but the closeness of our encounter caused me to I lose ten years off my life as I stayed still and dared not breathe while he was there! I was hooked but good and came back several times until I knew the exact time of day he would come. At the appointed time, both the horses and I would be waiting for him. I did think it very strange that the horses did not seem to get excited when he came even when he would pass within inches of their stalls. Before long I learned that he and the horses appeared to have some ‘special psychic’ connection and no apparent fear of each other. In fact, I watched from my hiding place as they met and actually seemed to enjoy each other’s company! I still watch in awe and cannot fully understand the relationship between them but Pearl has sent me scientific papers that tell of many past relationships that have been observed between Bigfoot and Arabian Horses a long time and how much the Bigfoot favors this particular breed of horse.

So far to date, I have began to think that even though I think I am in hiding, they are aware of me but ignore me and continue to do their ‘thing’ with the sweet-feed. I began to sneak pictures yet the camera noise did not seem to matter. To date I have taken scores of pictures with many taken up very close, sometimes within a mere 3 feet with no adverse reaction! I have observed that they have a very special time to come from the swamp behind the barn each day and it never seems to vary more than a few minutes. I soon noticed something else rather odd. If Bigfoot happened to be late, the horses would crane their heads from their stalls and watch the path in the swamp where he appeared, often times whinnying! Once he appeared they would whinny a greeting in unison and then return to their regular routine!

Pearl advised me to try something new. She told me to tap out a beat on an old hollow tree with a stick and if he was close he might respond with an identical tapping! I kept this up for several days and only twice did I think I heard a response so I finally gave that up due to a lack of interest!. Besides, it always sounded like an Indian uprising and would give me goose bumps! One day my nephew called and told me that he had seen Bigfoot shake the very tree I had been beating on so hard and that eight inch diameter trunk had snapped three feet from the ground and it fell. I got the message. God, that could have been me! Do you supposed I tapped out something obscene or otherwise! After that, I found it much safer just to watch the horses for they seemed to have some sort of psychic connection with Bigfoot. When he was approaching the barn, their ears would go forward and they would snort gleefully! They would even try to get out of their stalls to run and greet him.

On one occasion, Bigfoot came up during the day when no one was at home and went into the barn where he normally ate his sweet feed. This time he left three rocks on the barrel top! Pearl told me that this was his way of expressing thanks for the feed and that many scientists including her had witnessed this action many times. Evidently one was for the papa, one for the mama and one for the baby who we learned they had started bringing with them. I soon learned from Pearl and her scientific friends that this gift was in reality an incredible ‘thank you’ due to the rocks, which are not endemic to the area, contained ORMES a rare chemical quality with astonishing value to a Bigfoot as well as even the Great Apes of Africa! After much testing by scientists, they have concluded that the rocks are crushed to get to much needed minerals for their bodies.

The strangest thing to ever occur happened on a very hot summers day. Due to a threat of severe electrical storms that morning, the horses were not taken out of their stalls but left there until lunch time when my nephew would come home and let them out. However, this particular day when my nephew came home and turned onto the lane beside the horse pasture, there were his three Arabian Horses prancing around in the riding ring in the middle of the pasture! How could this be? With no one else in the vicinity how had three spirited Arabian horses gotten out of their stalls and ended into the training corral, a exercise that sometimes can be an almost impossible feat for a lone human. Three Spirited Arabian horses? Impossible! Usually they cane be moved one at a time and that in itself can be a chore. Stalls and gates must be unlatched, horses moved and gates re-latched? There could only be one answer! When Bigfoot came for his sweet-feed, which he sometimes did in the early morning hours, he found the horses uncomfortable in their stalls after the storm had passed . With the barn was heating up from the sun, he used his innate psychic capabilities to assist them by putting all three horses outside the barn n the pasture where they would be happy and content. Had he done this? One at a time or all at one time? No one will ever convince any of us that this feat could have happened in any other way! A stay at home neighbor next door said that she had been very active outside in her yard that morning and had not seen nothing out of the ordinary going on in the pasture or barn which is visible from her house!

Weather permitting, I still go over there each day and my time is never wasted! I feel that Bigfoot continues to be looking for new and amazing ways to mystify me and I think he loves doing this. The younger one pretends to ignore me but it is very mischievous and loves to do crazy antics as though just to see my reaction. On occasion, I can see it look out of the corner of its eye and watch my reaction to its antics.. At other times I have seen it playing alone with ‘swamp things’ such as frogs and Dragon Flies but I know darn well that Papa is not far away watching. Pictures I have taken of the area sometimes show an outline of Papa sitting or hiding in the Canebrake swamp grasses watching everything taking place! I have often wondered? What would happen if that baby squealed, would I become Play-dough in PAPA’s hands? Babies have always scared me and this one is no exception!

Over the past few years, I have learned many outstanding things about Bigfoot and his existence. The most astounding thing aabout him being his incredible ability to appear and disappear using PPIT ~~ (Photosynthetic Pizzeo-electric Induced Transparency) right in front of me! Scientists have now found that the offensive ‘skunk-like’ odor that he emits comes from him activating this vanishing act. To effect this disappearing act he makes a particular frequency sound from the Diatonic Scale. This in turn causes the Glycerol in his body to react with his DNA and cause his cells to reflect light differently. When this is done, the action releases the hydrogen-sulfide odor as a by-product! Everyone who has studied Bigfoot have had a problem with this odor and in some areas he has become known as the ‘Skunk Ape’!

Most who have studied him are convinced that he does indeed have psychic capabilities unlike anything a World-Class Psychic could imagine. To prove this point there have been many times when I have managed to communicate with him on a somewhat successfully degree via thought-emanations but I may never know the true degree of my success! One time he seemed to respond to a specific thought projection of mine but his facial expression was not very convincing in that he had not fully understood! I do have physical proof of many of his other incredible capabilities but would not dare share these on the internet. My Scientist friend Pearl Prihoda and I both agree wholeheartedly that there are many things about our Friends that should be kept secret for the time being to assure their protection. There are laws before Congress now to afford heretofore unknown species special protection. We hope it passes!

I will never forget the day a Farrier was shoeing the Arabian horses! It was without a doubt the funniest experience I have witnessed yet. In fact, it turned into a riot. When the farrier began I could make out the outline of Papa Bigfoot watching ever so intently from his ‘hiding place’ at the edge of the Canebrake in the swamp! He was ok with the process until the red hot shoes were being taken from the forge and fitted and nailed on the horses hooves. This process does not bother the horse but the stench can sometimes be horrible and not at all unlike burning hair! Every few minutes he would rise up, throw his head back as though smelling that stench and then quietly sit back down. He kept repeating this until finally he grew restless and just upped and disappeared via his special PPIT capabilities! I laughed and laughed wondering if maybe he thought he might be next and had better, "get the hell out of Dodge quick"!

Another time when I went over to visit one night at dusk, one of the smallest BFs I have ever seen came up to the edge of the swamp and sat down in the swamp-grass. It appeared to be watching me ever so intently when suddenly it jumped straight up and looked down at where it had been sitting. I figured it must have sat on a briar or something sharp or maybe a snake for it suddenly turned around and started an audible guttural sound of some sort while it hit the ground with the back of its hand in a sweeping motion. It stood there for an instant staring at the ground before it repeated the same action again! Finally, in what appeared to an act of desperation, it jumped up and took off at the speed of light! Unfortunately I had been so entertained that I never did manage to get a picture. I did however, go over and look where it had been sitting but saw nothing! Must have been a snake he sat on!

Without any reservation I can say that my association with this extraordinary creature and his family has provided me with the greatest joy I have yet known in my association with the Paranormal World and I do not want anything to endanger this friendship! I have found that he is without a doubt one of the most intelligent creatures I have ever encountered in the animal or human world and I feel mankind has only scratched the surface so far in learning about him. However, I will continue to visit and study him each day knowing full well that someday I may get to know him better or find out just how fast I an run on my new knees.

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003


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Bigfoot at swamp edge

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Bigfoot's friend, waiting

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