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"Big foot and Chupacabras"

Benj. N. Keys, Jr.

For fifty-five years I have been avidly exploring the world of the paranormal and have managed to exceed my wildest expectations by discovering and photographing many incredible wonders never before seen by anyone! As a result of my latest endeavor however, I may have a new realization to face! I am fast arriving at that awkward age where I am getting too old to run and too young to die and for the sake of self-survival must adjust my future endeavors to more mundane objects such as orbs, etc. I will gladly forfeit all the more frightening and complex adventures to the young ‘ghost hunters’ coming down the line behind me. But, as I learned earlier in life, make whatever plans you want and Fate will surely intervene and turn the tables on you in an instant! On that note, I will still go ‘ghost hunting’ but I will now have to be more alert! All of this is because of what happened to me the Saturday night after Christmas, 2003.

It all started when a couple of my investigative team members stopped in for a visit and we decided we’d all had enough of the Holidays and should ‘break the monotony’ by going out on one of our routine ‘ghost hunting’ jaunts in the nearby countryside of southeastern Virginia. Our timing was perfect with the right number of days after the new moon and the moon in Pisces. So we headed out with no one having the faintest idea that we could be starting off the New Year with an adventure we could not have imagined even in our wildest dreams. All we wanted to do was to get out of the house for a while and maybe photograph a few ghostly entities at one of the nearby old historic homes. It sounded simple enough but a series of incredible events predetermined by Fate would soon involve us in one of the strangest new adventures that the unpredictable and incredible world of the metaphysical so far to date, had to offer!

We reached our destination, an old uninhabited historic home dating back to 1691, shortly after 9:pm. The house was impressively situated high atop a hill with endless croplands and dense forests completely surrounding it. As it was not far from home we had visited there many times in the past. But for some unknown reason this night, the lane leading up the hill to the manor house seemed extra long and foreboding!

When the road was built it had been recessed into a hillside with an embankment somewhat higher on one side than on the other, a feature that would soon play an important part in the first of the weird events destined to take place! There were immense fields on both sides of the lane backed up by dense forestlands. The fields on the lower side sloped gently down into a valley of sorts. The uphill side of the road had been planted with evenly spaced trees and lined with old wagon wheels to provide an atmosphere of history. Normally, it would be a pleasant and impressive drive. Tonight for some reason, everything seemed different. We had only gone a short distance up the lane when a movement of sorts caught my eye in the field on the left high side of the lane! A misty form appeared to be coming from the area of the dense woods and it was fast approaching the embankment. Whoever or whatever it was I could not determine as the darkness kept any type of identification impossible. All I could make out was that it was a form. Could it be a deer or bear? Then a horrible realization struck me! At the rate of speed it was coming what if it could not see my vehicle in the recessed roadway? We could be on a collision course. If it was a deer or bear that collided with me, severe damage could occur to all involved, so I took defensive action and applied the brakes! Once stopped I now might be able to get a better look. But look as I might I could not see anything that would assure me that I had actually seen something to begin with. Was my imagination working overtime? Just for the heck of it, I instructed my front seat passenger and teammate, who we all refer to as ‘The Paranormal Paparazzi’ because of his readiness with his camera turned on and ready for action, to ‘take a picture quick’! Although he was not able to see anything either, he pointed his camera in that direction and took a picture! When the flash went off the entire area still appeared empty so why should there be any need for either of us to look in the camera display! We shrugged and decided it was time to pass the whole ordeal off as an overactive imagination and proceed on our way! Looking back now, if only we had taken the time to look in that display we just might have been better prepared for the more awesome events of the night yet to come! Then again, perhaps it was good everything happened just as it did, otherwise we might not have made it to the house. Instead we would have been making made a hasty retreat back to civilization at Mach 2 in a very unsanitary truck cab.

As I said before, Fate always manages to plan one’s future entirely different from the way one proposes and when it happens, accept it or else! Even though we were once again proceeding on to the house, we could not help looking back down the lane to where we though we had imagined the ‘creature’. Perhaps to see if it was following us but deep down inside, hoping it wasn’t! Little did we know what our camera had really captured! We would only find that out much later!

Built in 1691, the manor house is still in excellent shape and very impressive even though no one resides in it at this time. We stopped in the circular drive at the back of the house and everybody took out his camera and proceeded to roam the grounds. Some even wandered over to the old brick-walled family cemetery and took many extraordinary pictures there. Several of these pictures disclosed a ghostly ecto-mist over the tops of the old tombstones while others showed sinister ghostly faces embedded in the ecto-mist. All this may have been too much for two of the team members who decided to begin a more extended tour of the grounds a good distance away from the graveyard! The darkness had grown so intense that it was now necessary to use flashlights to move around anywhere! It was an awesome sight, camera flashes and flashlight beams following everyone as they moved around the grounds and house. Soon this action reached a fever pitch and probably played an important part in what happened next. Maybe it was the constant flashes of the cameras and flashlight beams that did it but something caused panic to a meandering demon of sorts and forced it to climb a tree? We would not know this until later when we downloaded the pictures onto the computer. It was then we discovered that same team member, the one and only Paranormal Paparazzi, had taken a picture of a cedar tree standing alone at the back of the house yet afterwards could not remember why he took it? Had he sensed something paranormal on or in the vicinity of the tree and reacted even though he had never really been aware of it? We may never know! Closer observation of his picture proved it to be the most awesome picture any of us have ever seen or might ever see again!

There as plain as day was a bright red demonic form in the process of climbing the tree while another appears to have already made it up into the uppermost branches. A sinister unidentified object which looks like a bright white lance accompanied by a serrated arm appears in the far right of the picture, floating well above the ground and heading toward the demon climbing the tree. As we studied the demon closer, our reaction was that it looked very much like the Chupacabra, a blood-sucking predator fresh on our minds as we had recently read several articles in the news about it. Articles that contained actual pictures of several of these creatures also were retrieved from the internet and compared to our demon. The comparison was unmistakable even to the vestiges of wings on its back! That creature had been presenting a real problem to the sheep and goat herders in Puerto Rico, South America, Mexico and Honduras and finally had been destroyed. Scientists there were astounded and are currently still in the process of studying its classification and trying to identify its Phylum. We felt confident our demon could very well be a Chupacabra.

Another fact that tends to confirm its identity is the way a flock of chickens normally kept in an enclosed pen there at the old mansion has been decimated. A large herd of goats, the Chupacabras favorite prey, that have thrived for years in a large pasture behind the barn now seem to have disappeared! When we passed the area we had always seen them we thought it strange that we found none waiting at the fence as they had always done in the past. To date, I have not had a chance to verify with the owner if they are still there and where they were that night.

Now back in the safety of my home, I look at these most extraordinary pictures and marvel at their content! I will continue to wonder why the ‘Paranormal Paparazzi’ decided to take that picture unless he had indeed sensed a presence but alas, he can’t remember! Too much going on I guess. However, I am sure glad he did! Long live the Paparazzi!

When we first viewed the picture, we were startled not only by the outline of the creature but its intense red/orange color. How could this be? What was the camera seeing? Then it dawned on me. The reason the camera took the creature as a red-form had something to do with the strict diet of blood it consumes from its victims. Scientists have confirmed that the blood of this creature is very rich in magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium plus a multitude of strange qualities that do not conform to the blood of any known creature on earth. Even its Albumen/Glouline RG ratio is wrong! Some believe the creature to be a genetically engineered specimen that has escaped into the wild from scientists studying genetic engineering! Other scientists believe it could belong to the mammalian family of Heterodon. However, its lust for blood identifies it as being hematophagous, a classification that includes Vampire Bats! What is known is that it is a real predator and over the years has wreaked havoc in Central as well as South America killing sheep, goats, chickens and humans. Lately it has even been seen in both the eastern and southwestern parts of the United States. I have since read that NASA has shown quite an interest in them as possible alien introductions. Many excellent articles are available on the internet searched by to confirm these facts.

Now, to discuss the creature that we encountered coming up the lane to the house and how it may in some way be related. Once we downloaded and viewed the pictures of this creature, it too turned out to have the same red/orange anatomy of the Chupacabras. Had the camera messed up? No way, for more than a hundred pictures taken after that turned out normal. There was no mistaking that the creature in the lane had the appearance of a Bigfoot for it looked for all the world like the pictures taken by various Bigfoot investigators over the years! The only difference was that this picture also showed intense shades of red/orange radiating heat energy in hot spots appearing in the area of the stomach and heart/lungs! Under normal conditions a Bigfoot is believed to be herbivorous existing on a diet of berries, roots, leaves, etc. but should these become scarce, then creature would have no other choice to survive than to become carnivorous. Once again the digestion of animal blood could be producing the strong heat/caloric radiation that would cause the same camera effects. Thus the digital camera was capturing the ‘Bigfoot’ image under the same circumstances and in the same millimicron frequency range of the color spectrum as the Chupacabras picture.

My own hypothesis as to why these pictures of Bigfoot and the Chupacabras appear as red-forms, stems from the fact that the high mineral/calorie content of the blood intake of their diet causes radiating heat energy to build in the 650 to 700 millimicron wavelength of the color frequency range as it is digested and dispersed. This allows the digital camera which can easily cover the entire color spectrum frequency range from 200 to 800 millimicrons, to detect and photograph the radiating red/orange of the creatures anatomy in the approximate 650 millimicrons range. The natural anatomy and outward bodily appearance that we normally see in pictures taken of specimens are not visible to the digital camera due to the frequency override of the red/orange color frequency output! I am not a scientist and can only surmise all this from my experiences and what I have learned in the past! If and when I ever encounter another and if my constitution holds out, I will try to experiment with different camera settings to see if it may be possible to photograph this type of creature ‘au naturel’! Yea, right!

For the present our Paranormal Paparazzi buddy has presented to ‘devotees’ of the paranormal world two incredible pictures unlike any heretofore seen. Even with all my past experience in exploring the paranormal world, I cannot tell you how and why these strange things suddenly happen, I can only surmise! All I can be sure of is, like a lot of those who came before me and those who will surely come after me…… I too came, I did and I saw and I am still amazed! Enjoy the fruits of all our labors!

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"Bigfoot" blow-up

"Demon hanging on to tree trunk"

"Demon hanging on to tree trunk" blow-up

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Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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