September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

Nightime at the Symbol


I go to this Symbol at the close of day

Where errant Spirits often cavort and play!

Where they are free to soar in the waning daylight

At this special place at the Edge of Night!


Colored lights that I shine through Rock Crystal faces

Allow me to follow them as they go through their paces..

They appear to be guided by a force all their own

Yet their antics seem to come from a power unknown!


From the Earth they arise as from a very deep sleep,

Then soar above me as though they had a mission to keep!

Even when the moon takes her place in the sky,

They will soar up to meet her and not let her pass by!


I know it’s hard to believe how these Entities can play

At the Edge of Night and the Close of Day.

So if you don’t believe me then heed what I say

Don’t go to the ‘Light’, come to my ‘Light’ and watch how my Entities can play!

© copyright 2010 Ben Keys

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The Rock Crystals used in these images were obtained from Jean Red Kromm at the STONE GODDESS in Chester, Virginia


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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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