Animal  Quackers

Living with the "Living" Critters of Greenview

Ben N. Keys, Jr.


Not only is Greenview Plantation one of Virginia's oldest historic homes and home to Paranormal Plus, the gateway to the paranormal world, it also plays host to a multitude of Nature's critters that have found it to be a 'home made in heaven'. Unfortunately, the multitude of 'critters' that have adopted it as a permanent residence have now been around 'humans' too long and have adopted their mannerisms and habits as an integral part of their own everyday lives.  We humans don't mind and consider this to be just another great blessing in our lives. Animal friends during the day and ghostly friends during the night...what more could anyone ask for?

These pictures were not staged.  They were taken as they happened.  It is a 'real trip' to follow the 'critters' all day, waiting for them to do something interesting, but the wait is seldom long! We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we have had in taking them!

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Gallery I

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It's time you learned who wears the feathers around here, puppy!

From the looks of this mess, this thing might need Pepto-Bismol!

I've ruined my claws trying to get this darn storm door unlocked!

Hi, y'all!

How humiliating, having to beg at the back door!

I like to lounge around the kitchen when they're frying chicken!

Are you looking for worms to eat again?

I don't want a blackberry that fell on the ground!

I'm not going to rub your belly again until you wash it. I'm getting my head dirty.

I love being here at Greenview so much!

I love my buddy Benji so much. Give me a kiss!

I solemnly swear to protect Benji's critters to the best of my ability, so help me dog.

Listen carefully, I tell it like it is!

I'm ready for playtime. I'm already bent out of shape from waiting for Benji.

'Twas bound to happen. A bad worm! I'll get Benji to call 911.

It wasn't my fault!...he ate too many worms at once.

I forgot how to do the Heimlick maneuver. Is this right?

I gotta have salt for this chicken.

Real trust!

She must be new to this, 'cause she's leaving a lot of nice ripe berries.

I'm a potwatcher. Bug off buster, leave me alone.

Some dear deer friends.

Stop digging on the lawn before you get us both in trouble.

Tough chicken...I need to floss.

Cherries are tasty, but play hell with my gizzard.

Hey, that dessert is taking far too long.

I'll flush out that mouse. Keep an eye out!

My nerves are stressed from watching out for all these critters.

Where's puppy? I wanna play chase.

I'll get you for ratting on me. I don't like tattle tales.

What was that flash? Oh, that's the shutter button, you say.

The colorful little Baikal Teal from Siberia

Words are insufficient to describe the incredible beauty of the Mandarin Duck of Japan.


BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

 All our pictures are the property of the owners of Paranormal Plus. They are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without our expressed written permission . . .


Gallery II

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One of the many aviaries containing ducks from all over the world.

Ducks from the four continents happily enjoying each other's company.

No more screw-ups, puppy! When the boss opens the gate you distract him while we head for the cornfield!

I'm surprised that puppy is not dead by now! These things are so hard it's a wonder they don't ruin his gizzard!

You've been around birds too long. Your nest has flaws! Besides, I don't believe you'll live long enough to see one of these strange things hatch.

Oh, joy! Someone left this slice of watermelon lying here unguarded. I wonder how that happened.

Go easy, puppy. The barnyard hasn't dried out from all that watermelon you ate yesterday and all your 'puppy squats' you made last night.

I always am suspicious when someone offers me a big, beautiful slice of watermelon like this. It's usually because it has no taste! Caveat emptor.

Wow! Time to 'open ranks' guys. This stuff has been out here in the hot sun too long and will probably react like jet fuel

We almost got that damn squirrel this time. If only we had his long sharp toenails we could easily give him a run for his money.

Wow! Look, we had a nice chase around...she bellied-up like that! The boss will be furious. Let's get her rolled back upright before he sees her!

Finally! we got her rolled back over...she still don't look right! Her backend is sprung! Let's leave, just like nothing ever happened.

Look, she's coming around. She still has 'sprung out' back legs, otherwise she seems okay! Let her rest, we'll check back later.

I've checked, she appears OK again. Hope never to go through such a traumatic ordeal again. We can't afford to play with an inexperienced puppy!

Why, I ask, do humans go to all that trouble just to mess up food? That would cause our gizzards to go critical on us if we ate all that greasy food.

Daylight saving time!!! Someone's messing with this thng and it's off again...'caused me to miss my morning corn. I'll just have to reset it myself.

I'll bet this is where they "feed" this thing for I have heard him refer to it as the "grass tank" on several occasions.

This is not built for migration nor is it a good nesting site...seats are too sloping and slick, eggs won't stay in the nest when this thing brakes.

Worthless! I put my feet on the pedals, I can't see out where I'm going. I sit up to see out, my feet don't reach the pedals. Damn poor design!

BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

 All our pictures are the property of the owners of Paranormal Plus. They are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without our expressed written permission . . .


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