The Haunted Whorehouse

Some time back I received a call from some of my Paranormal friends who had been called to investigate an incredible psychic happening at an old home in Chesterfield County. I am a very good psychic but dislike getting involved in this type of endeavor due to the unpredictable events that can occur without warning and mess up even the most stalwart psychic’s mind! However, this time I relented and gave in.

With me, was a very close reporter friend who writes on the Paranormal and Psychic World for local newspapers and magazines. Although we have a multitude of friends who dote on the Psychic world and delve into it on occasion, somehow they were not available this night and I became the ‘appointed one’!

To be better prepared, I researched the history of the area during the Civil War to learn what I could about the place even before the current home was built. A historian friend confirmed my findings.

We met at the home and its occupants and settled down for what should have been a pleasant event! Suddenly, I found myself overwhelmed by a group of incessantly chattering women entities who had suddenly discovered me as a possible go-between! The voices came from every nook and cranny in the room where we met! Within minutes they all became very excited and began chattering in some strange tongue which I could not understand or made any sense! After what seemed an eternity, I finally determined from the tone of their outbursts that these women were not happy residing in their surroundings and wanted to be moved somewhere else and they were in a hell of a hurry to do so! Imagine trying to learn why a group of entities, especially women entities, might not be happy and wanted to leave a particular locale where they had resided for years! I had a feeling this might turn out to be one of those challenging endeavors I seldom encountered and truly hated! What technique would be required to communicate in order to reason or even console a group of disgruntled women entities who insist on being moved to a new location as fast as possible? Of course it would be great for the owners of the house to be able to return to a normal life but what was it going to involve! It almost caused me to take off running! Between all the unintelligible loud whispers and chatterings, the resounding cacophony was not at all unlike that of a group of Magpies. I found it utterly impossible to converse with any particular one of them as everyone wanted to talk at the same time and no one wanted to listen and they kept moving all over the place. It took a good while to even piece together the reason why they were so unhappy and wanted to go somewhere else.

The apparent horde of unhappy entities had been making life miserable for the current owners both day and night trying to get their attention to see if they would do something to help them. A twenty-four verbal barrage upon the owners family along with the constant moving of objects became a nerve-wrecking worrisome thing. It was fast becoming one of the biggest messes I had ever encountered.

In spite of all the confusion with the entities, the owners finally filled me in on the fact that the land on which the house stood was once the site of a very bloody battle during the Civil War! A building on the current home site that was being used for a hospital was shelled and burned with a large loss of life. Naturally, those entities might or might not be involved but had to add their ‘two cents’ worth into the melee! Most of the time I was not sure who I was communicating with. It was fast becoming a circus and wearing me down to a frazzle.

I soon learned from the owners that at some time in the late thirties, the original house was torn down and a new house was built here using the timbers and lumber from an old girl's boarding school that had eventually ended it’s days as a local Whore House. Additionally, some lumber from the still standing Civil War vintage buildings had also been used. I finally concluded to the group that they had set me up in a ‘ psychic junkyard’ that could lead to my demise before I could ever determine what was taking place.. Now for the straw that broke the camel’s back!

In the late 1930’s and well up into the middle 1940’s, the severity of the Great Depression was taking it’s toll on all the families in this small locality and they had to resort to any method they could utilize to put food on the table, heat in their homes and clothes on their back. For most of the families the men folk had to go elsewhere to find work. How would they manage to take care of their families? It was a challenge for the women and something had to be done!

Knowing full well that the one thing that any man would never be content to do without was sex, even if they were starving, cold or had no warm clothes to wear  Thus, the women put their heads together and established their own locally run "house of ill repute". The results were astonishing and soon paid off handsomely. It saved so many families from poverty that it soon became an acceptable and favored business and continued to operate even after the families were back on their feet. No one would dare to condemn any place that had provided them with the bare necessities of life during such a critical time in their lives! Now it was determined to be a Genteel Operation it could still bring in extra money and cut down on the boredom of a small town. Before long all the original families became prosperous once again as well as self-supporting!

Now the ‘Crowning Blow’ and the reason for all the dissention! The entities of these former inhabitants were becoming more and more convinced that the countdown to Judgment Day had already started and would climax at 12:01 on the night of the 22nd of March 2006. I had heard the same rumors about this but how had they found out I do not know? Daily events taking place  such as hurricanes, floods and earthquakes were determined to be the forerunner of this  possible Judgment Day to come. They began to think back about the former lifestyles they had been involved in and how it might be considered Evil in God’s eyes and they wanted to move to another place, repent and coerce everyone along the way to pray for them to be forgiven. I have had some pretty difficult things in my life to try to explain to others, but this took the cake. First off, I would be telling the current owners that their beautiful home that they love so much had been involved in such a dismal past. It had been a Whore House! Then trying to relate to my associates what the real intent of these restless spirits was and what they wanted us to do to help seemed impossible. It appeared to be an insane endeavor trying to co-relate all this in a sensible way between mortals and entities! I never felt more insecure around such activities!

Even though I did not allow any of the entities to borrow my energy in order to materialize in hopes of fostering a better understanding between us, the melee got to me and I was so robbed of energy that I had trouble going home. The next day I had to stay in bed and rest. Needless to say not everyone had been impressed with my findings because they were so far out in ‘left field.’ The historian that accompanied us did clinch my findings by telling everyone that all the pertinent things I had disclosed about the history of the place was indeed true, but accepting reasoning from a group of women entities messed his thought processes up so much when he thought about it  he  declined any further comment. Now that everything was out in the open, the current owners of the house confessed that they had previously heard that their home had once been used as whore house but they were never able to confirm it! I wish I had been told about that at the beginning as it might have saved me someday from ending up on a ‘shrinks’ couch!

This is why I do not like to get involved with the psychic world on subjects such as this! Without even realizing what I might have to do to return to normal, I would find myself submitting a request to join a Monastery somewhere in a remote section of the Himalayas.

I have one more complaint to pass on. Sometimes, without knowing what is happening, I manage to drag some of these past entities back with me when I return home! This is an event that seems to be happening more frequently. On this particular occasion, several did come back with me and kept me awake for two nights. As strange as it might seem, two of them had the same name Mary and two were named Grace. All other names were simply not intelligible not that it would make any difference to me whatsoever! All that mattered was that I was able to send them back from whence forth they came and never summon them again for any reason!

If, by any stretch of the imagination you might feel sorry for me and want to help me out in my time of need if I ever have another episode such as this, please send me instructions as to how I might be able to contact you and I will begin a concerted effort to get any and all strange entities who follow me home the next time to move over to your locale. God help both the Internet as well as the entire Paranormal Matrix if this does occur! Now after all this, I need someone to pray for me as I attempt to return to normal! From now on I will be more reluctant to delve into the psychic world unless it is for a damn good reason! I will simply force myself to be satisfied by merely researching something far less traumatic like one lone Bigfoot and be very content!

©copyright 2006 Ben Keys


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