Ancient Ghostly Trees

Benj. N. Keys, Jr.

When I first became interested in the paranormal, I was but a teenager and not fully unaware of just how all encompassing this field of endeavor could turn out to be for me in the years to come! I had heard of ghostly beings, ghostly places, etc., but never once gave thought that even some of the most natural elements in Nature might also be deeply involved in the paranormal. It took nearly half a century of unbelievable encounters before I have finally allowed myself to accept the inevitable! Everything on earth is an integral part of a Great Paranormal Matrix that governs all the companion dimensions of our universe. Einstein already figured it out and his great theories spell it out in infinite detail. All anyone has to do is read and apply to benefit from his work! I did so with a vengeance! The results speak for themselves.

My first great break came as I developed an interest in the ancient old trees that adorned so many of Virginia’s old plantations. Some were so awesome and impressive that if I stood beside them they instilled an air of serenity and inner peace in me I had previously never dreamed possible! Many times I wished that it could be possible for these ancient ones to be able to relate to me all the incredible moments in history that they had been witness to, maybe even to the time long before the first settlers arrived! It seemed like a pipe dream at best but, several happenings this year has brought me to a new plateau of understanding that is making me sit up and take notice. Twice I have been witness to encounters that have caused me to rethink some of the things I had previously only been able to guess at.

On one particular occasion I took a picture of a Cedar tree in the yard of one of Virginia’s oldest and most historic plantations. I never could understand why I had wanted to take the picture but it seemed like I just had to do it! Later when I returned home and downloaded the picture, there was a lone Cyclops eye staring at me from eye level on and behind the side of the tree trunk. It was surrounded by an aura of intense radiant energy or astral fire. I could not believe my eyes. I still have no explanation and have returned several times but have never seen it again. But, I do have the picture to prove it. Why was the eye looking so intently at me? What was its purpose? Did I misinterpret something obvious? I am still pondering that one.

The second encounter happened when I took some friends along with me to an old late 1600’s home-site where they took pictures of the old trees and boxwoods surrounding the house as well as the family gravesite. When we returned home and downloaded, there was a one demonic being of sorts that had already climbed into the branches of an old Cedar tree near the house and another that was in the process of climbing. A picture taken over the nearby family graveyard showed the face of an elderly man watching the demon climbing the tree. I am still awed by this one. Once again I have the pictures to prove it but no answer!

As of this writing, I have  been involved in another of those same weird encounters. Recently, I visited another 18th century historic home, this time within a nearby city. On the lawn stood a tree so unusual I could not even identify it! It was very massive and gnarled and unlike anything I had ever witnessed before and I stared in wonderment. Once again something beckoned me to stray from the walkway and take a picture. Then as always had been the case in the past, the results were incredible! So different in fact, that they surpassed anything I had previously encountered! The camera had captured a plethora of radiant energies, many so vivid that they appeared to bear witness to a time in the tree’s history that had been filled with austere happenings! Bright red demonic type energies danced from limb to limb through the entire tree while ribbon energies and astral fire emblazoned it’s trunk. It was as though the tree was exuding energies in an attempt to speak and tell of its past.

I have since researched the history of this place and learned that this historic home had indeed played an important part in the warring history of a new Nation. The very location upon which it is situate allowed it to play an important part in the events of the day and gives  credence to its once hectic past. If only the tree could verify this history! Wow!

One of the strangest things I can remember happening  to a tree came about as the result of a storm that destroyed an immense ancient Cedar tree here at my own  1730's plantation home. It happened in a place where ghostly entities often roam at night with careless abandon. It was shortly after dark when the storm hit. A severe bolt of lightning hit the tree and totally demolished it. The next morning I went out and took pictures of the damage. When I downloaded the pictures, I was in for the shock of my life for the falling trunk had mangled a passing ghostly entity that must have been hurrying back to the safety of its resting place. The picture is plain and there appears to be no doubt as to the events of the previous night. However, one question still persists above all others. Why is the mangled ghost so bloody? Something else to ponder in my spare moments!

I will continue to search for answers but the chance  is slim I will ever get any in my lifetime!

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Ancient Tree Demon

Astral Fire in Tree

Cyclops eye

Demon in Tree

Demonic Astral Fire in Tree

Demon Climbing Tree

Ribbon Energy in Tree

Tree astral fire

Tree Ribbon Energy

Ancient Tree Trunk

Tree Ribbon Energy

Tree Ribbon Energy

Tree Ribbon Energy

Tree Ribbon Energy

Tree Ribbon Energy

Tree Ribbon Energy

Tree Ribbon Energy

Tree Ribbon Energy

Tree Ribbon Energy

Ancient Tree

Ancient Tree Trunk

Killed Ghost

Ectomist in trees by graveyard

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