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Doing the Impossible with Crystals



Our Parallel Dimension

Ben Keys, Jr.

The world we live in is but a world aside

From a parallel world where all souls reside.

An eye that can see what our eyes canít behold

Allow the mysteries of this incredible world to unfold!

Knowledge of this place was never meant to be

Except to those who have special eyes to see!

A thousand safeguards have all been put in place

To protect this place from Manís Evil Embrace--


If you but knew the horrors the darkness beheld, you would

not go out of your house at night" . . . from an ancient Proverb

Welcome to one of the most unusual Paranormal websites on the Internet. Here we will share with you some of the most awesome and incredible pictures ever taken that should prove conclusively the existence of a fourth dimension or parallel dimension of our own! Up until recently this incredible place existed only as a hypothetical realm where ghostly entities were thought to retreat after visiting our dimension. However, incredible strides in electronics have now made it possible to penetrate the barriers that shield this realm and allow us to see through the eye of the electronic camera what heretofore our eyes could not behold! All I can say is, "WOW! what an awesome experience our future can turn out to be!"

Here on these pages we will show you real pictures that these latest innovations in electronics have allowed us to take. These pictures have not in any way been faked. They are all real. Only minor adjustments have been made to lighten or add contrast to allow for a more suitable presentation here. To date, we have pictures of millions of orbs, ectoplasms, radiant energies, astral fire (something akin to the Aurora Borealis), spectral spirits, etc., as well as a plethora of 'unexplained' phenomena for which we will offer no explanation! We get hundreds of incredible pictures each time we go out so it would be asinine indeed to even consider the wasted time it would take to fake a picture! Some are so incredible and unbelievable that they would be too controversial to display so we shall keep them guarded. Most were taken at Indian sites, private cemeteries, old homes or Historical Sites here in Virginia and nearby Eastern North Carolina. Enjoy them, study them, for most are complex! Who knows, you may see something in them that we missed! Each time we go over them we find something different. Let us know what you see!

I can truthfully say that since we began this endeavor, the results of our efforts have givens us new insight into the past, the hereafter, a definite Supreme Being and what could lie in store for us in the future! Many of the old legends and beliefs now appear to have been forged in truth!

To those of you who are truly interested in the paranormal, these pictures may be a Godsend to help awaken you to a new reality but to others they will probably seem to be just another attempt by someone seeking sensationalism!

The world is rapidly changing and unfortunately it does not seem to be for the better. Perhaps the time has come for us to have our morals and principles redefined. What better way to give us a new awareness!

This is not a club site or member site! We decided to acquire it to give those precious few who still cling to a high moral discipline a 'boost '! Let your eyes behold and let your own interpretation be your guide!

All our pictures are the property of the owners of Paranormal Plus. They are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without our expressed written permission.

©BNKeys, Paranormalplus.com2003

I know what I see, I just don't see what I know.

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September's feature pages:  Nightime at the Symbol <> Final Odyssey

Doing the Impossible with Crystals

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